PREVIEW: Wolverine #2

Marvel's latest Wolverine ongoing is just underway, but the sermon's already turned to fire and brimstone. 

See, Jason Aaron and Renato Guedes have deemed it fit to cast ol' Logan down to the fiery pits of Gehenna. And what's a guy like Wolverine to do on vacation in Hell? Well, damned if he doesn't have to square off with every crook, mastermind, and ninja assassin he ever sent there himself. Actually, damned if he do and damned if he don't. Meanwhile, Logan's demonically possessed hide stalks the land of the living, and it looks like Mystique is pleased as punch to put a few holes in him. 

Marvel sent us a glimpse of issue #2 out in October, as well as the news that the first issue will see a reprint later that same month. With a vampire variant cover no less. Hake a looky-loo. 

Hell of a thing. 

Wolverine #2 hits the shelves on October 6th. Issue #1 gets a reprint on October 13th. 


  1. So does Logan have bone claws in Hell becasue that’s what it looks like. I guess you can’t take the adamantium with you.

  2. @JesTr

    It’s probably because thats his soul in hell, his body is still on earth with the adamantium claws.

  3. the art looks good but the story isn’t something I want to read, got the first issue, eh, but damn the art is good!!!

  4. See these previews make me realize that Guedes was never the right guy for Superman. His pencils didn’t gel like they do here with Wolverine. That page with him standing over Wraith alone is better then anything he did in Superman.

  5. I wish that Jae Lee was drawing the book. The Cover rocks my socks off and all over.


  6. Wolverine pretty buff, huh? i wonder what sort of diet he’s on 

  7. Ya the story line seems a little odd