PREVIEW: Thor #620

Here's a peek at Thor #620 from Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry, on sale next month.


Pretty godstuffs.

Also, while we're at it, how about some Marvel movie wallpapers? With running safety minded rail holding Cap!


  1. god i love this art

  2. It is pretty amazing, definitely the strong point with Thor. The coloring helps too though. What else has Ferry drawn?

  3. Right now, all I’m doing is checking out other pages trying to NOT look at the FF reveal.

  4. @Nordh   he did a few arcs on Ultimate Fantastic four with Mike Carey but that’s the only thing i really remember.

  5. @jjkish7  Same here. I haven’t looked at any site today besides this one, gmail and my offices homepage

  6. Agreed Ferry is awesome. Maybe my favorite artist.

  7. The art is awesome indeed.

    So… are those alien ninja? 

  8. The art is the only reason i am reading this book! I love how Ferry gives Thor and the Asgards a SF look, but also keeps that fantasy look that Copiel brought in.

  9. Ferry did an Adam Strange mini at DC a few years back.

    And, I think, he did the 90’s Heroes For Hire series that Ostrander wrote. He’s been around for quite a while, although Thor is his first really high profile book.

  10. @MikeFarley  Oh that’s right, I remember that Adam Strange and the HFH series! I need to go back and check those out and see how his style has evolved

  11. I can’t believe people are actually liking this art. To each their own, I understand that, but this art totally sucks! The writing has been pathetically bad since Fraction took over as well. This book has totally fallen apart. It’s taking all I have to choke my way through to the end of this story, I’ve not had to do that since a Fantastuc Four run a while back.
    This is one book that went from the top of my stack to the bottom to ‘it’s over soon and you can drop it’
    Sad when you consider this used to be my favotire Marvel book behind only Amazing Spider-Man for a long time…and when you further consider I’ve never been able to stick with Thor this long before, he fast became a favorite of mine and now…it’s embarassing how bad this book has gotten.

  12. @Zarathos81 Why are you even finishing the arc if you hate it that much?