Promotions All Around!

Over at Marvel, C.B. Cebuklski, known for traveling all over the world, and sniffing out new artistic talent, as well as co-starring in our own A Taste of Comics podcast, is now the Senior Vice President, Creator & Content Development at Marvel Entertainment.  It's an expansion on his current duties, in that he will now "discover, develop and nurture new talent, brainstorm new initiatives and advise on creative directions for Marvel’s key titles. In addition to these responsibilities, Mr. Cebulski will work on creative aspects of development of larger corporate initiatives." C.B. started at Marvel around 10 years ago, as an editor, and has been working as a talent scout for their Talent Management Department for several years. You can hear him speaking with us about breaking in to comics on this episode of Talksplode.

On the other coast, BOOM! Studios has promoted Mark Waid, previously the Editor-In-Chief, to Chief Creative Officer, a title we've seen bestowed on Geoff Johns and IDW's Chris Ryall.  Unlike Ryall, Waid will be handing over the EIC reigns to Matt Gagnon, the prior Managing Editor.  With the expansion that BOOM! has seen in its line of comics, Waid is going to hand over some of the day to day responsibilities that come with the EIC chair to Gagnon, so he can focus on the overall creative development of their comics, as well as the continued prosperity of his titles like, Irredeemable and Incorruptable.

Who's next to get a big chair? Or at least a title that makes it sound very much like he or she would have a big chair.


  1. "Assistant TO the Regional Manager"

  2. Hey, all right.  Couldn’t have happened to two harder working guys.  

  3. fnord nailed it.

  4. So when are the iFanboy promotions going to be announced?

  5. Conor is now SVP of Beer, Bacon.

  6. Who is iFanboy’s Comedy Director?

  7. Nobody yet, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  8. Please don’t let Ron be the Director of Facial Hair.

  9. Uh oh the iFanboy’s are giving out promotions? This is going to get more cut throat than an episode of Mad Men! Seriously, congrats to C.B. and Mark.

  10. I think Josh should be Supervising Director of Accents

  11. their still just doing VAUDEVILLE :p