Porkins NOOOOO!!!!!! Williams Hootkins Passes Away

I don’t know how I missed this, But last week William Hootkins, better known as Lt. Eckhardt, and even better known as Red Six, Jek Porkins, passed away.

I actually met Hootkins a couple of years ago at a local sci-fi con. He signed my Porkins action figure for the nominal fee of $10. This guy has been in so many of the fun, great films that have come out in my lifetime, and he was quite friendly to me. An era is passing.

Think about the future!

Poor Jek.


  1. It still sticks in my craw that they couldn’t have just named the Eckhardt character Bullock.

  2. Was he Bullock though?

    I mean, isn’t Eckhardt a bad guy, but Bullock at heart a good guy?

    A la the animated series?

    When did Bullock show up for the first time?

    Furthermore…the character of Jim Gordon in that movie was NO Jim Gordon. Nor was Harvey Dent. So what would be the point of naming him after something that the movie character is nothing like?

  3. Oh, god… Gordon! Worse than the 1960s series Gordon!

  4. He played the bartender in The Quick and the Dead. B-movie actor all the way. Absolutely wrong. He was either directed terribly, or did No research of any kind.