Retailer Summit – Marvel News – Bendis on The Siege

In a one-shot in December, titled Siege: The Cabal, Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Lark (!) will start up the next event to follow Dark Reign.  The Siege starts in January, and it looks like it won’t be Dark Reign, but the thing that comes after it, which is basically a big story with all sorts of characters that sounds a lot like all the events that came before.  Basically, this is the next epoch to follow in the footsteps of Civil War, Secret Invasion, and Dark Reign.

But, I do love Michael Lark artwork!

It sounds like these line wide events are making some money for Marvel.  So they’re never going to stop.  Ever.

Also, if you’re into this kind of thing, here’s the secret cell phone footage of the trailer from the Siege:


  1. Dark Reign ending and the Avengers coming back?

    Normally I would be excited but sadly Bendis is writing the event for it….So disappointment for all. Still, the idea of Marvel maybe getting back to status quo before all of this event nonsense is an idea I am willing to wait for.

  2. I tried so hard to resist.  I failed.

     Disappointment for all?  You’re comfortable saying something like that?

  3. How hard (and in which parts of my body) will I be beaten if I say I wouldn’t mind Dark Reign playing out a little longer?

  4. @AMuldowney: After what I read last year with Secret Invasion, I am confident on saying that.

  5. @Jimski: I agree with you they move on from one event to the next to quickly.  I would have liked them to stay in the post Civil War status quo a bit longer instead of moving on with Secret Invasion.

  6. I feel that none of these events have real conclusions, but just transitions to other events. Cicil War lead way into The Initiative, which lead way into Secret Invasion, which lead way into Dark Reign, which is now leading way into Siege. It seems like there isn’t an end all conclusion to these events

  7. @TNC I didn’t ask if you were confident, I asked if you were comfortable.  That’s probably worse.  Do I have a form I have to fill out if I’m not disappointed?  Or can I just call your business line and keep you posted?

  8. By the way, this totally explains in full why JMS left the way he did.

    Thor and Asgard are going to be essential into this event and apparently the Thor series is going to be tie-in issues. (Got this all from newsarama btw) So with this title being forced into a tie-in situation it would’ve killed what JMS was doing with the characters. So good for him for deciding to leave a series before it went south on him.

    Sorry I wont talk about Thor anymore on here. Just thought to bring it out so we can talk about this event as a whole.

  9. Just having some fun with you, sir.  Carry on doing what you do if it works for you.

  10. I could be wrong but i was under the impression the mini series was drawn by Coipel… If that is the case im definitely in!

  11. i think its the disney verse invading the marvel universe, look closely at thor and you can kinda see mickey ears no?

  12. Hrmm. On one hand, I think it’s high time the Original Avengers came back in some form. On the other hand, I think the Cap, Thor and Iron Man books all have great directions that are a bit… singleminded. That is to say, they’re all so unique now that it’s hard to see them sharing the same universe. So I’m split there. And then there’s the whole Bendis writing an event thing that just says "I’ll wait until Avengers #1" to me. The man can write fantastic and fascinating character development, but sometimes I feel that that comes at the sake of plot and that doesn’t always hold. Mark me as cautious right now. I, however, would like to read a book with Luke Cage in it again, so… 

  13. Bendis annpounced it last week on his G4 interview.

  14. Gah, and I’m trying to cut down how many books I buy a month! Curse you Marvel, curse you for making me intrigued, you just got my money!

  15. Very cool to see Michael Lark involved in such a high profile project. With his name attached I’ll at least try it out, and even if it’s not for me, that’s still great that he’s getting the visibility from fans who might not be familiar with his work on Daredevil or Gotham Central. 

  16. @Jimski: I wouldn’t have minded seeing a bit more Secret Invasion before we got to Dark Reign.

    I’m really not sure what this event is gonna be at all. I mean it seems obvious that it’s gonna be about the fall of Norman but this really was just a teaser that it is going to happen and that Thor, Original Captain America and Iron Man are gonna be involved.

