Remender Talks ‘Fear Agent’ and ‘Strange Girl’

There is a small yet passionate enclave of iFanboy listeners who love them some books by Rick Remender.

So they’d probably be interested to know that today at the comic book store you’ll find the relaunch of Fear Agent (now at Dark Horse) with The Last Goodbye #1 as well as the second-to-last issue of Strange Girl.

Rick Remender talks to us (through Newsarama) about this Wednesday double whammy.

I bought the first trade of Fear Agent in the middle of last year because Fred literally wouldn’t stop talking about it. I sat down and started to read it and only made it about halfway through before putting it down. I don’t know what it was but something was preventing me from enjoying it. I tried it again later that same week and had the same problem so I put it in my huge “to-read” stack and sort of forgot about it.

Fast forward just about one year and DarrOn sent us a copy of the first Strange Girl trade and after reading that (I can’t tell you what I thought about it, we’re going to do a segment on it in an upcoming show) I decided to give Fear Agent another shot and this time I made my way all the way though and I actually enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun. I’m glad it’s continuing on.


  1. It was Fred’s sheer endless plugging of Strange Girl that got me to pick up the trades. It was worth it.

  2. WAIT! STOP! Strange Girl is ENDING?! For Pete & Pete’s sake, c’mon! I thought maybe the sales had picked up solely because of Fred’s comstant plugging, but guess now. What a damned bummer.

  3. Strange Girl was my book to incessantly hump. (Now it’s American Virgin buy it buy it buy it. real subtle) I’ve never read Fear Agent. Thanks for the credit anyhow.

    I’m totally shocked that Strange Girl is ending. I had no idea. It’s in a place now where I guess they can wrap it up. It makes me sad though. I’ve gotten at least 20 people to read it and they all loved it. I guess that 20 readers isn’t enough profit for Image. Whatever man.

  4. Seriously the conclusion to the article alone explains why I love Remender so much.

    If you

  5. I’ve never really looked into Strange Girl, but will give it a flip through at the local library. Fear Agent is something that has always intrigued me, solely because of Tony Moore’s art. I’m interested in scoping out the trades for that as well. Remender sounds like a funny guy, so that also peeks my interest. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Strange Girl was my book to incessantly hump

    An interesting bonus question on the pull list threads…Which book would you incessantly hump?


  7. Yeah, I gotta give the credit to fred for turning me onto Strange Girl and I’m really glad he did. I’d absolutely check out more Remeder stuff because of his work on this title.

  8. I am a big fear agent fan. I’ve got all the single issues from image and will follow it to dark horse. I haven’t read strange girl but may give it a try. Toney Moore’s art on fear agent is great. I like.