‘Planet Hulk’ Hits on DVD February 2, 2010

It would appear that Marvel is jumping into the comic book-to-DVD animated adaptation train!

This direct to DVD film hits stores on February 2nd.

I never read Planet Hulk but I did read its follow-up, World War Hulk, and no matter how hard I try I cannot erase it from my memory. I’m not sure about this DVD, I wasn’t interested in an intergalactic gladiator Hulk storyline when I heard about it in comics book form, and I’m not all that interested now. We’ll see. There’s a long time between now and February.

Hulk smash!


  1. One of my favorite Hulk stories, not sure how well the movie will do at adapting it but i’m excited

  2. Definitely looks better than the Ultimate Avengers movies. Didn’t really like the planet hulk story, but this will end up in my netflix queue at least.

  3. I may check this out. The voice acting leaves a bit to be desired. It was one of the better Hulk stories to come out in years. I’m afraid this looks like its overplaying the Gladiator angle (which only took up 1/3 of the story, most likely even less.) Still, definitely worth a netflix. It looks like the best Marvel animated movie so far.

  4. Wow that box so thick that it looks like a VHS copy.

  5. for a split-second i thought about whether you might have enjoyed WWH more if you’d read Planet Hulk, a split-second. it’s not an argument i care to rehash as i enjoyed both and HHHAAATTTEEE trying to defend the Hulk at iFanboy

    THAT BEING SAID.. i’ll buy this the day it comes out. FACE love Hulk

  6. I actually thought Planet Hulk was pretty interesting. I certainly liked it better than WWH. It may be the only Hulk story I have read and actually enjoyed.  I am open to suggestions, though.

  7. Yeah, I’m really not a Hulk fan, but what I read of Planet Hulk really wasnt too bad. I didnt finish it, just cause I’m really not into all the cosmic stuff, but what I did read was good enough to hold my interest. I’ll have to check this out when it’s released.

  8. wow, I’m pretty amped for this!!!

  9. I read World War Hulk first, in trade, and afterwards thought it was enjoyable, if a bit shallow. Sometime later I read Planet Hulk, and it really is a spectacular story arc. I’ve never had the pleasure of reading Peter David’s run, but of what I have read, Planet Hulk stands are the definitive take on the character. And it actually makes World War Hulk a lot better – the themes in WWH that felt flat and undeveloped probably seem that way because they’re continued directly from PH. 

  10. I loved Planet Hulk.  I thought it was a great story with great art.  Very creative, fresh, and fun.  The WWH stucked ass however.  This movie could be good.  I would suggest pepole give Planet Hulk a read, even if the trade paper back is bull crap exspinsive.  

  11. Probably one of the best Hulk storylines in a long, long time.  I’m totally down for this animated version.  Plus, I love that they made Hulk’s eyes red.  Very cool.


  12. I received Planet Hulk as a gift.  Probably never would have picked it up cause I had read WWH first.  Planet Hulk was a solid read with some really enjoyable moments.  Hopefull they do this right.  I’m with Prax on the gladiator concern though…

  13. I loved Planet Hulk.  I saw the trailer a while back and thought the adaption was pretty good.  I can’t wait to get the DVD.  For anyone who liked Planet Hulk, you should check out Paul Jenkins issues of Son of Hulk.

  14. I saw the trailer for this on ultimate alliance 2. Thought the idea was cool and I’ll pick this up, but i have never read the source material.

    Question: could this lead straight into World War Hulk? 

  15. Animation looks bland.  No thanks.  The only Marvel animated projects I’m interested in are the Wolverine and Iron Man anime.

  16. The Hulk hasn’t been worth a damn since he was merged.


  17. World War Hulk sucked.

    Planet Hulk great.

    Next Avengers best Marvel animated film.

    kid loves Hulk.

    will buy this.

    Hulk speak by removing articles, nonaction verbs haha, and an adjective.