    For now I would very much like to see rampant speculation about what’s gonna go down during "SIEGE".

    My theory, Norman very publicly cracks and the heroes have to stop him.

    Sounds really bland when I put it on the page but it’ll all come down to how it is written. I can take or leave Bendis when it comes to big action books but he can write characters like few other people and that’s what I want from Siege. I want the crumbling of Norman’s character. I want to see the last vestiges of whatever is holding him together fall away to reveal who he really is underneath. And then I want him to go absolutely bat-shit crazy on the Marvel universe.

  17. Tuning… out… already. The creative teams are bonafide, but the fatigue is here, and it’s real.

  18. Event overkill.

  19. I’m late to comment, but I’ll say it anyway:


    Next Champion, start your whining!

    Josh Flanagan, turn your wambulance up to FULL BLAST!!!

    (Josh, it’s Olivier Coipel drawing Siege, not Lark.  Lark does a 1 shot before that.)

    The negative introduction by iFanboy’s Josh once again is completely reliable and predictable, like a broken record.  A terrible, terrible broken record!  I knew days ago this article would play out exactly as it did, much like the podcasts comments play the same way.

  20. @KickAss: If that’s how you feel then why do you come back?

  21. Yes.  I would have liked Dark Reign to go on for longer before this.  Didn’t Dark Reign just start, really?

  22. @Kickass – Not sure why you’re correcting Josh on something he reported properly. The Cabal is the title of the one shot. 

  23. I’ll admit it, the cover for the one-shot introduction looks amazing. Doom FTW!

  24. @reg5000- To criticize the critics.  They need criticism too you know!

  25. Marvel skipped this Summer.  I’m cool for another big event next year.  You can call Dark Reign an event, but it’s just a banner.  There is no big mini series, no over arching story between books (Osborn in charge is not a story, it is circumstance that lead to stories).

     I will agree that I hope Bendis is not writing the series.  I haven’t read all these articles, but he’s only been announcd that he’s writing the first one shot right?  Like he did with the Illuminati before Civil War.  Hopefully the rumors from SDCC are true and Fraction will be at the helm.

  26. Okay, I read some more, I guess Bendis is writing mini series.  It’s only four issues, though which sounds good to me.  He won’t have time to spend half the series in the Savage Land…

  27. @cormano: I would love to see a Fraction helmed Marvel event.

    Chances are it’ll be Bendis writing the main book of The Siege. He’s Marvel’s chief writer really so I can’t see him not doing this.

  28. Glad Dark Reign is ending, but not terribly excited for this event.  But I’m confident it will look pretty with Lark and Coipel doing the art.

  29. @KickAss
    But you’re not posing valid criticisms. You, much like you claim Josh to be, sound like a broken record (you even used that exact same line previously!). The iFanboy guys, most notably Josh, have voiced their dislike of the event-after-event process. Marvel happens to be the company that is doing that; were it DC or any other brand, they’d be criticizing that as well, perhaps unless it was consistantly stellar in their eyes (which Marvel, let’s be honest and not continue to act like fanboys, no pun intended, they’ve mostly fumbled their events. The iFanboys said the same of some of DC’s events that didn’t pan out so well, too).

    As far as jumping on TheNextChampion, he’s not a fan of Bendis and voices his opinion on this comics-opinion website. He’s read books by BMB and not liked them, making the logical jump that another book by the same guy wouldn’t be his cup of tea. This is in opposition to, say, dismissing an entire company because… I dunno, it doesn’t feature Spider-Man? Or because it’s name doesn’t start with "M"? Or whatever other silly reason. He’s not whining, he’s criticizing; what’re you doing?

    Back to your complaint about the iFanboys and Josh in particular, this is the 1st time I can recall him being as critical of the ‘new Marvel event’. Poor fella was excited for Civil War, Secret Invasion, and, unless I’m mistaken, Dark Reign, much like we all were, and has been disappointed every time, much like many of us have. He is now learning from the past better than to put faith in Marvel’s ability to carry through with an event in full. He is displaying the opposite of my behavior where I think that somehow my responses to your inane comments will get through to you! But, I’m gonna try to stop it. As of this comment, I am officially ending our nemesis…-ness? Another poster pointed out that you were only baiting me and I only like that if it’s done by myself or a pretty lady (ba-dum-cheeee!).

