‘Pathfinder’ Released Because of ‘300’?

Has anyone else heard or this, or am I the only one who never heard of it?

I caught an ad for Pathfinder, a movie I’d never heard of. Prominently displayed in the commercial was the fact that this movie was from a “Dark Horse Graphic Novel,” a marketing ploy I’d never heard of, as I didn’t think anyone had ever heard of Dark Horse Comics, other than folks such as ourselves.

I’ve also never heard of the book either. Here’s the trailer if you’re so inclined.

So, has anyone ever read this book? Is anyone looking forward to the movie?

This had the distinctive look of a straight-to-video kind of affair. But, with the recent success of 300, I wonder if they added a little more to the marketing kitty. They even said the movie was starring Karl Urban, a Lord of the Rings alum to 300‘s Dilios, David Wenham.

So why all this? I think this is significant, because this is the first time I’ve seen a movie marketed specifically because it was a graphic novel. I would even be pretty proud, but it doesn’t look like this is going to be the best cinema as to offer.

Still, we haven’t seen a viking film in a while.


  1. I saw this trailer back in November (When this movie was supposed to be released in January) and couldn’t think of anything but “meh”. Now that I know it’s from a graphic novel, I still just think…meh.

    Maybe it’ll be good, but when I saw the trailer for the film on the big screen, I couldn’t tell what was what (And I had my glasses on) everything was black, grey or brown.

  2. absolutely no interest in this flick what so ever. i’ve never heard of this series before and even the material (it looks like a more realistic fantasy type story) looks really boring. you know its going to go nowhere when the biggest star is Karl Urban, sorry but its true….. i wish it luck though…..

  3. I saw it a while back, too, but I thought it was one of those silly “Shh! Don’t talk during the movie” faux-trailers. I didn’t realize at the time that it was based on a graphic novel, and not even that knowledge gives me any desire to see it.

  4. I have been seeing trailers for this movie for quite a while, and for some odd reason I am kind of excited. I totally agree that it looks like it could be a major fuck-up, but still I am interested. I am glad Josh informed me that this was a graphic novel because I am sure that will influence the way I watch this film. Grindhouse was crazy fun by the way!

  5. I’m going to see it. One of my buddies is looking forward to it and its not like I’m doing anything. Ever.

    I still haven’t seen 300…

    Anyway, I remember seeing a trailer for this last december, but for the life of me I can’t say what I went to see that night. I can tell you who was there, what theater it was at, but no clue what I saw…

  6. Actually I heard of this months ago and it encouraged me to check out the book. The art style was interesting but didn’t eally fit the book and overall the writing was slightly below average. Still going to see the movie though,come on; Vikings!

  7. Ya wow, I saw this a while a ago and completely forgot about it, thanks Josh! It looks pretty good I’ll watch it at some point!!

  8. Thanks BAxter I thought I was the only comic fan that hadn’t seen 300 yet.

  9. Interesting point – it looks like the graphic novel is actually an adaptation of the screenplay for the movie:


  10. I suppose we’ll go see it too over at our site, though like you Josh, I was completely shocked to see that we had totally missed a comic book movie that was coming out.

  11. I’m pretty sure this movie was supposed to be out LAST summer. So, for the “graphic novel” to be based on the screenplay is pretty plausible.

  12. I saw a commercial for this a couple of weeks ago when I was out with some friends. I commented I had never heard of the graphic novel and they both acted like it was a common as Spider-man. Made me feel like I was out of touch with comics (which, of course, I know is just not true) or at the very least Dark Horse (I don’t buy Aliens vs. Predator stuff).

  13. You know, I am pretty much going to see this for the simple fact that, at the end of the trailer, the announcer specifically states, “Rated R for constant, intense sequences of violence.”

    I think it’s been about 10 years since I’ve seen a movie like that. The story could suck, but I’m expecting some amazing action.

    And I second the comment about Grindhouse. Good lord was that some crazy awesome shit!

  14. Wow. I’m kind of bummed how little interest there is for this. I saw a teaser trailer months ago and that cast of character in that genre of movie definitley got my blood going a bit. Then, like you, when I saw the full trailer recently and saw that at the end I was kind of like, “Buah?”

    There’s been no buzz about this movie whatsoever. I’m not going to blame that on the movie, I’d have to say it’s a horrific marketing job.

    Anyway, I’m seeing it. No doubt.

  15. Having no knowledge of this story other than the preview, it’s in the “maybe a rental” category for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vikings, but this seems a lot like a retro-fitted Last of the Mohicans story.

  16. For me this is just one of many piggy-backrider movies… I’m not expecting much of it, but I find myself hipnotized by the poster.

  17. Down here in Colombia, it’s been publicized for a while and not a hint of the comic aspect!.

    On the same topic..It’s funny, down here comic still a synonym for kiddie fun, and the day of the premiere of 300 there where lines of parents with little kids…just to find it was rated it was rated R.

  18. FOr some reason I almost thought “Conan” upon seeing this for the first time (before they revealed the name)

  19. At DoctorDoom:
    That is, oddly, exactly what my boyfriend thought.

  20. The trailer looked like a summary of the entire movie.
    Unless I hear amazing reviews, not interested in this or the graphic novel.

  21. Unless I hear amazing reviews, not interested in this or the graphic novel.

    Apparently you’re a rarity.

  22. Yea, I saw that trailer no to long ago and I thought wow, way to play off the 300 hype. It looks interesting enough, I just don’t like who’s playing the main character. He wasn’t that good in The chronicles of riddick.

  23. I think this movie looks like it could be fun. I wouldn’t go so far as to say good. But a Viking left behind who grows up with American Indians and fights his own people with lots of wonderful violence? Count me in

  24. At DoctorDoom:
    That is, oddly, exactly what my boyfriend thought.

    Nice to know I wan’t the only one.

  25. yeah, I think the announcer specifically says “scenes of brutal violence”, which means pretty much, “yeah, this movie sucks, but you’ll get to see a guy’s eye spiked out or some such shit.

  26. strange. i saw it months ago as well but thought i’d heard about it here (obviously? not). it was introduced to me as “if you’re a fan of frank frazetta..”

  27. I work at a movie theater. We had advetising for that movie up in our theater about a year ago. But with no release date. I couldn;t even find anythoing out on line. It might be Okay. Karl Urban is not a bad actor, and as a bonus it has Clancy Brown in it as well. We all know what happens to movies when you give him a sword.