Oni Press Holiday Sale!

One of our favorite companies, Oni Press, is having a big sale at their website, just in time for the holidays!

Always wanted to give some Oni Press books a try? Well now’s your chance! All volume one graphic novels are 15-25% off with free shipping on orders more than $30.

A question we get asked all the time is, “Hey, where did you get those snazzy Scott Pilgrim t-shirts?” Well, we got them at San Diego Comic-Con, but you can get them from the Oni Press website!

So go check ’em out. There are some fantastic comics available.


  1. In thinking about my pledge to not buy any more trades until after Christmas, my only response to this is: "Crap."

  2. @ neb


  3. Wasteland is from Oni Press. Does anybody recommend this title? Is it great, good or garbage?

  4. There’s a 45-page preview if you click on ‘books’ and click on the first trade.

  5. I’d absolutely recommend Wasteland.  I’ve got the first two trades, and love them, and soon as the third trade’s out I’m getting it and jumping on monthlies.


    Wait, the 3rd trade’s out?  Crap.  I mean Yay!


    Between Wasteland, Queen & Country, Maintenance, and Black Metal (any word of Vol 2 of that, BTW??), I’m loving me some Oni.

  6. By the by, those giant-a$$ previews for those books are awesome.  I tip my hat to Oni for that one.  I’m definately picking up some stuff.

  7. Oh man, apparantly they don’t ship overseas 🙁 Oh well, another time perhaps.

  8. what is the name of the preview books? I was not able to find them in their catalog.

  9. It’s only for some books, I guess.  I know they have previews for Whiteout, Shenanigans, and the first volume of Wasteland.

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Just click on a book, and on the product page there’s usually a link to a preview of the book.  Anywhere from 4 to 45 pages.  Great feature.  I’m thinking about picking up some of Ted Naifeh’s work (Polly and the Pirates, Courtney Crumrin) and possibly Last Call by Vasilis Lolos.  

  11. They don’t ship overseas… *groan* I guess I have to continue pointing this gun at my LCS shop owner’s head until he orders the Scott Pilgrim books for me.

  12. There are services that give you a local address and ship it to you themselves for a little extra. Or friends in the USA.

  13. ooo scott pilgrim stuff…mmm

  14. I’ll wait until next Xmas.