Paul Dini’s TOWER PREP Premieres Tonight on Cartoon Network

Why do we care? Because television veteran, animation legend, and former iFanboy columnist Paul Dini created a new TV show: Tower Prep!

Harry Potter meets Morning Glories in this series about teenagers with super powers being held against their will at a remote boarding school. Why are they being held there – and by whom – seems to be the central mystery in Tower Prep.

Here's a trailer:

And an orientation video:

The main characters:

Left to right: Suki Sato (Powers: Mimicry – she can perfectly imitate voice and physical mannerisms), Gabe Lexington-Forrest (Powers: Hypersuation – his voice can convince anyone to do anything), CJ Ward (Powers: Perception – she reads body language like a book), and Ian Archer (Powers: Preflex – he can detect and react quicker than normal).

Paul Dini is no stranger to boarding schools, having attended one himself, and he told, "This was an idea that always intrigued me ever since I went to boarding school some years back. I wanted to take what is essentially a very nice experience, but play it up – cartooned it, if you would – to show off all the paranoia and the angst that a kid goes through and put it more in a fantastic world." In addition to creating the show, Dini has also written the second and the eighth episodes.

Tower Prep airs tonight at 8:00pm EST / 7:00pm CST on Cartoon Network.


  1. Darn it…i don’t think my coffee is working…that doesn’t look like a Cartoon to me. =)

  2. He was an iFanboy coloumnist?? When!?

  3. Paul Dini was an iFanboy columnist?

  4. I think it was a couple years ago.  He would write the 200 (was it that much?… I forget the right amount of words…) word column.  It was good stuff.  I’m sure they’re archived.

    The show sounds cool. I’m glad to see more practical powers rather than stuff like super strength, etc.  I may just check this out,

  5. Search "200 Words with Paul Dini" and you’ll find a year’s worth of content. 

  6. I fail for cancelling my cable last summer just weeks before AMC’s Rubicon came out.  Then I saw the previews for the Young Justice series.  I’d even want to watch this.  Not having cable = suckage.  I can’t find anything I like on the broadcast networks other than The Office, Parenthood, Smallville, and Supernatural.

  7. If its on the cartoon network I assume its aimed at a very young audiance ( ie: 9-14) I correct in that assumption ?

  8. @conor Dini wrote tonight’s premiere episode.