Preview: Brave and the Bold #33 – Welcome back, Cliff!

Oh Cliff Chiang, it is good to see you again.  He's been away working on the mysterious Greendale project with Neil Young and Josh Dysart, but he clearly hasn't lost a step. 

If I may make one suggestion however, what say we put a moratorium on titling stories with multiple female superheroes "Ladies' Night?" It's the title equivalent of a final page featuring Batman or the Punisher.

Either way, check out Brave and the Bold #33, in stores this week.




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  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’ve never had this dream, but I feel that I should have. 


  2. Oh yeah, I’m definitely picking this up.

  3. My eyes thank you for this early taste of heaven. Can’t wait until Wednesday.

  4. Would it have killed DC to just let Cliff Chiang do a beautiful cover as well? Ah, well, no way i’m not picking this up tomorrow

  5. @wangman31888: Normally he’s just doing the covers, so I much prefer this turnabout. 🙂

  6. Brave and the Bold has been my favorite DC book since JMS took over.  I dig Jesus Saiz’s artwork, but I’m looking forward to Cliff Chiang’s work on #33.  Picked up his newest sketchbook at C2E2 – nice stuff!


  7. I don’t know a lot about Zatanna. Does she normally talk to her hat?

  8. Hasn’t the whole "girls’ night out" thing been done before? Wait, why am I complaining?

  9. Um…yeah, this is awesome.  Can’t wait to pick up this issue tomorrow.

    That said, Jesus Saiz has been killing it with this series.  He does a fantastic job as well.

  10. I don’t want to make Josh cry or throw a hissy fit (that seems to be his default reaction these days) But i always found Cliff Chiang to be a little boring.

  11. Josh pimps a JMS book?  Is this a sign of the endtimes?  Or Josh surrendering dreams?  🙁

  12. @KickAss – I don’t mean to put words in Josh’s mouth (or anyone else’s), but I think the issue many people have with JMS is that he doesn’t finish runs.  I believe Brave and the Bold is a series of one shots (I’m not certain, I don’t read it), so JMS can’t really run off before finishing a run.

  13. @edward – Why would Josh (or anyone else) be bothered by that?  You don’t have to like Cliff Chiang’s art.  To each his own.

  14. I love how Zatanna showing up out of no where in a mirror doesn’t even make Wonder Woman flinch.  Then again that’s probably how she calls up everyone for anything.

     "Hey dude, can you help me move this weekend?"

    "Dammit Z get the hell out of my rear-view!"

  15. @Stuclach: My throughts exactly. it’s just that some people seem to have very thin skin on this site

  16. @edward – It happens.

  17. @Stuclach: what happens? are we talking about the same thing?

  18. So much sexual innuendo in that second to last page…

  19. and in this thread.

    Trust me, TNC, it’s subtle but it there…. you sexy bitch

  20. I’ve never seen Cliff Chiang’s work but I like it. Will probs pick this up when it finally arrives in the UK, some time next year. I like how both Zatana’s bed wear and wonder woman’s costume are both believable. Sure women look hot when someone like, say, benes does them, but the also look ridiculous. As much as ww’s costume is totally unrealistic she actually looks like she could achieve something in Chiang’s rendition. Apart from indecent exposure of course.

  21. @edward – People being thin skinned happens. [But I’m not sure we are talking about the same thing.]

  22. Drool. I want to wake up one day in a world drawn by Cliff Chiang. Just one day, cause I don’t want to live as a cartoon. But it’d be a sexy day indeed.