PREVIEW: X-Men Schism #1

I have to admit, as an X-Men fan, I'm pretty excited about X-Men: Schism, the next big X-Men related event that's being written by Jason Aaron along with a calvacade of artists ranging from Adam Kubert, to Carlos Pacheco to Frank Cho and even the great Alan Davis. Now, the artist line up on this event is enough to warrant reading it, but from the story standpoint, given the direction the X-Men have been going recently, all signs point to this being one worth reading.

I've been reading the Prelude to Schism books Marvel has been publishing, and to be honest, I have no idea what is going on or what the "schism" will be.  I understand that they're doing that by design and all will be revealed eventually, but for me, the main takeaway is that…it's working.  I don't think I've been this excited about the X-Men in a long time.

So what do we know about X-Men: Schism? It appears to be focusing on Cyclops and Wolverine and some sort of disagreement they have.  And now, thanks to this 3 page preview (with lettering!) we get an idea of what the scenario is, and it includes Sentinels! You can't go wrong with Sentinels.

Check out the 3 page preview below to get a taste of what X-Men: Schism has to offer, along with some sweet Pacheco artwork.

X-Men: Schism #1 is in stores on July 13th, 2011 for $4.99 and if you can't wait to see what happens, X-Men Schism #2 hits shelves 2 weeks later on July 27, 2011 for $3.99.



Check out the 3 Page Preview of X-Men: Schism #1:



  1. I’m looking forward to this. Jason Aaron has been on fire of late. And we all know he writes a hell of a Wolverine. We’ve all seen Scott vs Logan before. But I got faith in Aaron that he’s going to bring something new and exciting to the table.

    My only complaint would be that I read the first Schism prelude by Paul Jenkins which kind of tainted my overall impression of the event. When I initially read this headline, I sort of rolled my eyes thinking first about that series, and forgetting that Aaron is the one penning the actual story. I know it brings in more $’s. But I don’t think it’s a smart idea on Marvel’s part to lead in to such an event with a writer so different. Not to mention a story not so great. A lot of people buy those ‘prelude’ issues and make up their minds based on it.

  2. Pacheco is making up for that lukewarm run he did on the title with Scott Lobdell back in the 1990s. That double-page spread does not want for dynamism.

  3. I would be interested in this even if Jason Aaron were not writing it.  But he is, and he’s a must buy for me at this point so I”m pretty excited.  

  4. Is the schism of this issue the divide between the Sentinal’s head and it’s body? Are these Sentinals-mini? Because I faintly remember other times Sentinals being larger than a building…and one cannot fit a building on the back of an 18-wheeler.

  5. I just spent three minutes just saying “schism.” It really is a fun word to speak.

  6. This might finally be the first X-Men event that I can jump in since Messiah Complex, not because of unfamiliarity, but because this is now a story that I am actually am interested in, from one of my most favorite writers ever! So pumped for this!

  7. Cyke knows the pieces fit!

  8. @azrael1213: these look like Sentinels from the arcade game. Maybe that’s the source of the schism – those who think Dazzler was a worthless character in the game and those who don’t.

  9. I’ve been a big fan of Jason Aaron’s work since he started writing for Marvel. He did a great job on Ghost Rider, and his run on Wolverine has been pretty spectecular. I’m definitely looking forward to this. It’s a great time to be an X-men fan.

  10. $4.99 for the first issue? I think I’d rather have an entire hot and fresh pizza from Little Caesars, for the same price. $3.99 for every issue after that? Good grief, I’m so tired of the ridiculous price points. Guess this is one more series I won’t be buying. I’ll say this about the 90’s: people like to make fun of that era, but at least comics didn’t cost an arm and a leg per issue, and sales were much higher than the are now. Coincidence?

  11. @WonderManFan  Mostly, yes. A lot of people bought a lot of comics in the 90s because they were tricked into thinking they’d be worth something.

  12. @WonderManFan  History channel had, (in my opinion), a great special about comics, called comics: unmasked or behind the mask or something along those lines.  They go into more detail about the comic market surge and subsequent crash of the 90’s.  Its also just a great little sum up of comics.  i recomend looking it up.

  13. Who in the Marvel universe thinks Sentinels are actually effective?

  14. The whole Scott fighting with Logan thing has gotten really old, as has the “let’s turn Xavier’s best schoolboy into a ruthless @$$hole.” Have Wanda bring back the mutants! I think the top heads at Marvel messed up big time with their handling of the X-Men. They missed a big opportunity handed to them by Grant Morrison to make the comic relevant once more. X-Men has been a comment on racism since its first issue and with the global population of mutants numbering in the millions we could see deeper, more mature storylines that just aren’t possible when mutants are a tiny fringe group. The X-titles have been in a rut ever since and no one is quite sure what direction is the right one. Just give the title to someone who will shake things up. Give us something All-New, All Different.

    About the pricing issue: During the 90’s people were tricked into buying a crappy product through cheap marketing tricks which is why the public’s faith in comics declined so sharply and almost buried the industry. The big two have been stuck with a slowly shrinking audience that is hooked on comics and will pay any price to get them. But how are you going to attract new readers when a comic book that can be read in 15 minutes carries a $3.99 price tag? Marvel and DC are dying and they are trying to milk as much money as they can from their fans…