Paul Cornell and Comic Creator Christmas Recipes

Sure he’s writing a bunch of comics, working on TV shows, and who knows what else, but Paul Cornell is also a force of nature on the internet, where today, he brings us the favorite Christmas recipes of comics creators.

Granted, it appears that guys like Mike Carey, Frazer Irving, Jamie McKelvie, and others aren’t the greatest artists when it comes to the kitchen, as evidenced by Andy Diggle’s best recipe:

1) Take a large glass tumbler;
2) Half fill with a fine single malt;
3) Drink;
4) Repeat until dead.

But then, maybe that’s your thing.

However, to prove that not all in comics are incompetent at cuisine, the day is saved by the likes of Tom Brevoort, Mark Waid, and others. Joe Quesada brings the love with an amazing sounding beef tenderloin and caramelized onion sandwich.

Go check them out.

As for me, I can make some damn fine foods including garlic mashed potatoes that will make you cry with joy, but this year, before driving up to Maine for Christmas, I’ll be making Chewy Peanut Butter Blossom cookies. No, they’re not that original, and I’m not sure what they have to do with Christmas, but I love them, and I’m not sharing.


  1. My Grandmother has made those chewy PB cookies every year for as long as I can remember, you are making me want them really bad. Only a few more days yum.

  2. My grandmom made a damn good potato salad.  Too bad she is dead now.  DAMN!

  3. this is awesome.  I am totally going to try some of that food out this time around! 

  4. I’m making those cookies this year.  And I’m not giving you any either, Josh.

  5. My grandmother made great couscous but she’s dead as well. what do I win?

  6. My grandmother, too, is dead, but she couldn’t cook very well, so no big (apparently).

    How did this comment board get so morbid so fast? 

  7. My grandmother is alive and kicking, but can’t cook for shit.

  8. MY grandmother made the best soup in the world but now that she is dead every year one of my relatives tries to mimick it at christmas and I’m fairly certain that every year it taste a little worse.

  9. My grandmother can’t eat salt.

  10. I believe my grandmother tried to bake a pillow this summer.  

  11. My grandmothers alive and cooks brilliantly… suckers.

  12. My grandmother is in vietnam…

  13. My grandmother cooks weird/gross stuff that i will NEVER eat. like muskrat, fish genitals, tongue, pig feet and fried brains!!!

  14. Too bad. Ask her to cook the brain like a soup – it seperates and it’s tasty…I don’t know about the other stuff.

  15. My fiance and I like to think we’re pseudo gormands, although most of our attempts at cooking don’t go too well.  This Christmas, we’re contributing a flourless truffle cake that has about 50,000 calories per square centimeter.  It should be delicious.