Ozymandias Frontrunner for Superman?

"Cast? I was cast 30 minutes ago."

Having worked with Zack Snyder on Watchmen as Ozymandias, the smartest, most capable man in the world, Matthew Goode is rumored to be the frontrunner for the lead role in the new Superman film.  Aceshowbiz.com talk about a great number of "sources" who told them that Goode might be the pick for Clark Kent.  As always, take this with a grain of salt, because they are still just rumors.

Yet, Snyder has a habit of recasting people he's worked with, such as the case with Carla Gugino and Gerard Butler.  The Man of Steel is set to start production in 2011, with Christopher Nolan producing, and David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan writing.

I imagine that the fan community will literally burst embolisms with news like this, since so many people had a hard time accepting the fact that Chris Evans could play, not one, but two Marvel comics characters.  But then, with so many fans upset with the ending of the Watchmen movie and the ommission of the squid monster, maybe it just doesn't count?

I now grant you permission to lose your damned minds. Not that you would have waited for it.


  1. Interesting choice.

    I, personally, can’t see it, but then again I’m not a casting director.

    Also, if memory serves, Goode had done several interviews critical of Snyder & his WATCHMEN experiences a few months back overseas; don’t know if that’ll weigh into the decision or not.


  2. I don 19t hate the choice. Thought the last guy did an okay job considering he had a relatively poor script to work with.

  3. Also, as an aside, the conversation concerning an actor can’t be more than one superhero is a bit silly. After all, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood made a career out of rotating between a solid resume of three or four set character archetypes to great affect; why can’t the comic book superhero be another in the venue of the hardened gunslinger or world weary detective?


  4. I loved him as Ozymandias. But as Clark Kent/Superman, maybe….  I still think Matt Bomer from ‘White Collar’ would be a fantastic choice. 🙂

  5. He wants to be Superman, he’ll need to bulk up.

    If he wants to come back to my room, he’s perfect the way he is. 😉


  6. No, thank you!!!

  7. I agree with @Diabhol (about the bulking up thing, not the room thing).

  8. This kinda goes against the casting notice that they sent out last week, essentially looking for a slight unknown, ala Routh and Reeves. But i can see something in him that may work as Supes.

  9. based soley on the picture selected for this article, I approve.

  10. Ahem… Ryan Reynolds? Hannibal King, Wade Wilson, and Hal Jordan? I don’t like this guy from Watchmen for Supes, but I have no problem with a guy from one comic movie doing the character. Honestly liked Routh, but hated “Returns.” Btw, Routh was also in Scott Pilgrim and nobody complained, right?

  11. I’m a super fan of Routh but honestly, I’ll be watching the movie, regardless of who they pick. Wanna punch Routh in the face for being so handsome. His stint as an agent in Chuck season 3 was awesome. Wish I could see more of him on screen.

  12. He’s tall and slim, like Reeve, which is convenient. However, his American accent was troubled in "Watchmen."

  13. So Nathan Fillion is out of the question?

  14. I liked Brandon Routh. He looks like Superman’s supposed to look. I watched Scott Pilgrim vs the world this weekend, where he played evil ex 3, and all I could think was "hey, superman has a blond wig".

  15. I’ve only ever seen Goode in two things, he was okay, so who knows, maybe he’ll be fantastic, or he’ll be terrible and I just won’t watch the movie again, either way good luck to him and those that enjoy his work. 

  16. Minor quibble: Superman needs a stronger jawline.

  17. We need permission to lose our minds?

  18. Goode Looks like he would make a good Conner Kent  aka Superboy not really a Superman ,and I like Boomer also , but he is a little height challenged, Everyone is screaming that supes has to be this or he has to be that. As far as im concerned he only needs to be two things 1st over 6’3" and second in his mid to late 20’s. Supes doesnt need to be ripped and he doesnt have to look like a wrestler, but he does need to be tall. I think Jared Padalecki (Sam from Supernatural) is the right body type, he has the height , body, and jaw line, and he can act pretty well

  19. I thought Goode was kind of weird casting for Ozymandias and didn’t quite gel in the role, so it’s not like he has a huge association to overcome.  I think this has promise!

  20. Good is a perfectly good actor. He ain’t Superman though. But hey, I still think they should give Routh another shot.

  21. If this was a younger Superman then I could see him do it. (I’ll just point reference that if there was a Superman: Earth One film I’d say Goode would be perfect)

    I mean in the end, I think he would be a good choice. But again, I would think there should be a slightly older actor for the part.

    Actually I am a bit curious cause I haven’t heard anything about it: Is Zack Synder just doing a completely new Superman movie? Or is he going to tie it slightly into the Reeves era and Superman Returns? 

  22. I believe,as a non-american, that only americans should play Superman.

  23. Here’s what we know about the story:

    It’s not an origin, but it’s not tied to the others.  The villains are said to be Brainiac and Luthor, and the Daily Planet is struggling due to the internet. 

     According to Armie Hammer (who was going to play Batman in that thankfully ill-fated JLA movie) his people inquired about casting on his behalf, and they were told that Nolan and co. were looking for someone in the 35-40 year old range.  (So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for John Hamm).

  24. @RaBoogie: That would contradict Deadline’s report that said they are looking to cast an actor in the 28-32 age range.

