PREVIEW: Black Panther: Most Dangerous Man Alive #524

Black Panther #524

Black Panther #524

One of the biggest surprises of this summer and 2011 for me has been the latest Black Panther ongoing series from Marvel Comics.  When they announced that Daredevil would be “ending” after Shadowland, and his series would continue with the Black Panther in the lead, I immediately marked it to drop the title. But for some reason, I tried the first issue, and then the next and the next and before I knew it, I’ve been looking forward to each issue.

Writer David Liss and artist Francesco Francavilla have taken a tough order, launching a book after a lackluster event, and then leading into another lackluster event and now being pulled into yet another event, you’d think this book wouldn’t work. And yet Liss and Francavilla have done an amazing job with Black Panther in Hell’s Kitchen. Black Panther has a unique look that’s unlike any other book on the market and has been a fun read month in and month out.

And here we are with Black Panther #524, the entry point for Black Panther in Spider Island, the even that’s encompassing the Spider-Man line of books. Below we have a preview of a few pages from Black Panther #524 showcasing the talents of Francavilla, who is one of the best artists working today.

Black Panther: Most Dangerous Man Alive #524 costs $2.99 and goes on sale on October 12, 2011.
Written by David Liss
Art by Franchesco Francavilla
32 Pages


  1. I’ve been enjoying these as well. I think the writing could use a little more excitement but the art carries whatever the writing doesnt. Francavilla is amazing and whats crazy is he can do better then what hes doing in black panther.

  2. i like how they made the cover look like an old issue. great art too

  3. I like how silly the cover is yet Francavilla makes it look so beautiful and thrilling to look at.

  4. Been loving Black Panther but I have no idea what Spider-Island is so this may have to be a drop point. 🙁