PREVIEW: Power Girl #13

Power Girl has been one of my favorite books and a favorite book of a lot of people around here. I know that a lot of people, myself included, have been very curious to see how the new creative team of Judd Winick and Sami Basri's take on Kara an friends. Well, Power Girl #13 hits next week but you can get an early look at the pages right now:


  1. That looks promising.  Now lets hope the writing is up to par.

  2. Kinda wish i’d ordered this now…  Might have to go to my LCS next week.

  3. Is that a Wire reference. This has just gone from maybe to a must pull. 

  4. hahah  That IS a Wire reference.  Nice to see Kryptonians from parallel worlds still enjoy good crime fiction. 

  5. Everyone’s got iPads

  6. I wish this didn’t tie in with Brightest Day. I loved how self-contained the previous arc was.

  7. @BrianBaer  Same here.

    This doesn’t look too bad though, but its gonna take a while to get used to seeing PG not drawn by Amanda Conner 🙁

  8. Oh, that was a The Wire reference–couldn’t figure that out there. Still haven’t seen it–I know I know.

    Anyway, interesting that this issue seems so engraved with Generation Lost. While I also kinda wish it was it’s own story a bit more, I imagine the big tie-in will help it sell a bit more, and the tone of the Conner run is still there, and the art is just gorgeous. I’m definitely checking this out. 🙂 

  9. Um…didn’t Max Lord blank everyone out about his existence? Isn’t that the whole point of Generation Lost?

    Not much of a follower of this corner of the DCU, but I feel like that was a whole thing, no?

  10. @hakaider: This appears to be a flashback. It mirrors a scene from the beginning of GENERATION LOST.

  11. The art looks fantastic.  I don’t know if I’m in with the direction…it looks like it’s going to have ties to the Generation Lost series and other characters.  It was nice having it sort of be it’s own thing.  For me, it’s a game day decision.

  12. I like Basri as a cover artist, but the interiors…..Woof I’m not sure about that. Not bad, but definitely a HUGE step down from Amanda Connor.

    Not a fan of the direction of the series either. Mixing it up with Brightest Day/Generation Lost doesn’t sound very fun. 

  13. I like this artwork! I think I prefer this to Connor.

  14. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s not the book I loved, but it could be a book I grow to enjoy in its own right. The art is fantastic. 

    Hope the Terra scene isn’t just a one time cameo and that she remains a part of the series. PLEASE, keep Terra.  

  15. @Paul: In a bizarre twist of fate, this interior art is actually making me want to buy this. 😀

  16. the art is better than i expected. Its strange seeing another interpretation of "the actor"…looks like a completely different character which is what i was afraid of. I hope they don’t completely lose the subtitles of what Palmiotti, Gray and Connor did with the first wave. We’ll see…..

    and like others, i wish it was its own thing…now its just might get lost in the sea of Brightest Day tie ins.  

  17. Don’t care about Max Lord even a little. Don’t like the art at all.  This preview has just saved me $2.99.

  18. I’m very apprehensive of this new team, and I’d hate to drop it after Connor selling me on it a few months ago with his PotW review. Still, I’ll wait and see until after this issue.

  19. Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    @Wallythegreenmonster: Agree on the change of character
    I’m sure with Winick writing – the mood of the title will get darker and Power Girl will get more mean spirited again.

  20. Peege was a right cow to Booster in judd Winick’s JLI:GL so I’m not keen to see the storyline continued here – it’s already getting 26 issues or something. The book looks differently good with Sami Basri’s aart, though, and the actual craft of Winick seems fine … I’ll give it at least a few issues.

  21. The art looks gorgeous, I’m actually looking forward to this a little but now.

  22. The art looks good but i still miss amanda conner

  23. That cover is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the complete story.

  24. Not a fan of  Judd Winick, I couldn’t last 2 issues of Generation Lost.  

  25. Just for fun

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     <Maybe it’s time the ifanbase picked up a thesaurus.

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