  18. AWESOME!!

  19. wow im not even a Hulk fan nor even a marvel fan but this trailer makes me wanna watch it!

  20. While I can’t say I’m terribly excited for the animated adaptation, the original PLANET HULK story-line is very, very good. It helps to think of it as a stand alone Science-Fantasy adventure in the same vein as Edgar Rice Burrough’s Martian Tales.  Unfortunately, PLANET HULK led to WORLD WAR HULK, which just never lived up to its potential, but isn’t that par for the course for most sequels.

  21. Although it is no where close to being my favorite Hulk series, I am excited to see this. Maybe….Just maybe (!) this can turn around the Marvel DVD line. It would be nice to see Marvel be just as good at their animated line like DC is.

    Is that an Alex Ross design on the cover?

  22. @TNC: Yep.

  23. I like that design then 🙂

    Seriously did he do covers for the original release of the event? I dont recall other then Romita Jr. doing the covers.

  24. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @ultimatehoratio. I’m with you! Is it two separate anime?

  25. I’m really excited to see this, but I would have totally loved a Studio Mad House-helmed "Planet Hulk" feature; originally when this and the Iron Man and Wolverine anime were announced, it was my impression Mad House would be the studio working on "Planet Hulk" too

  26. All the stories Marvel has to choose from and this is what they decided to animate first?  Really?  Planet Hulk?  Was there cry for more Planet Hulk that I missed?  Obviously this was started a few years ago, because for some reason animation takes as long as an issue of Planetary to complete, but why was this Marvel’s first stab at animating their stories.  Love Hulk, but Planet Hulk was not even in the top 10 Hulk story lines all time….what about grey hulk or any of the other hundreds (yes hundreds) of Peter David hulk stories that were actually good and made sense.  Planet Hulk which left us with World War Hulk and all this Son of Hulk sonsense was average at best.  Marvel will hopefully do better next time.   Finally something DC got right over Marvel.

  27. looking forward to this was a big fan of the series. Any idea on runtime?

  28. Planet Hulk is the only Hulk story that matters. I doubt it will translate well in 70 minutes though. I keep asking for suggestions for better Hulk stories, all I get is the "Hulk here, Hulk big, hulk smash" lameness.

  29. @muddi900: I think that Peter David’s classic, character defining (some might argue character ending) 11 year run on INCREDIBLE HULK (#328, 331-467) would take issue with the idea that PLANET HULK being the only Hulk story that matters.

    Man, does that ever need to be put out in an omnibus or three.

  30. I think this looks pretty excellent

  31. Cool! I wish Marvel and DC started doing these along time ago. In Fact I want to see Image and Dark Horse do the same thing. Who wouldn’t want to see an Invincible or the Umbrella Academy animated movies. I think I’d be bad ass.

  32. Seeing a Hulk: Future Imperfect DVD would be cool. In fact, that sounds much better then a Planet Hulk DVD..

  33. @connor:

    It’s on my list, but all other hulk I read stories aren’t my cup of tea. 

    Even if we take that monstorous run ito equation, we have to keep in mind that it ended almost a decade before Planet Hulk. Before Planet Hulk, I thought Hulk was lame, now he’s my favorite Marvel character, which is sad becuase Loeb made him lame again.

    As I said, David’s monstorous run is on the list. Still you should check out PH, if only to wash away the horrible taste of WWH.

  34. Oops, "Hulk stories I read"…:)


    Also, Planet Hulk reminded me how much I like Gladiator.

  35. The sad part is the follow up to this Thor Tales of Asgard.  Who wants to watch Kid Thor and Kid Loki get into some shenanigans.  Oh those little scamps and back into the hole that was dug with Next Avengers.

  36. @muddi900: Well, as I said in the article above, the premise of PLANET HULK doesn’t do anything for me. I’m not really interested in intergalactic gladiator Hulk. On the otherhand, I do eagerly await each new trade of Jeph Loeb’s HULK so we probably just have different tastes in Hulk. Which is not to say that I don’t like different kinds of Hulk — FUTURE IMPERFECT is one of my favorite Hulk stories and what I’ve read of Peter David’s run (which was most, but not all) would be totally different from midless monster Hulk, which is my favorite kind of Hulk.