    Adieu, KickAss, adieu.

    @The actual topic at hand
    Woopie! Coipel drawing Avengers! Weeeeee! (I didn’t read the linked article so as to avoid the spoilies, so I don’t mean the Avengers title, I mean the characters)

  30. I like pie

  31. @captbastrd: Oh my friend, thank you.

    I second the liking of pie….and moving on to the topic.

  32. I’m keen to see where the story goes. Civil War and Secret Invasion were great ideas that weren’t executed all that well.

    I firmly believe that an "Embrace Change" story where the Skrulls were ruling Earth should have spun out of Secret Invasion and then when the Skrulls are kicked out you can start Dark Reign.

    That said Dark Reign was never really an event as stated above by @Cormano but rather a banner that tied certain titles together. It was the name given to the new status quo (Ireally hate that term). The Siege looks like it’ll be the event that brings about the end of Dak Reign and I think there is a tremendous amount of story that could be told there.

    Bring it on.

  33. I’d just like to read some normal comics please.

    That is all.

  34. Why can’t there just be some breathing time in between events.  If this wasn’t just directly after Dark Reign which was directly after Secret Invasion which was directly after Civil war, i would probably be more excited.  bah.

  35. @BenBugenig

    Here here.  I’ve always been a mild comic fan, but not really until earlier this year.  With all these events running directly into each other, it’s almost like Marvel doesn’t want me to read their comics.  Everything I read that had a Dark Reign banner on it bored me to tears (except most of American Son)  so I’m really hesitant to give The Siege a try.

  36. @TNC:JMS left Marvel because he got a better deal at DC.


    As I said, Bendis announced it pre-maturely on his G4 interview, but he made another announcement as well, which had me more excited; the 10th anniversary edition of Fortune & Glory from Icon, colored by the Phonogram guy, someone whose name I can’t remember but his colors are fantastic. Since a lot of you philistines haven’t read the book, please do. Its the most laughs I had while reading comics. While reading period, if I disregard Hitchhiker’s Guide.


    @reg5000: Dark Reign is alsoa reason for Marvel to slap Norman Osbourne in every book, while making him a pastiche of Lex Luthor.

  37. The artwork, from both Coipel and Lark, has me excited.  I’m even 50% of a Bendis fan i.e. I still love New Avengers but dropped Dark Avengers after his first few issues.  However, I’ve gotta side with the event fatigue camp.  It’s not even that I’m tired of crossovers per se, where they’re within one pocket of the universe, or just a couple of titles.  It’s these line wide things.  It wouldn’t be so bad if, for example, Dark Reign, had been treated as more the general backdrop of the Marvel Universe.  Unfortunately, you were made to believe that almost every title had it’s integral role in the story and the number of titles necessary to get the full appreciation increased month on month.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve generally just stuck to the titles I really enjoy.  Trouble is, this doesn’t give any title/creator the full freedom to tell THEIR OWN story, because they’re always beholden to a bigger editorial mandate.

    Does that make any sense or am I rambling now?

  38. POWERS please, Mr. Bendis

  39. Another thing that made me excited, the return of Powers (finally).

  40. I like that that trailer skipped over World War Hulk.

    Also: it pretty much says nothing. But that’s okay I guess, it’s gonna get a lot of people pumped up.

    Unless the actual plot interests me, I’m gonna sit this one out. No point in moaning about "event fatigue" and then buying every event, right?

  41. I think it’s time to discontinue the term "event." Civil War and World War Hulk may have been events. But the Initiative was more of a scenario that emerged out of that. Secret Invasion was an event of sorts, but it took a good year to build up to it, and that led to the new scenario of Dark Reign.

