REBEL BLOOD Holiday Teaser

Last week, Image Comics announced a new series, Rebel Blood, billed as “A Zombie Story Like No Other.” Coming out in March 2012, with the concept and art by Riley Rossmo and written by Alex Link, Rebel Blood promises to be modern horror story in the tradition of horror stories of the past, like those found in Tales From the Crypt.

We’ve been a fan of Rossmo’s art ever since first seeing him on Cowboy Ninja Viking and Proof.  Leading up to the announcement, Image released several teaser images, and usually after the announcement, the teaser images stop.  But there was one more teaser left. A very special teaser that Image saved just for iFanboy.  With the holidays coming up, Rossmo and Link remind us that it’s all just meat in the end. Even with Santa. Happy Holidays!

Rebel Blood Teaser


  1. I’m REALLY excited for unfettered Rossmo. I can’t wait for this.

  2. A Christmas horror story in March. How timely.

  3. This should be nuts!