Open Call for Word Balloon: Bendis Tapes Questions from You!

It's that time again when writer Brian Michael Bendis visits with Word Balloon host John Siuntres, as they pour over reader questions for a marathon interview/converstation. We call it, The Bendis Tapes.

If you wish to join the Q&Q, there are only 2 simple rules:

1) You MUST post your questions at Bendis's Jinxworld message board, which requires you to register for an account (if you don't already have one there)

Here's the thread link to post questions to

That means you can't ask your questions anywhere else, including the comments below this post. 
(Sorry, but those are Brian's rules and we're a-ok with that – Jinxworld is fun!) 

2) Keep you questions as brief as possible. No more than 2 questions and leave the essay question for your final exams.

That's all it takes to play along with Bendis on Word Balloon!

Now, this is the first Bendis Tapes since Word Balloon joined the iFanboy family, so we'd love to see many of you, the iFanbase, represent with good questions! Make sure to mention iFanboy as well! 

The questions will be answered in a couple weeks on future episodes of Word Balloon, so stay tuned!


  1. I apparently can’t register for the Jinxworld message board, i use Hotmail (or so Bendis said in the last WB)

  2. Yeah, I noticed hotmail was banned a while ago while trying to register 🙁

    Too many spambots I guess…

  3. You have to use an address you pay for, or one through your ISP.

  4. Yep, Mr. Graham, Mr. Muldowney, welcome to the police state that is the Bendis Boards. Even those of us who USE OUR REAL NAMES in our user names/email addresses are shit outta luckif we don’t have one through our ISP. 

    Dear Brian: love your work. Now, Go FUCK yourself. Love, loyal customer. 

  5. Maybe a bit strong.

  6. I have a google mail address related to a domain I own which works for the Bendis Boards. . .which I guess is still an address I pay for, but the point is you CAN do it through web-based mail.

  7. Does a run of the mill address work?

  8. Whoops, I guess not. Oh well that is annoying. I never knew spambots on message boards were such a challenge. Is jinxworld such a well travelled board to be worth spamming?

  9. Alright Siuntres, now that we’re "teammates" here I went ahead and popped my Bendis Tapes cherry. Be gentle.


  10. we’ve begun our recording sessions. the first answers are coming this week.