    It’s sure easy to say I’m sick of events, but the truth is I’ve just learned to be selective with what I’m buying. There’s been good stories here, and in a variety of books — many of which wouldnt’ have been possible without the overarching story. I think the Marvel braintrust has figured out how to continually shift the status quo so that there’s been soemthing interesting going on in the backdrop of the Marvel universe. Then the artistic teams on each book figure out how to tell good stories in their corner. 

    Are there overlaps of characters? Yes. Does it get stale if you read too much? Also yes. Like I said, I’m learning t be more selective. But I’m also having a great time reading some good stories. 

  42. @captbastard: clap, clap, clap… couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I’m not sure if this "event" will be my cup of tea. I’ll have to wait and see.  It’s nice to find out what Coipel is doing next.  Another "event" doesn’t bother that much because I’ve gotten used to it. However, I hope that comics like Thor, Captain America, and Invincible Iron Man continue to be good and not suffer due to the "Seige".   Sometimes good stories come out of these events or status quo changes and I hope that is what happens here.  For example, without Dark Reign we wouldn’t have had the great Iron Man arc that Fraction wrote.

  43. Can i say my idea for the event would have been to wait for Steve Rogers to return (if at all he does) and let him finish Osbourne off. It would be cooler like that in my books.

  44. KickAss is my hero. Keep preaching the truth, brother (that is, until ifanboy removes my comment or yours, simply because they disagree with it… again.) I don’t have a problem with the idea of the Siege being the new Marvel storyline. I’ve been less than impressed with writers who have been given too freedom away from crossovers, to tell “there story” (Gwenn Stacy getting pregnant by Norman Osborn and having twins with powers, Spider-Man not getting his powers from a radioactive spider, but rather his powers being passed by spider gods, etc.). At least a crossover provides more characters to redeem the story, if it should suffer.

  45. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @WonderManFan – Clever. You’re referencing two elements from one writer’s run on a book (JMS on Spider-Man) as being representative of all writers’ efforts outside of crossovers. Sure, writers make missteps when they take on an ongoing series, but that’s hardly the case every time a writer tells "their story." They can also write poorly within a crossover or event. There’s no direct correlation between quality and whether or not a story is part of a company wide storyline or something off to the side. There are too many variables. There are long stretches of Daredevil or Runaways or JSA or Batman or Hulk or Spider-Man that have little to do with whatever’s going on in their respective company’s universe. 

  46. This sounds completely awesome.  I’m not even sure what people here are arguing about except some people like to argue.


  47. I think Marvel has had some problems selling this whole Dark Reign thing, but it has been good at times.  Few of the one-shots and mini’s were done well, but the flagships kind of faltered.  They’ll pull it around eventually.

  48. Looks like we’re rarin’ for an iFanboy brouhaha! This Sunday on Paperview! (Get it? … ‘Cause it’s a print medium?)

  49. My only opinion is that I just want the books to lose the banner and just exist on their own for a while. That’s hardly new or controversial. I said nothing about the validity of the story, because I haven’t read it yet.

    We’re thrilled for you to post your comments about how you feel about stories, but if you’re just here to flame us for producing this completely free website and habit opinions different than yours, well that’s not really the point. We are here to have fun after all. Please don’t ruin it for other people and derail the conversation.

  50. @Stepho: Cap Reborn ends in november, Seige begins in December. So yeah, Cap in that cover is Steve.

  51. @WonderManFan- I’ll keep preaching the truth brother, because the truth must prevail!

  52. @kickass your truth

  53. I can’t remember where I read it (so dismiss this as you will), but I’m more then positive I heard Joey-Q say that this was the 3rd in an event-trilogy and the last for a little while.

    I agree with Jimski, I liked this Bad Guys Won world and think it could continue to yield interesting stories for a few years still, but if they’re wanting to streamline the universe and let everyone do their own thing for a while, I guess Bendis should put all the toys up and back where he found them.

  54. @KickAss What is Truth?

