Proof’s Not Dead!

Last week, you may have heard some scurrilous rumors on the demise of Proof from Image Comics.  This was based on their solicits for January, indicating that Proof #28 was the “series finale”.  Many fans of great comics shuddered with fear that the title, not the highest selling in comics, was done for.

The good news is, it ain’t.  Proof will go on, with a new “season” at a later time, but there will be a bit of time off.  I saw as much on writer Alex Grecian’s facebook posting, where he was quite confused to the wording of that particular solicit. 

In the meantime, check out Proof artist Riley Rossmo on the much ballyhooed Cowboy Ninja Viking, also from Image Comics.  This is a buzz book, so check it out now so you can say you knew about back when!


/The first season of PROOF ends with an all-new beginning on the horizon! /

26 October 2009 (Berkeley, CA) – This January the first season of writer Alex Grecian and illustrator Riley Rossmo’s ongoing cryptozoological thriller, PROOF, will come to an end as the two prepare an all-new season coming in 2010!

“While this season of PROOF is ending, the series is just beginning,” Grecian said. “Not only do Riley and I have a couple of side projects such as his COWBOY NINJA VIKING, but PROOF takes a very big turn with issue #28. It’s a natural place to take a short break. Rest assured we’ll be back and when we start again nothing in PROOF will ever be the same.”

In PROOF, Special Agent John ‘Proof’ Prufrock, also known as Bigfoot, works for The Lodge, an organization dedicated to preserving and protecting ‘monsters’ from the threat of human beings. Since its release the series has received critical acclaim, with three volumes of collections in print and a fourth, PROOF VOL. 4: JULIA, to be available during the hiatus. Both Grecian and Rossmo will remain the regular creative team in the new season, due out in 2010. Rossmo added, “Another reason is to give new readers a very easy jumping-on point. While we’ve certainly had a great response to the trades, we’re making it even easier and more inexpensive than ever to jump on board. If you’ve never read PROOF before or only do so with the collections, the upcoming new season is your chance to become a regular reader.”

PROOF #28, a 32-page full color comic book for $3.50, will be in-stores January 27th, 2010.

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Joe Keatinge PR & Marketing Coordinator Image Comics


  1. Alex Grecian posted this information himself on the iFanboy forum! That’s great news, everybody needs a break to get the creative juices flowing and work on other projects.

     "Cowboy Ninja Viking" is awesome, both art and writing and I can’t wait for Grecian’s next book.

  2. Yeah it was great to hear from Grecian acknowledging the solict situation and where the series is going. This is all the more reason I need to start reading this series, cause I have been slow on trying it out.

    This is a trend of a lot of Image series going on hiatus though. It’s about the 2nd or 3rd title to go on an unspecified break.

  3. Been meaning to check this series out after all the good things I’ve heard about it.  This break might be the perfect time to catch up.

  4. Love this book. Grecian has urned my respect.





  5. When it is "relaunched" and (renumbered?), I hope Image sees fit to give this the Kirkman boost by printing an issue in the back of Walking Dead, a la Chew and Viking. With all the love PROOF has gotten from the guys on this site, I don’t know why more people don’t pull it. It is simply incredible.

    That being said, the current issue is NOT a good place to start, b/c it’s a guest artist and a bit of a side story.

  6. @HailScott – Totally agree, it is a really fun book. One of the few where I had my high expectations met. A good starting point is the first trade, it’s really cheap. 🙂

    When I finished it in one night, I went and bought the other two the following day. I have bought the rest in issues. The best arc was the last one, it was so beautifully writtem and of course drawn. 

  7. Great book have the first trade and the following issue. It takes a few turn and there is a cameo. Definantly pick this one up. And can’t wait to see were the teams takes up. I see love in the furie future

  8. I bought the first trade from Grecian when I was in Chicago.  He was a pretty cool guy and the book has this great X-Files vibe to it.

  9. "This is a trend of a lot of Image series going on hiatus though. It’s about the 2nd or 3rd title to go on an unspecified break."

    @TNC – Yes, because too many people still have their big 2 blinders on.  PROOF is a series that deserves a try from everyone.  It’s one of my top two every month.  The whole book is usually related to the Proof concept (rarely any ads) so it’s one of the few books that are always worth cover price. 

    I also agree that #24 is NOT a good jump on point.

  10. Well, I’m sad it’s taking a break, but I am enjoying Cowboy Ninja Viking.  Looking forward to reading all the issues until then and once it comes back! This is definitely a series that deserves more people to be reading it.

  11. Love this series, been reading it since the beginning.

  12. I believe SEASON TWO is going to be coming along mid 2010 and the rumor is that Grecian/Rossmo will be doing a mini in between SEASON ONE and SEASON TWO.  It will be about Victorian Scotland Yard detective work (similar to the recent Julia arc). 

    For those that have never checked out an issue there are TWO (repeat TWO) free issues on line at 

  13. please post simliar article about the mighty

  14. I’m glad they’re not renumbering. And, as soon as I get "caught up" on every other indie book I need to read, I’ll check this one out. 🙂


  15. Alex mentioned this as the plan at the Windy City Comic-con; great to hear there will be more Proof. Hopefully the relaunch and new #1 will give the book a much needed bump in sales. This is too good a book to have such low exposure.