PREVIEW: Batman and Robin #14

It's been over a month since I reviewed Batman and Robin #13, and I'm still searching Google Earth for my socks. Not just the ones that I'd been wearing upon my first reading, but all the socks in my unmentionables drawer. They just rocketed out through my window and up, presumably, into the ionosphere. What I'm trying to reiterate is that Batman and Robin #13 was some really potent stuff, and I'm pretty excited about the next issue. Luckily, it's coming next Wednesday (or is it September 8th? We've got conflicting reports). 

Morrison and Irving are turning out to be just as good a pairing as Morrison and Quitely, and if you've dropped the book since that first arc, you're missing out on some sublime storytelling. DC's Source blog offers this early look at Batman and Robin #14. In a word? Crowbar. 


So, you might want to try and kick back this weekend. Mellow out. Save that sock-buying trip to Target for next Thursday. Because Wednesday's gonna be a big, scary, beautiful day. 

Batman and Robin #14 debuts Wednesday, August 25th. Or maybe September 8th. More likely the latter.  


  1. Very interesting turn.  Mr. Irving nails the art in those first few pages and conveys the story perfectly without a speck of dialog.  The very last panel in the preview is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen and summarizes one of the most important events in the history of the Batfamily.  

    I am very excited. 

  2. @Paul – I think one of your socks landed in my back yard.  A white tube sock with yellow stripes??

  3. Oh that can’t be good…

    That is fantastic work by Irving. Don’t even really need word balloons as the story is straight forward here.

  4. "Batman and Robin #4 debuts Wednesday, August 25th."

    I assume you mean #14…but it isn’t out next week. It isn’t out till the second week of SEPTEMBER. The Source blog has it wrong. Check or the Previews website. It’s been delayed repeatedly.

    And I really enjoyed the previous issue, but I think fixating on "crowbar" really shortchanges the many other aspects of what Morrison’s doing. I hope that toward the end of the story most readers don’t get confused again. All of the stuff with Dr. Hurt, the false Thomas Wayne, El Penitente, etc., is coming to a head. Every scene in B&R is referencing a ton of information from previous Morrison Batman stories. Getting jazzed up about Damian with a crowbar is understandable, but I hope readers don’t forget to use their brains and really try to appreciate all the subtleties going on.

  5. ^Oops, gave the wrong link to the page. It’s

    B&R #14 out on 9/8.

  6. That’s some cherry poppin art!

  7. This has to be misdirection. The beginning of issue #13 clearly shows Batman and Robin alive and well (for a short time at least) with Dr. Hurt three days in the future …

    The DC blog also says this issue is coming out on 08/25 … the left hand apparently doesn’t know what the right hand is doing …‘batman-and-robin-must-die’-continues-an-early-look/ 

  8. Holy crap, I love Irving’s Joker.

  9. Wildly impressive, I’m really looking forward to those last two B&R trades…

  10. This arc is is shaping up to be the best thing Frazier Irving’s ever done in my opinion.

  11. It is a great arc. Looking forward to the next installment.

  12. It looks kinda cool and I enjoyed #13 but I hope this artist doesn’t stay too long. Just sayin’.

  13. Wow, just wow… usually, Irving’s style isn’t my cup of tea, but in this case it really fits the tone of the story and dialogue. This is definitely my second favorite Batman Family on-going series right now, and only because Tim Drake as Red Robin is too fucking awesome for words

  14. I heard the second Wednesday of September as well…  🙁

  15. Well comixology has this listed for September 8th… I say yeah we still got 3 weeks to go.

    Shame, cause the arc started off strong….but now it looks like we’re gonna have a bit of a delay when it comes to this line getting close to Bruce coming back. 

  16. No conflicting reports. B&R not being released Wednesday. Batman 702, yes. Superman Secret Origin #6, yes.

  17. That panel of Joker with the crowbar is great stuff.