  25. Calm down. It’s shenanigans.

  26. Listen, after the craziness that was the Captain America casting, I’m going to wait till the role is actually casted before making any judgements.  I have lots of faith in the creative team around this movie. 

  27. @Conor:  Hadn’t seen that.  Thanks for the link.

    Every time they make one of these movies, be it Superman or another franchise, there are 10 different people rumored as being considered for the part, and then, ultimately, they go in a completely different direction.  With Captain America, it was a handful of guys (including Jim from "The Office"?!), and then Chris Evans, who’s name hadn’t showed up anywhere, was cast.

    I’m going to try my best to wait and see, and hopefully they don’t choose someone rediculous.  If they’re going to use someone from "Watchmen", it should be Billy Crudup.  Digitally erase his wrinlkles, and make him look taller.

    Matthew Goode is a great actor though.  Has anyone seen "The Lookout"?  Fantastic movie.

  28. NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  29. No one seemed to mention the crazy rumor I heard at movieweb, saying that Goode would play clark Kent, but that he would be CGIed as Superman. Here is the link: http://www.movieweb.com/news/NENKsC5xZejIRP


  30. can we really stand by and let the Superman role destroy another young actor’s career? 

  31. Bring back Routh…

  32. Wow Josh seems disillusioned

  33. I don’t think we could say he was illusioned in the first place. 

  34. He’s kinda dainty for Superman.

    All you Hamm Crusaders need to get real. I have just as big of a man-crush on the guy as any Mad Man fan, but do you really think he’ll ever be cast as Superman? Really? If he is, I’ll gladly eat my words, but I think it’ll die as a dream. Plus, he’d make a better Bruce Wayne anyway 🙂

  35. He reminds me of young supes from birthright so I don’t mind this at all. I get what people are saying about the height and bulk issue though. I have a friend who thinks both routh and bale were both too small for their roles!

  36. I wasn’t lying about the CGI thing. has it already been revealed that what I said about Superman being CGI is just a rumor? I really hope it is. This movie has a lot going for it, Nolan’s brother, Jason Goyer. A CGI superman would be god awful!

  37. Not buying it. Next!

  38. Just Googled that Matt Bomer guy that homeboy2000 nominated. He looks the part. Don’t know about his acting chops or voice though.

  39. @stuclach: I wouldn’t share that fine piece of ass with you anyway. 🙂

    @WilliamKScurryJr: You’re totally right about the accent. It was a little less than all-American in Watchmen.

  40. Matt Bomer is a pretty good actor, Ame around 6 feet tall.
    In a comicon panel, matthew goode said he added a slight german accent to his ozzy to give the character a nazi undertone. I had only seen him in “The lookout” and was surprised to find out that he was british.

  41. not good, not good!

    *losing said damned mind* quietly until further confirmation of this horrible news…

  42. just had a thought!

    If audiences are expected to understand that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in The Wolverine doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with his previous FOUR film appearances as the character because this is DARREN ARONOVSKY’S VERSION…

    WHY?!?!?!  can’t Brandon Routh play Superman again in CHRISTOPHER NOLAN/ZAC SNYDER’S SUPERMAN???  Huh??  Anyone????  Please help me understand…

  43. @Superyan: Probably because only one person has played Wolverine on screen and he is so closely associated with the character. Not only have multiple people played Superman, but you had two different live action Supermen at the same time in Routh and Welling. Also, like it or not, Routh has the stink of SUPERMAN RETURNS’ perceived failure on him.

    I wouldn’t rule Routh out 100% but it does seem likely that they are going to go for a total reboot for this one.

  44. Can’t wait to see Superman in 2D.


    What about Matthew McConaughey? 

  45. Superyan- maybe it has something to do with the fact the Routh is a bad bad actor.

    Ever see Dinner for Three?  I wish I hadn’t.


    Also – nice porno shot here for ozymandias- geeesh.

    If that had been a girl in a similiar state of undress people would be freaking out it was sexist.

  46. Hopefully this doesn’t break Snyder’s streak of consecutive movies with doggystyle sex scenes

  47. @ericmci We apparently watch different porn. Topless men != Topless women

  48. @cutty – Bare in mind, we haven’t actually seen Supes and Lois go at it yet on the silver screen. This could be a Men of Steel, Women of Kleenex type situation. In which case, Snyder is the perfect director.

  49. gobo- you know what I mean. 

    How come we don’t see miranda otto in her underwear?

  50. One could make the argument that Goode’s physique for Superman is more important and integral to the interpretation of Superman than Miranda Otto’s body is for Nina Locke.

  51. I like that after I replied, the page reloaded to Matthew Goode sidelined by an ad featuring a woman in vampire fangs and a pink bra. 

  52. What Ottobot said.

    There’s no possible reason to sidetrack this conversation into one about gender politics and  sexuality. Move along.

  53. Superman has nicer nipples than this I’m sure.

  54. JON HAMM!!!!

  55. TOO OLD!!!!

  56. Hamm is missing lips.

  57. @josh: That sounds like a headline.

  58. I like that after I replied, the page reloaded to Matthew Goode sidelined by an ad featuring a woman in vampire fangs and a pink bra.   Download tv series