PREVIEW: Death Comes to Luthor in Action Comics #894


Ankh if you're horny

DC comics don't often elicit sensations of Vertigo these days, but thanks to writer Paul Cornell and a trusting nod fron Neil Gaiman, Death is coming to Action Comics just in time for Halloween. Last month, Luthor went cortex to cortex with Gorilla Grodd and his battle spoon deep in the jungle. Though it looked as if our bald anti-hero had outwitted the silverback and his lethal ladle, Luthor took a nasty spill in the final pages and found himself in the company of a demure reaper. Death herself! 

DC's Source Blog offers this advance preview of next week's issue, when rigor mortis really starts to set in: 


Action Comics #894, written by Paul Cornell, with art from Pete Woods, and with covers by P. Craig Russell and Will Moss, hits the shelves on October 27th. 


  1. Wow. Bravo Pete Woods, for page 3 alone. That’s some mighty fine acting, there, sir.

  2. Nice flashback.

  3. I’m excited for this, but I am so upset that Chen isn’t doing the other issue for this short arc. There are good things about this preview in terms of art. I like how he designed the opening page and the slight touch of showing Death’s powers……But man, oh man, there are some wonky faces throughout this preview.

  4. I’m so down for this…..this run has been much better than expected, and is kinda intersting how each issue, while part of a larger story is very one shot-like. 

    The regular cover is so much cooler than the variant on this one.  

  5. I can’t wait to see how Luthor gets out of this one!

  6. If Luthor gets into Heaven, I may have to re-think my whole belief system.  There’s NO WAY he gets in, is there?

  7. Dead is Dead in the DCU…Johns said so, so this means Superman’s greatest enemy is gone forever right? yeah i don’t believe that either. 

    @jghuschke—if anyone could lie/cheat/con their way in, its Luthor. Lol 

  8. It’s mighty hard trade waiting on this whole arc.Wow! Loved the last issue with Gorilla Grodd.

  9. even in our world just becuase your heart stops doesn’t mean your dead.

  10. Somehow I don’t think this death will "take".

  11. I wish she had made an appearance on Blackest Night

  12. Man the Luthor story has been a blast. It just gets crazier with each issue. I never know what to expect.