‘The Plain Janes’ on CNN

It’s yet another article that’s respectful of the comics medium! This time, it’s CNN.com talking about Cecil Castellucci’s book, The Plain Janes, from the new MINX imprint. And they don’t make comics sound childish at all. At least not much anyway.

Thanks for Flounder for the tip!

I think we’re past the point where there’s any purpose in arguing the name of the imprint, and what matters now is if the books are any good, and whether they’ll get out to the intended audience. Articles like this, and what I hear about the book indicates that they’re off to a good start.

I know some of the iFanboy team has read the book, and quite liked it, and Castellucci had a great appearance on Around Comics. So it looks like they’re off to a good start.


  1. You know, I thought about getting this book the other day, but put it back for some reason. Sounds like it might be pretty cool. I thought the article was very good, and I loved that they used specific examples of different books. My only beef: Ex Machina is not a Vertigo title.

    But hey, at least they spelled all the names and titles correctly!

  2. I bought this book for my wife who never reads comics and she read it in two sittings. I then picked it up and really enjoyed it myself. I think it is worth a look. Espicially if your trying to get your woman into comics. My wife is already asking for more and she never would even look at a comic before. 🙂

  3. If you are on the fence about the P.L.A.I.N Janes the Around Comics interview with the writer is really good and is what got me to buy the book.

  4. I just read this book last week actually, and I have to say, it was great – I really enjoyed it and am eagerly recommending it to people to check out

  5. I echo what the dude with the ‘chops said.

  6. I read this and really enjoyed it. I loaned it to my CBG and he loved it also. He also heard that she already at work on a follow up to this book also about the Janes.

  7. I’ve heard the interview with Castellucci, and her work sound intriguing. I know the book has a specific market, and I don’t fit into it, but I’d like to check it out. Any press that promotes the legitmacy of Comics & OGNs, and doesn’t bash the meduium is definitely a good thing. The book and the imprint have a lot of potential.

  8. It’s a decent book. I really like the main character and the art. The writing’s missing something though.

  9. I agree with Paper. While it does have its moments, the writing is a bit shoddy.

  10. Well, this is her first comic work. And while I know that she’s already in the big leagues, chances are that she’ll get better as time goes on, as long as the fundamentals of good story are there.

  11. Despite all of the jokes I’ve made about the horridness of the Minx imprint name (and it is horrid), I support what they’re trying to do. I wasn’t entirely unhappy with The Plain Janes, I just thought that it fell short in some areas. I’ll probably check out the next one too.

  12. I own Plain Janes and I think I’d like to ream more from Cecil. Plain was a fun little book, and somehow she stuck a 9/11 allusion in there. The other books previewed in the back of Plain Janes aren’t all winners to me, though.

  13. Got a copy & gave it a read. Nice art felt like Dariah, and written well. Felt like it could have used another thirty pages though, I was suprised when it ended. It seemed like we fade out right at that last half hour of a movie, right when everything has built up for the climax.

  14. i got this book for free for a promo at work, and i thought it was okay. the stereotypical characters kind of got to me because i don’t think they were really that diverse.

    the same day, however, i got another minx book called regifters which was done by mike carey and sonny liew (who did a super cute book called my faith in frankie a few years ago) and i liked it a lot more. it was totally predictable but i LOVE liew’s art and the story was a little bit more compact and thorough. i’d recommend that book over the plain janes for sure.

    if anything, i think the minx line will be good for kid sisters and train rides home.