OK – Here’s What’s Coming…iFanboy v3.0!

We know how its been a long week, teasing you with what’s coming…well we held a pow-wow and decided, that while it’s not quite ready for primetime, we thought we would let you know what it is:

iFanboy v.3.0!

Read on for details….
We’ve been working for a very long time on iFanboy v.3.0 and while we wanted to wait until it went live to give you the skinny on what it includes, but its not quite there yet ( we have some final bugs to iron out.) We’re hoping and planning on rolling it out this week…

Here are some highlights to what it will inlucde:
– A brand new look and feel!
– More content! We’ve got some new content features and some new faces that we can guarantee you’ll enjoy
– New Functionality! We’re adding some super cool stuff that will change the way you interact with iFanboy and your weekly comics.

So hang in there, we’re so close we can taste it, and as we said – the wait will be worth it!


  1. Woo hoo. Can’t wait.

  2. Hell Yeah!!!!! Long Live the Ifanboys!!!

  3. Hell Yes! Can not wait to fiddle around iFanboy v3!!

  4. WOW! guys that amazing! I can’t wait!

  5. “New faces”?

    What could this mean?

    So excited.

  6. Long Live iFanboy and the iFanbase!

  7. “new face”

    Are you finally going to add more people?

    Will you stop treating Gordon like your bitch and give him the right to make posts and be on the podcast?


  8. I fear change… but that’s just me..
    I’ll be waiting expectantly. Congratulations.

  9. wow, sounds cool.

  10. Kick ass!!! Thanks guys for everything

  11. awesome cant wait!

  12. awesome cant wait!

  13. iFanboy extended pleasure

  14. I crave… macaroni pictures.

  15. will ifanboy be like the avengers in the 80’s?

    ifanboy and then west coast ifanboy?

  16. Fuck yeah for Dini guys!!

  17. I’m freakin excited! Heck. La.

  18. and I was looking so forward to pie …

  19. I only mention this because I remember hearing Ron lament about this a while back…

    Will the logo for iFanboy v.3.0 feature some nice kerning action?

  20. A. W. E. S. O. M. E.

    Period. Thanks guys.

  21. I like the idea where you guys were going to take over the comic world, this is cool too. Will the site have variant homepage’s as well?

  22. Cannot wait to see it!!!!! Wooooooo Haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! Is the word.

  23. Obviously the guys got nervous with all the cool ideas that were being guessed. With everyone expecting them to dole out super powers, create an iFanboy comic, host a convention and end the Writers’ Strike (okay, thanks for that last one) they knew a revamped website with new functionality would never satisfy. So they delayed publishing the podcast to rouse the rabble. Then as the shrieks built to a horrifying crescendo, they publish the podcast and all are so thankful they stop rioting in the streets and settle into their usual fetal listening position. Then they slyly delete all the cool guesses while everyone is distracted by… ooh look! There’s a squirrel outside my window! Hello Mr. Squirrel, would you like my nuts? Doh. Oooh, kerning……

  24. Awesome, good for you (and us)!Really looking forward to the new writers (I love Dini’s Detective comics) and the weekly pulls feature! Bravo

  25. Holy shit. This is going to be so fucking awesome.

    Hickman and Dini writing for the site in addition to the iFanboys? Oh man.

  26. Wow! Godzilla and Voltron will be contributing new content? That’s awesome!

    … This won’t effect the pin-up calendar, will it?…

  27. Will you stop treating Gordon like your bitch and give him the right to make posts and be on the podcast?


    I agree with idave. GO GORDON!

  28. So an iFanboy game?? Yes??? No?? Or at least Mai Jong page for those boring Tuesday nights when there are no comics to read???

  29. damn, Tad! that was cold

  30. I was kinda hoping for that Red Ryder, but I guess this is cool too.

  31. i can wait to create an avatar and walk about the new fully interactive 3D interface.

    my muscles are going to be frigging massive

  32. Good luck and thanks for the hard work. I was quite happy with the site the way it is now, but the new shit sounds amazing.

  33. I look forward to this. I assume you’re handing out freebies.
    New faces? Better get a longer couch. Be sure to leave the plastic on–grandma style.

    gene, aka gene in nyc

  34. So I guess this means no pie? Darn. Congratulations nonetheless gents!

  35. “New Faces”? I knew it! I speculated that Robert Kirkman was joining up to pay off all his royalties earned off the sweat of the iFanboys. Now I dont see how I could be wrong

  36. Excited??? EXTREMELY!

    i hope this site will rival Newsrama!! drive those bastards into the ground guys!

  37. More Gordon. More Gordon. More Gordon.

    Also, isn’t it time for an iFanbabe!

  38. I’m with isteve on this one. Awesome either way. Congratulations on a fantastic site.

  39. Yeah baby!!! I still can’t believe how spoiled we are to have this site (and for free!).

    Excellent news, guys, can’t wait!

  40. New faces?

    I fear change!

  41. mini:
    Sorry, just a public service. You have no idea of how calculating and devious the iFanboys are. If they offer free iFanboy “pods” to put in your basement, beware the invasion.

    Oh, I realize the last line of my previous post could be taken as a sarcastic slam on my fellow posters. Nothing of the sort. I had just finished watching The Simpsons movie and was channeling Homer. Nothing cold intended.

  42. New Faces?

    Could it be another comic fan from the Revision3 universe? Jeff Cannata??

  43. This is good enough news to make me write in my vote for a triumvirate term of the iFanboys as Presidents of the United States.

  44. You’re becoming British, aren’t you? Now THAT’S cool.

  45. Guys:

    I’m thrilled for you, and thrilled for me…all that great new content to read.

    Rock on!

  46. So, did I miss the announcement for Dini and Hickman? I’ve noticed plenty of mentions of it here, but I certainly didn’t know about it until the new site went up.

  47. Scratch that. I just looked into it, and the answer was there all along. Jonathan Hickman’s website has said that iFanboy was getting a facelift, and that he would be writing for you, since the ninth of January. Looks like the iFanbase was slow on the intake.

  48. You were so close, that the upgrade came, and I didn’t even get a chance to read this post before the RSS feed went dead. – – –