Reflections of WonderCon

I am not an unfit man. As a matter of fact I exercise regularly, eat well, and tend to take fairly good care of myself. I rarely drink, I don’t ingest caffeine (occasionally in chocolate) and get all my leafy greens. So why is it that one weekend at WonderCon can completely knock me out? And not just a little bit – a lot a bit. It’s Sunday evening and I am sitting in the airport wondering if I can muster the strength I need to get onto the plane. The thought of my bed at home will hopefully give me the energy surge that I need to walk the sky bridge… I hope.

But why does this happen? There is a physiological and psychological stress that a convention puts on your body – at least on my body and I am fairly certain that Conor, Josh and Ron feel similarly. I can also say that having the flu last week and the three hour time difference don’t help. But I’m not here to make excuses. I’m here to talk science. Or something.

This was the first con of the season. We all gathered in San Francisco on Thursday raring to go. Thursday started with our tour of the Revision3 offices and studio. We were able to mess around in the studio a bit, which was an absolute blast. I do not want to give anything away – but we pwned Tekzilla. After that we decided that we should probably try and locate some food. If you have not been to San Francisco here is a travel tip – in my limited experience it seems that most things in this city close early. Trying to get dinner at 10pm (1am EST) is not necessarily easy. Anyway, after some nourishment, we settled down to do some work and get some sleep. Of course the peaceful escape provide by the slightly harder than necessary hotel bed was abruptly disturbed by Conor alerting me that there was a booth babe knocking at our door sometime after midnight.

Friday marked the first day of the con. We woke up at a “reasonable


  1. Good Morning,

    I volunteered at Wondercon on Friday and saw Ifanboy entering and was not able to say hello. On sunday, we were at the con and my wife and son tried to call me on my cell but was in comic heaven and did not hear the cell phone, that Ifanboy was doing an interview. I had a great time, maybe next year Wondercon, we will get to meet. I told my son to yell Ifanboy rocks, if he saw you guys. Love the audio and video podcasts! Keep up the great work! 

  2. Wow, sounds grueling and Wondercon is supposed to be the laid back convention.  Sounds like you need strict curfews until Saturday night and "get out of the freaking con" breaks during the day.  You can do it, guys!

  3. Thanks for the reminder that I did the smart thing and booked a ticket to my couch all season, so you guys can do the hard stuff. Keep up the good work Mr. Intern.

  4. He’s not kidding.  As of now, it’s friday, and I’m still bedridden.  Whatever it was that was going around, I caught it and caught it hard.  On the other hand, I’ve lost about 10 lbs since getting on the plane to SF over a week ago.

  5. Isotope was indeed a madhouse on Saturday night (I was the guy sitting next to Chris Neseman from 9-11). I love Isotope but hate crowded spaces where you have to yell in order to make conversation. I came away thinking, how the hell do people do this for three straight days? Sorry I didn’t get to meet Gordon or Josh, but it was nice to chat a bit with Conor about Countdown and hear Ron’s Bob Mould trivia. Good luck with the rest of the con season!

  6. @Paradiddle – that is a testament to how crazy it was, I guess.  We are all literally in the same room and yet we never met.  It’s not like Isotope is huge…it was just that crowded.

  7. That sucks so much, Gordon. Hope you guys can get in shape, and I’m glad you guys had a great time.

  8. Sounds like you guys we’re running non-stop from Thursday on, and w/ your personal lives, who knows for how long before that. It makes it so easy to get sick, you guys gotta schedule some down time into your adventures. Hope everybody feels better. I can’t wait to see the footage.

  9. WOW! Looks like you guys had a super fun time @ Wondercon. I wish i was there. @ Josh i like the pic of the one with you with your winder cap thing. I have the sam one too. 

  10. so wondercon defeated you! does that mean wqe wont be seeingf you guys across the pond at the british comicon on may 9th-11th, if the time difference there did you in the 5 hour difference (i think) kill ya over here lol. Hope you can brave the travel and give us brits a bit of ifanboy action. Adios

    The Brit in a Hat

  11. Yeah it would be ace to see you guys at our Con. I have been stewarding at the event for years but this year i will be wearing my brand new Ifanboy t-shit. Check out he website at and i think there is some footage of last year on youtube.

    (that was my first post yipeee)

  12. @AdamintheHat @cornishcomicfan – I would love to come over to your con.  And with the dollar doing so well in foreign markets now would be a great time to…oh…wait.  Nevermind.

    Serisously though – I would love it.  I do have some friends in Sheffield and in London that I need to visit.

    Why can’t it be a few weeks later?!?

    ps –  nice first post cornishcomifan

  13. yeah the date is a bit random, but twill be a great weekend, well if the ifanboys and you win the lottery between now and then we’ll see ya there. Keep it funky like a comic reading monkey

    The Brit in a Hat