    @muddi JMS did indeed get a "better deal" from DC. However, he wanted to write those Marvel books and was willing to see them all out before jumping to DC. The enforced Thor storyline was his perfect departure point. JMS and Peter David share many of the same complaints about Marvel’s infrastructure and both have expressed disdain over being forced to do crossovers during their time at Marvel. JMS has also stated many times that while he loves his work at Marvel, DC is the place he really wanted to write for. JMS has been touted as being writing for DC since Brave and the Bold launched. He wanted to finish Thor first, simple as that.

  55. So basically, this has all been Bendis’ really long and expansive Avengers story.  Beginning with them disassembling and culminating in, presumably, their return?  In concept, it all sounded pretty cool.  But I’m seriously ready for more Avengers stories like the ones Dan Slott is telling.  If Bendis starts doing that again after The Siege, then I’ll give his books a shot again.

  56. While I’m not foaming from the mouth with anticipation for this event, I think this should be a fun read. What I’m curious about, though, is how concrete the conclusion of this mini will be (is it a mini like Secret Invasion?), or if the ending will just make way for another event.


    Either way, fingers crossed for something epic!

  57. @drakedangerz
    When we come away from it, though, years down the line, how epic will the Bendis-Avengers run be in retrospect? It’s hard going through the motions in the process over all these years, but this stuff is going to go down in history. I may be a fool for it, but I am damn excited to see the three characters they’re showing all shadow-y and such on the same team again.

  58. I’ll tell you this, if Clint goes back to being Hawkeye in this story, it’ll be the greatest thing ever.

  59. @muddi: Prax kinda stole my thunder but yes, JMS was willing to stay on Thor until Marvel decided to force the ‘Seige’ storyline onto his title without his consent. So once Keirion Gillien jumps in he’s doing nothing but tie-in issues for the Seige storyline. So once again, it was a perfect jumping off point for the man. So it’s not like he’s just leaving off the face of the Earth like he’s done with other titles. But I’m sure the money DC offered was another factor.

    Considering how some of his Avenger work was like before Secret Invasion, I don’t think his run with the team(s) is gonna be remembered fondly. I mean does anyone remember the debacle that was Mighty Avengers?

  60. @captbastrd-I’m not denying that its been a very epic story he is telling, in terms of the scope.  Just that, for me, it has stumbled a bit.  I’d love nothing more than for The Siege to be a great story, but for the most part I just want it to be over and hope we get great stories afterwards.

    @Josh-if it results in the return of Thor speak, I will be ecstatic.  

  61. I feel like I should re-iterate every so often that Brian Bendis is one of my favorite writers of all time.  I think he’s done more for Marvel Comics than anyone in the last decade at making them great.  A bad Bendis comic is still more fun than almost anything on the stands. 

    People know that right?  Because it’s an important fact in how I judge these comics.

  62. @ Josh I think most people know that.  I feel some people just want a more, as they define it, balanced approach to the podcasts and articles in regard to the 2 major publishers.  What seems not to occur to some is that the number of comics released between the 2 fluctuate each week, therefore what you cover will fluctuate as well.

  63. We should have new ways to tell what year it is.

    C.B.R. (Clint Barton as Ronin)

    C.B.H. (Clint Barton as Hawkeye)

    So if Clint is back as Hawkeye during the Seige event then it’ll be 1 C.B.H. When he became Ronin that was -4 C.B.R.

  64. There’s an article for it on newsarama, but apparently there is an event planned after Seige. Well not a universe spanning event but still; they do have something planned.

    It’s called ‘Doom War’ and that’s all I’m gonna say. The article explains in full what it’s going to be about.

  65. You know, it’s funny, because I always thought of events as like being THE thing that spurs on a new status quo, but all these banners make me feel like the status quo has become THE event and I think that accounts for my fatigue.  If that makes any sense. 

