RIP Sheldon Dorf, San Diego Comic-Con Founder

Word has filtered into the comic book community that yesterday San Diego Comic-Con founder Sheldon Dorf died of complications from diabetes. He was 76.

The San Diego Union Tribune has a very nice piece on the man to whom we owe all of that week-long July craziness that has become such a staple of the comic book world.


  1. Sad, at least he got to do something he really loved in life but it seems towards the end he began to feel like many that SDCC had gotten to big for it own good.

  2. Thanks for pointing us to this article Conor. I cannot believe someone posted "seems like a sad lonely life" in the comments section. This man brought hundreds of thousands of people together over the years and got to be involved in a world that he loved. It’s amazing how ignorant some people can be.

  3. Thanks for posting this i heard from my local npr station here in San Diego tonight that he passed. All comic fans own him a great debt. I cant imagine what my comic experience would have been or even if it had been if not for SDCC.

  4. oh man 🙁

  5. That’s sad.  Like you said, we all owe a lot to that man.