PREVIEW: Age of X: Universe #1

Take at look at these pages from writer Simon Spurrier with art by Khoi Pham, coming out of the Age of X event. Age of X: Universe #1 is on sale this march.




  1. cool-looking art

  2. Ghost Rider page isn’t working for me.

  3. Do we know the full range of books that are going to be in this event? Is there somewhere I can read about them?  This seems to be the Avengers spin off? 

  4. Hey, wow, i do believe its Maggot! I hope they bring him back! (If he isnt vaporized that is)
    Also any ideas who is the character with the metal hook jaw?  I am enjoying age of x anyway, and this preview art looks pretty decent 🙂

  5. @mikedwarner  

    Age of X Alpha 
    Chapter 1: X-Men Legacy #245  
    Chapter 2 : New Mutants #22 
    Chapter 3: X-Men Legacy #246 
    Chapter 4: New Mutants #23 
    Age of X Universe #1 
    Chapter 5: X-Men Legacy #247 
    Chapter 6: New Mutants #24 
    Age of X Universe #2 
  6. whose the dude with the metal jaw?

  7. This little mini-event is turning out really good. And Khoi Pham has been doing a bang-up job since Gage’s run on Mighty Avengers.

    Totally looking forward to buying this.

  8. go to hell ultimate cap look-a-like. 616 Rogers FTW!

    looks cool though *shrugs*

  9. I think im out of the loop, what the hell is going on here? bucky cap w/ a new shield? vieny hulk? ghost rider? 

    but really who cares when sue has a new hair cut!