  66. I’m all for this. Dark Reign is a loosely-plotted, thematic story. It’s what happens when the villains are in charge, right? The only negative I’ve experienced is that when you drench your entire line in this story, then you don’t get the diversity you may have otherwise.That said, The List one-shots seem to have moved the story into Act Two, and the Siege looks to be Act Three. And I think that works. Conceptually, I think it’s a pretty cool, epic storyline by Marvel. I just think that they couldn’t predict how immersive the whole Dark Reign saga would be for the audience. I admit, it’s dragged me down a bit. So, this news comes at a great time. But honestly, we knew this was coming. I mean, is anyone surprised? We knew there had to be an ending. We know The only logical end for "The Rise of Norman Osborn" is "The Fall of Norman Osborn." I don’t think a short mini-series is a terrible idea to bring about Act Three of this story. Works for me.

  67. I think I would start crying with joy to see Clint dressed as Hawkeye jumping into action in a full page spread in this series!

  68. You know, I don’t even think Dark Reign is bad.  I really don’t. I’m just sick of Norman Osbourne as the villain in every single book.  And even though the individual stories are pretty good, it’s just repetitive and got boring to me.  I suppose from an exercise standpoint, it was interesting to see all the different takes on Osbourne, where the character has been fairly consistent through all the book.

  69. I was going to say "I am tired of hearing people say ‘I am tired of these events,’" but it turns out I am so tired of it that I’m tired of saying that I’m tired of hearing people saying they’re tired of these events. And saying that tired me out.

    Try not to be cranky just for crankiness’ sake. It cheapens the efforts of us professional cranks.

    What are we even counting as "events," anyway? Once you start lumping Dark Reign and The Initiative in there, I think you’re using the literal definition of the word event, "Anything that happens; occurence."

  70. I wouldn’t have used the word "event" but Marvel used it themselves, which I thought was interesting.

  71. @josh – what you said above, re: Dark Reign and Osborne — I think that nicely sums it up. I can absolutely see how a group of writers and editors could pull together this idea and think it was fun and different and have a LOT of fun with it. I think SOME of that fun translates to the audience. I think what they couldn’t predict was the *cumulative* effect on the reader when we are forced to watch Osborne and his agenda was in every book, month in and month out. That said, I’m still mostly enjoying it, and as I’ve said before, the List one-shots and the current connectivity between Dark Avengers, Secret Warriors, and Thunderbolts this past month has really helped me to enjoy where we’re headed.

  72. @josh: I think Clint will comeback as Hawkeye.  I can see it now. Current Hawkeye/Bullseye will get shot by an arrow on the bullseye on his head. Then cut to a page with Clint in the Hawkeye outfit.  I’m psyched for the potential regrouping of charcters and can’t wait to see who is on the Avengers roster.

  73. @josh: I am huge fan of Powers, Fortune & Glory and Torso, and I love Ultimate Spidey, its the only spidey book that matters, and Alias, but his Avengers work never did anything for me. It was ok before Civil War, and Bendis tried to do what Johns did in Green Lantern, but he dropped the ball somewhere. I just never felt it, maybe because I went back after reading Secret Invasion. I also enjoyed Dark Avengers when it started, but then every writer at Marvel went , "Hmm…he’s doing something interesting with this bland spidey-villian, lets  put him in every book, acting like Lex Luthor’s retarded cousin."Also, He’ll always be Ronin to me 🙂

    Siege looks like he has learnt from his past mistakes and this 4-issue mini series might be the right way to do this.

    I would also like to point out the fact that people who go around throwing asinine insults on the internet are called trolls, and the only way to kill a troll is ignoring it. Think of the children, don’t feed the troll!

  74. @Jestr: Hasn’t Quesada already brought back Bullseye once.


    I just realised how brilliantly this event is timed. Thor, Cap and Iron Man, all have gigantic arcs wrapping up in November.

  75. I think Josh had it right in one of his comments earlier in the fact that we need to see the books without a banner for once. Crossovers arent bad once in a while, but not constantly. It would be nice, maybe just for a year, to have every Marvel book going with it’s own story and just the characters pertaining to that book. I dont want Norman Osborn to be the villan in every series, or Wolverine (or whoever Marvel is putting a movie out for at the time) showing up in every one of them either.

