Photos from the Frank Quitely / iFanboy-Isotope Party at WonderCon 2011

The Saturday night party at Isotope is always the highlight of WonderCon, and this year was no different, with special guest Frank Quitely on-hand, the place was packed with fans and comic book bold names.

Direct Link to the Pictures

In addition to Frank Quitely being on hand to meet fans and sign books, there was a portfolio of original Quitely art for sale featuring pages and covers from All-Star Superman, Batman and Robin, New X-Men and some of his other lesser known works. There was a constant crowd around the portfolio and just about everyone was in agreement that it was some of the most delicate and gorgeous original art that anyone had ever seen.

Thanks, as always, goes to Isotope proprietors James Sime and Kirsten Baldock for organizing this madcap event. And if you haven’t made it out to an Isotope WonderCon party, do yourself a favor and make plans to do so.


  1. Can you give me an idea of the price ranges for the art?  I’m going to the Boston Con and might have to save a few extra bones before then.

  2. @colossusofrhodeisland  art ranged from $275 all the way up to $3000 – obviously the 4 digit costs were for covers etc – but I was surprised at how some of his art was affordable.  Batman and Robin pages were about $500

  3. I’m tired of living vicariously.

  4. Got to meet home at kapow on Sunday really nice guy very polite and always took the time to converse with everybody……also got a copy of we3 signed!!

  5. Fun time as usual. Even though there isn’t a single photo of me there, I assue you I attended.

    I kinda wanted the Wonder Woman cover he did, but the price tage was a little out of my range… 

  6. @Ron.  Thanks for the info, now I’ve got some serious budgetary considerations going into the con.