PREVIEW: Life with Archie: The Married Life #7

I'm thinking about getting back into Archie books. I had the brief foray last year in the fantasy future story where Archie married Veronica in one possible future timeline and then married Betty in another. That was a lot of fun. People seemed to like it when I talked about them on the podcast. Good times had by all. But then the story ended and so did the good times.

I initially passed on the Life with Archie series, even though it continued both possible future stories and is drawn by one of my favorite all time comic book artists, Norm Breyfogle. I passed because the series wasn't coming out in regular comic book form, but in giant magazine size and I'm trying to cut down on the clutter in my life. But now that Archie is going day and date digital starting in April, I'm thinking about jumping back in. Stay tuned. I might be going back issue hunting.

In the meantime, here's a preview of Life with Archie: The Married Life #7. The future married stories are written by Paul Kupperberg and drawn by Norm Breyfogle. It hits comic book stores on January 26, 2011 and newsstands on February 8, 2011.



  1. Conor, the story has been amazing. 

  2. How awesome would this be if it were just page after page of Archie crying and gaining weight while his wife watched Oprah in the next room?

  3. Loved your Archie recaps, Conor. Would love to hear it make a comeback.

  4. Wait.  Are you saying these Married Life magazines are not reprints of the married Archie arc that Conor used to regale us with before?

  5. @PozrDu  Not reprints. They are continuing that story.

  6. @PozrDu  my interview with paul kupperberg is all about the new Life with Archie stories that follow the continuity set up by the 2 marriage stories.

    The book is split into 2 stories every issue both following if archie had married Veronica or Betty.

    both are fantastic

  7. Yay!
    The Archie Report is back!

  8. Crap.  Now I have to catch up on 7 issues.

  9. Its great stuff, both well written and surprisingly realistic. Except for the few times it is is not, when it goes truly, delicously over the top.