PREVIEW: Knight and Squire #1 by Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton

Chivalry isn't dead. In fact it's looking right fit.

Here at the I, Fanboy offices we're pretty excited for the upcoming Knight & Squire series, though it's probably something we never knew we desperately wanted until it was announced earlier this year. Knight & Squire are veritable defenders of the realm. Anglicans, not Anglican'ts. They're Britain's own dynamic duo, and they're always a welcome addition to Morrison's Batman comics. Now Captain Britain and Action Comics scribe Paul Cornell launches an all new series for the pair, and it's sure to be the most English thing you'll ever read outside of a Wodehouse anthology. 

DC's Source blog has released this sneak peak at the first issue, including a variant cover from Billy Tucci:


Here's what Cornell has to say about the book: 

“I think Knight and Squire is some of my best comics work. I’m getting the chance to wildly invent, and it turns out that whatever I invent, James can draw! It’s been huge fun. I think that comes over. I’m hoping The Milkman will get a solo ongoing.”

It's like a big biscuit slathered in marmalade, yeah? A generous helping of blood pudding. Cold Comfort Farm. Are You Being Served? Okay, I'll stop. But I'm pretty excited. 

Knight and Squire #1 hits the shelves on October 13th!


  1. I imagine you could hear me in Pennsylvania applauding at the "I, Fanboy" reference. I must look up the release date and add it to my calendar, as I tend to blithely skim the DC releases in a given week.

  2. This looks like fun.  I’m in for the first issue.

  3. Beryl!

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Looked up the release date: October 13th. 

  5. I want to see a comic for every single hero/villian that Cornell put in this preview.

    Give me ‘The Milkman: Secret Origins’!!

  6. I’m in for 1. Liked the characters enough in Morrisons run.

  7. Benny Hill rang. He’d like his act back, please.

  8. This is absolutely brilliant…. added it to my standing order.

    and ck, I don’t see Knight chasing round any buxom women in that Preview, its much more Kenneth Williams or Sid James…

  9. pass

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Haha, Double Entendre got a rise out of me. Too funny. 

  11. "Anglicans, not Anglican’ts." Sir, you’ve outdone yourself.

  12. There are so many British in-jokes in this preview alone, but it doesn’t feel over-the-top like when Morrison writes for Knight and Squire. Loving it!

  13. I am all about suspension of disbelief and all, but the complete ridiculousness of Squire’s costume always makes me shudder. Shakespeare could rise and write this book, and I could not bring myself to read it (unless act 1 had a costume change). 

  14. I’m all for ridiculousness. Pulled!

  15. I’m very excited for this book.  Paul Cornell has been on fire since breaking into comics.

  16. After the SDCC, I think this I’m looking forward to this book more than anything that has or will come out this year.

  17. The SDCC interview, that is…
  18. I’m definitely in for #1. Looks great! Cheerio and toodle pip!

  19. @CKL Seemed like a deliberate nod to me, not a rip.  Lighten up, Francis.

  20. as an englishman, this offends me! i’m in!

  21. We are long overdue for some great Britsploitation. I seriously can’t wait for this.

  22. Were these characters created a long time ago?  Are they supposed to be a Batman sort of knock off.  The premise looks interesting, but when I look at the pictures and can’t help to think that I’m walking into a Dollar Store and seeing old Batman castings used to create an inexpensive figure to hang there with really cheap packaging. 

  23. @NodNolan

    i think ckl was referring to Ernie (the fastest milkman in the west) – by Benny Hill. that’s where two ton ted from teddington is from.


    I’m definitely picking this up, can’t wait. just hope it’s good stories too.

  24. I’m really glad you guys posted this.  It seems like it won’t be my ‘particular brand of vodka’.  Love Cornell, though.

  25. After reading this preview I have to get the first issue at least!