PREVIEW: Hawkeye and Mockingbird #1

Hawkeye and Mockingbird #1 hits store on June 3, but take a look at what's in store from Jim McCann and David Lopez when Clint and Bobbie get together in their own book.

I hope all that time as Ronin helped Clint with his Bow and Arrow addiction issues.  But this could be one bit setback.

It looks like buckles will be swashed, and lots of action is on tap.  Also, how does Clint make the terrible combination of blue and purple work?  With charisma, that's how!








Here's the info, if you're into that sort of thing.

Written by JIM MCCANN
Penciled by DAVID LOPEZ
Women of Marvel Variant Cover by JELENA KEVIC-DJURDJEVIC
Rated T+… $3.99
FOC-5/13/10, On-Sale-6/3/10


  1. I like her costume. The one in the first image.

  2. I’m pretty sure Clint just killed a whole bunch of street toughs using those pym particle arrows. That’s not very heroic of him.

  3. Yeah, they just killed a bunch of people. Bad guys or not, that is very unheroic of superheroes.

  4. @ the last two comments – Heh. Yes. Wonderful way to kick off the Heroic Age.

    The art is pretty gorgeous though. 

  5. Also, I hope Clint picked up those arrows after they fell from the sky. The flat tires they are likely to cause will lead to accidents. Again, not very heroic.

    Just to make it clear, you bet your sweet ass I’ll be picking this up.

  6. There’s people on the streets too!

    Nothing says heroic like shooting hundreds of arrows in a wide area where innocents can be hurt.

  7. Yeah, it’s a cool idea, but put some blunt tips on those things! Sheesh! They’ll be reinstating the registration act in no time with these stunts!

    With all these number ones and reboots and what not, I’m officially switching to trade. Looking forward to reading this in six months.

  8. I’m reminded of an old Justice League comic in which Green Arrow took out his "Death Arrow."  You know, the one is specially designed to kill people.  Arrows have points on them.  They’re supposed to kill people.  If you have a dude shooting people with sharp pointy sticks, there will be dead people on the other end.  It has always stretched the bounds of credibility that anyone, no matter how heroic, goes after murderers with a longbow, one of the most efficient killing tools of the ancient age, and doesn’t shoot to kill.  "He should shoot people in the foot."  Know what happens then?  The punk shoots Hawkeye in the chest nine times and limps away.  Then the book is called "Mockingbird and Hawkeye’s Head-in-a-Bag." 

    Which I would totally read.  This one?  Not so much. 

  9. You’re not wrong, but this is a comic book universe which has established that Hawkeye and Green Arrow and the like can easily use non-leathal trick arrows. This sort of massacre is unnecessary.

    I imagine the context here is that these scumbags their chasing are terrorists of some sort – that would fit with the sort of work the new WCA is set up to deal with. But it’s still probably crossing that line.

  10. Wow, what a weird direction for this conversation to veer off into. And as for hurting innocents…? How dare you, sir? The man’s name is Hawkeye! He’s got the skills that pay the bills! This ain’t his first day at the rodeo! [Other applicable cliche]!

    I don’t know who David Lopez is, but I think I love him. (Now it’s going to turn out that I have seventeen David Lopez books upstairs.)

  11. Yeah, the art is great. Double kudos to Lopez if he’s the one who redesigned Mockingbird’s costume.

  12. count me in on the crowd that’s surprised by the violence. i mean, i didn’t expect this in a marvel hawkeye book. first the two desert eagles in mockingbird’s hands, then the hail of arrows that are obviously lethal? i mean, i’m alright with them going a more serious route, but it’s certainly not what you expect in a regular marvel book (means no icon or MK or MAX imprint).

    i’m gonna pick this up though, because i loved the mccann interviews and the art on this. 

  13. No mention about Mockingbird’s super kneepads? She must spend a lot of time…ok I won’t go there…but I guess I just did.

  14. i totally dig that costume. with the kneepads.

  15. Not only are they killing people, but they’re doing it with big smiles on their faces.



  16. Hey I’m sure Hawkeye never misses (add your own joke here), but it still pretty reckless for him and Mockingbird to do that in public.

  17. I imagine when you’ve got four guys firing machine guns wildly in the streets while also trying to steer motorcycles, you take your chances with a some arrows.

  18. I would agree with you, if not for the fact that both of them have huge smiles on their faces. They’re clearly enjoying the murdering and maiming.

  19. @drake: It’s like Natural Born Killers.

  20. ack, don’t remind me of that horrible movie.

  21. @Jimski: That’s fair, I mean the villains are doing just as bad shooting wildly.

    Still think about it…..The heroes are doing the exact same thing the villains are doing! Firing wildly in the open, barely controlling their vehicles, and near the public. 

  22. Also Mockingbird’s sticks are covered in deadly poison and explode when they come in contact with human flesh. Then she shoots you in your left over face with her guns which the bullets are also covered in exploding poison. Just a little overkill in my opinion, but I understand things have to be edgy these days.

  23. Probably "Dark Fun".

    Based on Jim McCann’s interview from C2E2, I would not be surprised.

  24. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    I hoping this book does for me what Green Arrow/Black Canary didn’t.

    Looking forward to it. Love the art. Has for the arrow thing, heh, it’s the same logic have the superheros have when they use thier skills and weapons. A hulk/superman punch to the face should do more damage then they ever do. Just enjoy the rid. 

    Also you cannot through a rock in the Marvel universe without hitting The Wrecking Crew. What’s up with that?

  25. OK Clint is a great archer and fighter.  He knows where a kill shot is and where a wound shot.  Just like Bill the Butcher, all of those arrows likely wounded those crooks.  As for the car wrecks, that comes with the nature of high speed chases.

  26. Good comparison.