Please Make The (Bad) Man Stop… ‘Who Want to Be a Superhero?’ Premieres July 27

Is anyone looking forward to Who Wants to Be a Superhero? with anything other than absolute dread?

Is there any way that comic book readers are going to come out of this looking like anything other than cringe-worthy stereotypes and cliches?

I hope against hope that I will be proven wrong. And this guy seems nice enough. At least he’s 19 and not 49.

I have nothing against the people on the show. They appear to have the boundless enthusiasm for super hero comics that I just don’t have anymore. More power to ’em (assuming they are not actors looking for exposure). And I obviously have nothing but respect and admiration for Stan Lee, even if Ron and I suspect that he has been dead since 1994 and has been carted around Weekend at Bernie’s style for the last 12 years.

This show just feels like a one step forward, three steps back kind of thing for comics.

Who Wants to Be a Superhero? premieres July 27th on the Sci-Fi Channel.


  1. I suspect the ‘heroes’ have more of a boundless enthusiasm for being on TV. Without cameras around, I doubt you’d see too many of these folks in costume on the convention floor.

  2. I haven’t even seen the previews for this, but something tells me that I won’t be tuning in. Ever.

  3. Yep. Dorkdom has reached a new low.

    I’ll agree with your comment of setting back comics. Geez Stan, just go lay down and make money off of your movies.

  4. Stan’s 84 years old, you know, and he works harder than I do. I mean, I’m not gonna watch his show, but I fervently hope that I’ve got that much on the ball when I’m 84. I suspect that I too will be running around shouting, “Who wants to be a superhero? Excelsior!” but only on days when the nurse forgets to give me my meds.

  5. Ah weekend at bernies… where would we be without it? Living in caves and wearing ‘bear pants’, no doubt. I have an unhealthy love for Weekend at Bernies. “Bedroom? What’s he doing in the bedroom?!?”

  6. Stan’s 84 years old, you know, and he works harder than I do.

    If that’s what you want to believe…

  7. No, I believe that about Stan. I met him a few years back for a TV show I was working on. He was a busy guy. I’m not sure how much of it pans out, but he keeps really busy. He’s also really on the ball for a guy that age. Talks in great soundbites too. He completely charmed me, and my producer who couldn’t give 2 shits about comics.

  8. It’s amazing what they can do with animatronics these days.

  9. maybe stan lee has taken a page out of tony stark’s book and has “stan suits” doing his bidding while he is on top of marvel’s headquarters controlling them…

  10. well, at least it’s not going to make comic book readers look even worse in the eyes of the public.


    damn shame, that.

  11. is Stan IN the suit or in a room controlling the suit? I can’t tell. either way he’s kinda naked which is creepy

  12. but stan’s greatness cannot be affected by his nakedness or nonnakedness…

  13. Well, there’s more than a grain of truth in this stereotype. Most comic book fans/readers ARE dorks. Face it, these costumes are, unfortunately, probably the most fashionable clothing these guys have ever worn. Instead of cringing, just embrace your inner dorkiness. Let your freak-flag fly, people!

  14. He’s right. Dudes at comic shops need more sun. Except for us, because we rule.

  15. I DVR’d this and watched it just now.
    It was ridiculous but I’ll definately keep watching. I liked the campy tone and Monkey Woman is pretty hot. I could watch Stan Lee talk forever.
    The only thing that actually bugs me about the show is that Stan Lee has now reached the point of parodying himself. How sad.

  16. Did anyone see the Amazing Screw-On Head?

  17. No I didn’t, I meant to too – I think they’re posting it online too, right?

  18. No clue. It rules though. Much funnier than I remember the comic book being.
    I’m trying to force my hot girlfriend into reading comic books (I’m lucky enough to have a girlfriend, let alone a hot one), and I forced her to watch this show. She loved it. We’ll have to add this to our already long list of weekly shows and netflixes to watch.