PREVIEW: The Traveler #1 by Stan Lee, Mark Waid, and Chad Hardin

As was announced back in San Diego, Stan Lee has partnered up with Boom! Studios on three new books. Today we get our first look at The Traveler #1, from Mark Waid and Chad Hardin. In addition to serving as Boom! Studios' Chief Creative Officer, Waid is arguably Boom! Studios most popular writer with Irredeemable and Incorruptible.

Check out the first six pages of The Traveler #1 below, along with three of its seven (!) covers.

The Traveler #1 will be available in comic book stores in November.


  1. I guess this looks okay, not hugely impressed, though.

    It might just not be my thing, but this doesn’t really appeal to me.

  2. You guys need some sort of slideshow thingy for the previews you’re getting.

  3. I might buy this. Looks alright to me. I’ve got the new superhero jitters.

  4. Also, 7 covers? Why?

    Do any books sell that well?

  5. This preview definitely turned me off from this book.  I’m not digging the art, and I see super dudes blasting energy beams at each other.  I’m so tired of the traditional superhero-y art.  Give me Aja, Lark, Hardman, etc…

  6. thought it was okay.  not sure if i’ll pick it up.  but u gotta admit, that first cover is faaaaantastic!

  7. I like it!  return of the superhero?  course I didn’t know they were gone, but . . .

  8. This has ‘meh’ written all over it.

    I also second for the puzzling amount of covers for this series. It’s just a new series, not the ark of the covenant. 

  9. I love Stan, and I will give this a shot…but why, why, why are the comicbook companies bringing back the very cause of the fallout in the 90’s? Too many titles with the same characters, too many covers for the same issue, too many crossovers and mini events…