PREVIEW: DAPPER MEN Artist Janet K. Lee Makes a Match with Marvel’s EMMA

It's like Clueless in Regency England!

Return of the Dapper Men was one of our favorite OGN's of 2010, and we're thrilled that artist Janet K. Lee is lending her extraordinary visual flare to a Marvel monthly. And while I'd give my eye teeth to see her do something like Iron Man or Silver Surfer, the lucky limited series is actually an adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma, penned by Sense & Sensibility writer Nancy Butler. And the results are so whimsical, light may emanate from beneath your fingernails and all your straw may spontaneously turn to gold. 

If you're not familiar with Emma, it's about this girl who meddles and writes letters. 

Let's have a peek. 

The colors!  Love seeing Marvel spotlight amazing talents like Lee and Skottie Young in books like this and the Oz series. I wish we lived in a world where artists with these types of visual signatures could the big mainstream titles. Not that such titles are the be-all, end-all. It'd just be nice to see new horizons in some very old books. 

Look for Emma #1 the first week of March. 


  1. The trade of that will likely be a birthday present for my sister.  Awesome.

  2. You know that something is great when it’s not really your style but
    you have to stop and recognize how good it is.

    And Lee’s process is almost as cool as her work is good.

    Totally unique.

  3. Emma is my favorite Austen novel! I’ve loved Marvel’s other adaptations, but this one looks even more amazing. So excited to pick up #1.

  4. Well shit, guess I’m going to finally be buying something Jane Austen related.

  5. i feel like those Dapper Men never left you know… i’m sure it’s great but i do seem to have heard a lot about it here [frown]