PREVIEW: Fall of the New Mutants with Leonard KIrk

New Mutants #15One of the more recent comics from Marvel that I've been enjoying a ton, but haven't had an opportunity to talk about that much has been New Mutants.  Written by Zeb Wells and mainly held on the outskirts of the X-Men comics (and seemingly willing participant in the recent crossovers), New Mutants has brought back the original team of once X-Men in training on the same team again.  Cannnonball, Sunspot, Dani Moonstar, even Doug Ramsey are back in the classic black and yellow costumes, but with an apparent years of training and adventures behind them. Wells has been able to take these classic characters and write them in a modern way that doesn't make this book overly sentimental and sappy, or a retread of what's come before.  And that has made for a fantastic first year of this title.

Coming out of the Second Coming crossover, it appears that Wells is going back to the memories of former X-Men stories with the upcoming storyling, Fall of the New Mutants.  In addition to the kindling of memores of the Fall of the Mutants that occurred in the 1980s, what makes this book interesting is the addition of Leonard Kirk as the artist.  Formerly paired with fan favorite Paul Cornell on such books as Captain Britain and the MI:13 and Dark X-Men, Kirk joins Wells for art duties on New Mutants #15 and by the looks of the preview art we've recieved from Marvel, he hasn't missed a step.

Fall of the New Mutants kicks off in New Mutants #15, which ships 07/21/2010 and sells for $2.99.



Check out this preview art from New Mutants #15:

New Mutants #15    New Mutants #15

New Mutants #15  New Mutants #15


  1. THat guy has too many eyes.

     But this looks purdy.

  2. Awesome! New Mutants has been great since it came back and it’s good to see it’ll come out of Second Coming with a great artist.


  3. Them’s be some pretty pages.

  4. Sometimes I think they title these so that that can sell more of their older storylines as trades.

     I’ll put money on a Fall of the Mutants Omnibus or special edition that is coming out right around the same time.

  5. Confirmation that Dazzler and Northstar survive Hellbound


  6. I dropped New Mutants after a few issues. I jusrt wasn’t feeling it. That being said, this is some nice art. I might flip through the book at the shop.