PREVIEW: Fear Agent #28

Look for the first issue of the last arc when Fear Agent #28 by Rick Remender, Tony Moore, Mike Hawthorne and John Lucas hits stores July 21!




  1. Hmmm…. a Fear Agent video show could be good, after the series has wrapped?

  2. I like the panels

  3. Alright! I am quite excited for this. I think Remender said in the recent interview that they may collect it in some type of hardcover, so I really hope it is a one volume omnibus type collection.

  4. I would definately buy into a omnibus of this. I would also buy into a video show about it.

     Make it so, iFanboys!

  5. Love this series. I’d also put a vote in for a video show on Fear Agent once it wraps.

  6. That could very much become a reality. Probably after the series ends.

  7. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.  "Dvergent streams coalesce." Why weren’t Heath, Nicholas and Andi part of the mixture?  Anxious to see how Heath and pals get out of this one. Fear Agent is such good fun!

  8. very much looking forward to more fear agent, it has been been a long hiatus.


  9. I really need to read this comic.

  10. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!  Trade waiting again…

  11. ProjectX2, have you read the rest of the series?  One of the best comics I’v eread in a mighty long time!  And if you have, then, Yes.  I too NEED to read this comic.