  76. I don’t know how I feel about this, mainly because I don’t really read any of the Avengers books.  If the buzz around the books and my interest in them is piqued, I’ll give it a whirl.  I’ve liked the past few events pretty well, so I don’t see that this one should be horrible.  That said, I’m buying WAAAYYY too much stuff as it is, so I may skip this and catch the highlights on the show.

  77. If I never see a banner on a Marvel book after this ‘Seige’ event then I will be a very happy man.

  78. I’m looking forward to this. I know there are more like me out there.

    House of M had me coming back excited for both the story and the art. It’ll be good to have that team back together. 4 issues will be a lot better. Sometimes these 7-8 issue stories make the ongoing stories to tread water until the event catches up. I hope this goes well and becomes the new model for an event book. It’s hard to keep anyone’s attention for 8-9 months.

    I don’t think this will herald the return of the old status quo. Iron Man has been more interesting since ‘Demon in a Bottle’, Thor has been my guilty pleasure since Heroes Reborn, and more people talk about the Avengers now than ever before. When they say "nothing will ever be the same again", sometimes they mean it, and I hope ‘Disassembled’ will be one of those times. 

    I’m in Bendis camp until he stops surprising me.

  79. What’s the big deal about the banner?  That’s an honest question, not rhetorical.  When people complain about events, it seems like it can mean a few different things: (1) I’m tired of the hype (understandable but also avoidable and pretty easy to ignore if you choose; (2) I’m tired of all the stories being connected to each other — a completely legitimate critique,  or (3) I’m tired of this story that I don’t like being everywhere.

    When I complain about events, I usually mean (3).  I didn’t like ‘Secret Invasion’ and I don’t like ‘Blackest Night’ because I don’t find the stories to be interesting.  But the problem isn’t that they’re events, per se, it’s that they’re events built around concepts that I find boring.  Other people clearly feel the same way about  Dark Reign, and I sympathize, but it seems to me that it’s basically a matter of taste.  And anyway, I think it’s hard to make criticism (3) about an event we don’t know anything about yet.

    So is it fair to say that the event-fatigue criticism is mostly about the stories being too interrelated (and secondarily about the hype), or is there a possibility I’m missing?

  80. Is it or are some comic book readers a bit weird? And very much eager to argue, but only online! Just an observation. Some of you are cool thou… the ones that don’t live basements!

    I’ll be buying whatever is on the racks, cuz me like some comics! Ones with fighting and funny shenaniggans! So bring it, whatever shit hit the fan event, me reads it! And the drawings are cool too! ; P

  81. @ohcaroline: It’s all three of those things mixed together for me. When I want to read Incredible Hercules I don’t wanna see the Dark Reign banner. Cause that comic has nothing to do with what Osborn and his cronies are doing.

    All I want is to see a Marvel Universe where there is:

    A) No events, no crossover with any of the other titles. If the Avengers have like, Ultron to face then do it in your own book. Don’t force me to buy a seperate comic or mix the X-Men (for example) when they don’t need to be.

    B) Stop with the damn tie-ins. (Least likely to stop cause of money) I’m tired of knowning I might need to pick up other titles where I wouldn’t want to in the first place. Sure they can say: ‘Well they aren’t all essential to the reading, you could just read the main event’. Which is bullshit, cause there’s always a random issue where it’s integral to the event and no one read it cause they were told it wasn’t nessicary.

    C) Simple stories. Kinda like the no event rule but seriously, why can’t we have fun in our comics? Everything has to be serious and too many times people reference events either present or prior to the timeframe. Where’s an Avenger issue where I can see the team get ready for the holidays? Even the holiday issues are depressing.

    That’s all I want out of my comics. If I can only see this happen in back up issues from the 1980’s then I’ll go to the 25cent bin at my LCS then to enjoy myself.