  37. @connor: Planet hulk is the exact median of those 2.

  38. Liked Planet Hulk storyline but I am not crazy about the voice acting choices.

  39. Well I may be in the minority but I like ALL of the Hulk stories talked about here… I liked the Planet Hulk, WW Hulk and Jeph Loebs Hulk!  I think John Byrne had a short but outstanding run on the character too… not to mention I’m a fan of most of the 60’s-70’s Hulk stuff (Especially the EARLY Marvel stuff where Hulk was THE bad guy for the entire Marvel U.  Funny though I have never read much of Peter Davids run… based on what Conor has said I’d like to change that.

  40. Planet Hulk was very good, although I am not a Hulk fan in the least. He should be used as a  supporting character. This movie looks fun though.

  41. I liked the Planet Hulk storyline too. The trailer has sold me on this. I’ll be picking it up come 2010.

  42. Made it roughly a third of the way through the Planet Hulk hardcover. Just wasn’t my bag. I’ve wanted to check out the Peter David run since I got into comics, but keep forgetting to check if it’s collected. @Conor, do you know if any of it is collected?

  43. @Anson17: Marvel was putting out Hulk:visionaries Peter David trades for a while. But i have no idea they collected all of his run.

  44. @ThePunisherMAX: Planet Hulk really wasn’t cosmic at all. Sure it took place on another planet, and the Warbound were comprised of different alien races, hell, even Silver Surfer showed up! But to me, a cosmic story means space travel, and threats to the entire universe, not just one planet. This was a fantasy epic, which had cosmic elements that were only used as plot devices to get the Green Goliath to and from the planet Sakaar and the start and finish of the story, respectively. Planet Hulk was fantastic, and definitely something you could put in the hands of anyone who enjoys medieval fantasy. Cosmic fans may look at it and think, oh, Hey, it’s the Silver Surfer and a Brood warrior, but that’s about all the cosmic they’re gonna get out of it.

    This movie looks like it’s going to rock, and I think that between this and Crisis on Two Earths, both of the Big Two are going to reach new heights soon with their respective recent animation efforts.

  45. @Conor – The desciption "intergalactic gladiator Hulk" isn’t really fair.   It starts of with some gladiator battles, but it’s really a story of revolution, not arena fights.  And yes, it’s on another planet, but that actually frees it to tell a story without being tied down by continuity.

  46. Planet Hulk is perfect for an animated DVD because it’s a simple, high concept idea featuring one of Marvel’s most popular characters.  Remember, these things have to be marketed to those who haven’t read the original comic or who may not read comics at all.

  47. @ActualButt If I didn’t like the first 1/3 of it, do you think my opinion would change if I gave it another shot? This is a serious question, not the usual "If i didn’t like the first page why would I like the rest of it?!?!" shenanigans we normally see.

  48. I’m a huge Hulk fan and I’m excited to see this.  If you haven’t seen "Hulk Vs", it’s pretty awesome.  Great fight scene w/ Wolverine.  I liked Planet Hulk, but I prefer him on Earth.  My favorite Hulk stories are when he’s pissed and hopping around New Mexico.  John Bryne had a really great but short run somewhere around 314 to 322.  It was right before he became gray. He was angry, being hunted by everyone (the Avengers, Hulkbusters, Doc Sampson) and Bruce was dealing with his issues (Betty, Rick, and Ross came back…oh, and the Hulk was destroying the entire Southwest).  This brief run captured the essence of the Hulk.  I think this set up the whole legendary Peter David run.  I’m intrigued w/ what Pak and Loeb got goin on right now.  But there has to be a writer out there w/ a crazy Hulk run floating in his/her head.