PREVIEW: Superboy #1 by Jeff Lemire and Pier Gallo

Jeff Lemire has been climbing that comic book ladder from indie darling to Vertigo darling to co-feature darling and now… to a new, frontline DC Comics book: Superboy! Sometimes situations like this are cause to lament another indie comics creator being co-opted by The Man, but if you know anything about Jeff Lemire then you know that he's an old school DC fan who loves these characters. And you can tell from the preview below – it's The Phantom Stranger! Only true old school DC fans love The Phantom Stranger.

Superboy is written by Jeff Lemire, drawn by Pier Gallo, and features a cover by Raphael Albuquerque and a variant cover by the ubiquitous John Cassaday. Superboy #1 hits stores next Wednesday.


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  1. wicked piss-a

  2. What has happened with Cassaday? 

  3. Interesting…

  4. Sold.

  5. This looks pretty interesting so far.

    Considering the Lemire drawing we saw yesterday, I definitely prefer Gallo doing this. 

  6. Something about blue jeans being a part of his actual costumes still seems a bit strange.

  7. Looks nice. I love the Raphael Albuquerque cover.

  8. The Cassaday cover actually looks pretty decent. But notice the lighting for it…..where is it coming from?

  9. Sold too!  Yeah, I’ll take the Albuquerque cover as well.

  10. The Albuquerque cover gives me a warm-cuddly feeling inside. The Cassaday cover is awesome, too. Simple, but not too minimalist.

  11. Damn urban dictionary for ruining a classic DC character’s name for me!


  12. Man, the Albuquerque cover is amazing.

     Krypto caught her hat!

  13. Not a DC reader so….   Ahhhh! So nice to see a character move on, forget his past or silly hang ups and decide to move on with life, grow and become the person one does when one, well, grows up! I’m ready to see who Superboy is, not who he was.  The art is beautiful. I think I’m gonna like this book a lot; can’t go wrong with great writer and great artist.

  14. OMG! Love what they are doing with Krypto! He snarls, sniffs the guys cape, grabs the hat while Kon-el grabs Ma! Now that’s a partner right there! Can’t wait to see him pee on beat up villians.

  15. I’m kind of a sucker for Phantom Stranger. And Lemire. Oddly, Superboy is the least appealing part of this for me, though I do have to say i’m kinda digging the tone of the preview…

  16. @daccampo At Fanexpo Lemire said he was basically using Superboy to write a Phantom Stranger story.

  17. @gobo – well, that’s basically awesome, then. 🙂 I will likely now pick this up.

  18. yeah i might have to be in on this….and the Phantom Stranger!!!=rad. 

  19.  the Phantom Stranger only shows up when shit hits the fan anyway

  20. wish they would give him a costume already..the blue jeans are stupid

  21. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The t-shirt and jeans is one of the best costumes in comics. It’s perfect for the character. 

    Very excited.  

  22. agreed with Paul. Its refreshing to see a character from the Super family dress like a normal person. Black T shirt and jeans is an awesome and believable costume. 

  23. I like plain clothes super heroes. If I had powers, I’d get designers to dress me up, like Bond. Or Don Johnson out of Miami Vice.

  24. one day a in a fight with Superboy a villan will kill a random kid in a black tshirt and jeans and Super boy will learn a lesson on why they wear costumes