Read FIRST WAVE #1 With Geoff Johns and Jim Lee on Twitter

First Wave #1 Geoff Johns Jim LeeNew DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns and new DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee will be on Twitter at 3pm PST today reading First Wave #1 and talking comics.

This is being billed as some sort of "read along" and I suppose that Johns and Lee will be making comments about the issue as they read. My guess is that ultiamtely, this whole thing will evolve into a big comics group chat that could actually be pretty interesting.

The chat/read-along thing could be fun, though nothing on Twitter ever seems to go exactly as planned (see: Paul Cornell's all day Twitter Q&A session) but I applaud the experiment.

You can find Geoff Johns on Twitter @GeoffJohns0

You can find Jim Lee on Twitter @JimLee00

All of their posts are supposedly going to be hashtagged #DCreader


  1. They really came out creatively swinging. Pretty brilliant first marketing moves by DC’s new Chief Creative Officer and Co-Publisher.

  2. They’ve been giving First Wave a huge push. I hope it’s very successful .

  3. Geoff Johns needs to write a book with Jim Lee on art! that would be crazy…

  4. Grat Cover – Poor logo. What we are hoping for here is a great story and to hell with continuity. Whilst Miller’s Spirit looked great it had little heart. Funny how here Bruce looks a bit of a goof ball – Spirit: "Dressed as a bat – Are you sure?"  Bruce: " It stikes fear in the heart of evil men…"; Savage " yeah Sure buddy, keep telling it to your analyst.."

  5. Apparently this is starting now.

  6. Good on them if this drives First Wave sales and generates interest, but I was hoping that after their recent promotions Lee and Johns’ time would be too valuable to waste tweeting so much. (Yes, I still don’t think this is ultimately a good utilization of technology, in most cases. I think it’s a gigantic sinkhole.)

    Jim Lee, please start drawing again.

  7. @flapjaxx: Did you see his pages in the back of Liberty Comics.  Yea, I miss his work bunches.