Pick of the Week Podcast on USTREAM this Saturday!

We’re bringing the show back to USTREAM this Saturday! If you’re on Twitter and follow us you know that a few times in the past we’ve spontaneously jumped on USTREAM to live broadcast the recording of the Pick of the Week Podcast, and have a bit of a chat session afterward.

Well, this weekend we’re not being so spontaneous!

We’ll update this post with more information and the record time (it will be a daytime recording), so check back here for details on how to get in on the live broadcast!

UPDATE – We will be recording 1:30pm EST.

You can watch the show LIVE below – and if you’d like to chat with the other viewers, you can head over to iFanboy on UStream and watch and chat there


  1. When you post the times, can you post the pacific time frames along with the eastern?

  2. Daytime recording? Damn I got work. Oh well cant wait for Sunday…

  3. It’s been a long time since the last one!  I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Ah this’ll be great. I’ll be on for sure

  5. As long as it’s on 4pm or later I’ll be there (have to work till 3:30). Love to see the return to ustream though, I caught the last episode live and it was a blast. It has indeed been a while.

  6. NOOOO! I’ll be on a plane 🙁

  7. When will it be on the site, saturday or sunday?

  8. @Gabe: The audio will come out on Sunday as always. The video can only be seen live.

  9. Ah, I’ll be doing Father’s Day activities. Have a fun time everybody!

  10. Can we have another audio channel we can switch on or off, for commentary from the listeners?

  11. Sweet! Live Show! Love these.

  12. Looking forward to it.

  13. Awesome.

  14. I won’t be able to watch it because I will be spending my day at the brewery. Sorry guys, beer wins.

  15. I’ll try my hardest to watch the life show.  I think I’ll be home most of the day

  16. Hope I’m at home when the recording is on.

  17. nice I hope I’m around

  18. of course the week I’m behind on my books you decide to do this…..well maybe I’ll spend Saturday morning trying to get caught up

  19. Any chance of posting the show on the video podcast feed as well?

  20. The last one was awesome.  Stoked!

  21. the producer will be there.  deadlines people, deadlines

  22. Is this their way of saying iFanboy won’t be at HeroesCon?  I haven’t heard anything definitive either way…

  23. @Slockhart: We’re not going to HeroesCon. We would have talked about it on the podcast and posted about it here if we were.

  24. Awesome! (better? hehe)

  25. Looks like I will miss this, gonna be at WWPhilly.

  26. Cool, thanks to the heads up

  27. I’m so going to be there. 🙂

  28. Aw man, I won’t be able to listen live cause I’ll be in Philly that night :(. Not for WWPhilly, though, but for the Kaiju Big Battel show that’s going on that night!

  29. I will totally be there and you punk a$$es better bring it!

  30. @conor – Being an old fogey technophobe, I am not sure how all this fancy USTREAM works.  Will we simply be able to watch you record a show (possibly worth my time just to see the behind the scenes action) or will we be able to interact with you while you record the show (attempting to make you laugh, insulting you, sending you nude pictures, etc)?

  31. You’ll be able to watch, listen, and comment, but we tend not to read the comments as we do it, because it’s distracting, and messes us up.

  32. @josh – Excellent.  Thank you for doing this. 

    I assume we will be able to see other users comments and can respond to them (or send them nude pictures, if necessary).

  33. @stuclach: There’s a chat room for everyone who is watching.

  34. @conor – Ok.  Thanks.  Keep up the good work.

  35. @Josh-You don’t need us distracting you in order to mess up, I’m sure you do that just fine on your own.  😛

    I’ll be there will bells, but not whistles.

  36. Oh, neat, I’ll be able to make it!

  37. just be to clear the west coast time will be 10:30 am correct?

  38. So what is that like 11 or 10 PST?

  39. Do the math, you left coast hippy innumerates

  40. It’ll be 10:30am, my fellow hippies and laid back degenerates.

  41. Convert no matter where you are!  If my mother could figure it out for years, so can you!

    Granted, she wasn’t that good at figuring it out, and it took her a year to get used to me living in the same time zone again.

  42. Hearing you loud and clear in the UK.

  43. Josh always looks so serious. Someone get him an iced tea or something.

  44. the ustream is a disaster for me.  i can only hear ron.  and my chat isn’t working

  45. "One of my friends is Kang the Conqueror"

  46. no josh+connor. sund at least. sigh.

  47. @Hank – When I first opened it I couldn’t hear Josh or Conor either.  Try raising the volume on the window all the way up.  That is how I got Conor’s and Josh’s voice to become audible.

    The chat window isn’t working for me either.  I have been trying for 30 minutes.  I guess I am just not tech savvy enough to diagnose the problem.  I think it may be a port issue.

  48. We are cross-talk.

  49. We HAVE cross-talk

  50. I get no Josh sound. Only Ron and Connor.


  51. not reallly working for me weird sync isssues.

  52. got my audio to work.  i can hear everyone fine, but my chat window won’t open

  53. Ha, thanks for the podcast guys. Was good times.

  54. any chance of you guys coming to the UK (manchester would be great)

    You guys are great !

  55. Nice show. I propse Down to the River to Pray as the POW music.

  56. This was a lot of fun, thanks for doing it!

    This is the moment when Josh’s stream froze and we were treated to his creepy Joker face for a few minutes:


  57. That was enjoyable (despite chat not fuctioning for me).  Thank you for the hard work.

  58. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @petrorabbit – I’ve been working on getting the guys deported for months, actually.  

  59. I have to say it was nice to be part of a video chat that didn’t include the phrase "show me your tits"

  60. You must have missed that part.

  61. I’m still waiting for the video clip of Ron to the "Love Shack – B52’s" song.