  82. I’ve rarely if ever bought a book b/c it had a banner on it, and in fact I usually thank the banners for telling me what I can safely avoid.  I’m just not convinced that it’s really all that much of an imposition?  And as for the ‘simple stories’ idea, it’s nice to say — I’d personally love if there were a lot more quality, low-continuity one-shots in the vein of the First Class books or the Marvel Adventures stuff, but when I say I like that stuff, people either tell me that it doesn’t sell or that it’s a waste because it doesn’t affect anything.

  83. @TNC: The Marvel Adventures books and the Johnny DC books have what you are looking for. Yes, there is no joy left in comics, partially because the fanbase really loves its cathartic continuity and can’t let it go. People want to read crossovers and they want stories which refer to other stories that happened in other books. If you want anything else, buy those "children’s" titles, those books from the bargain bin or find another hobby.

  84. @muddi: I like those titles, Tiny Titans is a breath of fresh air considering what goes on in DC lately.

    I mean I’m enjoying Blackest Night right now.. But I would rather see the Tiny Titans get invaded by Penguins then see a zombie Elongated man bludgeon Hawkman to death any other day of the week. Maybe I’m weird like that.

    It is telling that you need to read kid comics in order to get some peace and/or enjoyment out of reading.

  85. No banner has ever caused me to buy anything I wasn’t already going to buy anyway, and no crossover has actively wrecked a book I wanted to read since Civil War. It’ll be okay.

    You punk kids with your frisbees on my roof need to live through an Acts of Vengeance or an Evolutionary War, and then come talk to me about banners and tie-ins.

  86. This conversation is turning into an analysis of the big two comic universe at the moment. If you aren’t a fan of the tone they’re going for, then maybe it’s time for you to move on to something else. I may not like the last few Woody Allen movies, but that doesn’t mean I’m going out of my way to lambast them – but I need to decide if I should stick around for another movie or buy a ticket for something else.

    I promise I won’t air my internal debate on here.

    Comics have been exciting lately. If I’m frustrated about a banner on a comic, it’s because the comic collector inside tells me I need everything related to it to be satisfied. I’ve had it since I was a kid with ‘Operation: Galactic Storm’. It’s unhealthy. Get over it.

  87. @TNC: It is telling only about your tastes, that they differ from the regular comic reading public. Superhero comics have always been about continuity, and thats why strayed away from them mostly. It is only recenttly when I started listening to ifanboy that I’ve started to read superheroes and ignore most of the continuity, unless I’ve read it myself.

  88. @ohcaroline: I don’t mind the banners either.  I understand that they are used to pique interest in sales of other books.  I will agree with Josh about the same characters appearing in every book.  I know that there is a huge overlapping storyline happening right now and that Norman Osborn is the top villain.  However, I don’t need Dr. Doom, Wolverine, Namor, Sentry, and yes even Deadpool in every book.  Wolverine will always be around in every book but Dr. Doom is the one that gets me.  Since the start of Dark Reign he has show up in several books as the villain.  This isn’t necessarily because of Dark Reign because he is in books like Thor as well.  However, Marvel has a huge cast of characters and I’d like to see more diversity in characters used.  This applies especially to villains.

  89. Someone at my LCS yesturday said that Steve Rogers will be taking over as Iron Man….can anyone confirm this? I’m confused. I can’t find anything about it anywhere. ((NOTE: I don’t read Avengers or Iron Man books really so if this has already happened feel free to call me an idiot and move on))

  90. I’m excited. Of course, I’ve loved pretty much everything Marvel’s done since Civil War (when I got back into comics), so my bias is flying high, here. 

    We got a year, give or take, of the Initiative and it looks like we’re getting about a year of Dark Reign. Civil War and Secret Invasion both lasted most of a year, since they were 7 and 8 issue series, respectively. I think that’s plenty of time for all those stories.

    @KreiderDesigns: I think the dude was pulling that out of his ass.

    @Jimski: Dude, I loved Acts of Vengeance! Magneto putting the Red Skull in a hole and leaving him to (eventually) starve to death was awesome. And the three-issue Uncanny X-Men arc that gave us Asian Psylocke was extremely entertaining. Ah, the heady days when West Coast Avengers was still around…!


  91. No.