Oh You Bet We Got User Reviews

There were a lot of comic books to read this last week, and thankfully, there were a lot of people to help review those books, and share their thoughts, because without diverse opinions, we can’t expect to understand our own positions.  I’m not sure that makes sense, but I appreciate the different ideas, and here are some good ones.

TheNextChampion has the love for the latest The Walking Dead trade paperback, Made to Suffer.

Story: 5 / Art: 4

What I love about Kirkman is that he never lies to us. When he wants to say “This issue will change forever!’… you gotta know he fucking means it!

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LukeHopkins is still reading Trinity #4, but for how long? 

Story: 1 / Art: 3

I know we are not supposed to judge before a story gets going but already I can say what is not working for this book. It’s not the art, it’s not the half and half set up, and really it isn’t the storytelling. It’s the story.

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OhCaroline is happy that Daredevil #108 makes the title fun again. 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

I’m so happy to have ‘Daredevil’ as one of the best books on my list again. This is really close to perfection. I don’t really know what else I can say but that it’s Bru and Rucka and Lark doing those things they do.

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JoshSHill took the time to really discuss Green Lantern #32, and despite the evidence, it’s not going well. 

Story: 2 / Art: 4

It was interesting to see, what essentially is a “Year One” storyline done within the pages of Green Lantern. Add on to that the total ret-conning that he is doing for the upcoming Blackest Night storyline in GL, and you have a gem of a series. Or so you would think.

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Thanks to everyone.  Get over the Comics Section, and please read some of the many other excellent reviews of the enormous pull lists many of us experienced this past week.  And remember, grammar counts!





  1. I’ve been so blown away by a lot of the reviews of late, and these carry on that legacy.  I disagree with JoshSHill’s assessment slightly, but he makes some valid points about the issue and you can’t knock him for that.  OhCaroline’s gushing of Daredevil rings true:  it was, and is, a kick ass storyline.  I didn’t read the stuff the others wrote reviews for, but thought that they were well thought out and well written.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

  2. Gushing was sort of my default mode last week — so much good stuff; I don’t envy Conor having to pick.

    Re: Daredevil, I should just quote a friend of mine who mostly reads DC: "So Greg Rucka started working on this book, and now there’s a woman with a gun on the cover?  I’m shocked."

  3. Hooray, my first ever review and it goes for the best of the week! Thanks for posting it guys, now if you excuse me I must prepare for my next brilliant review.

    Because the next review, will change your fucking life.

  4. I was a little annoyed by Hector Hammond’s origin here not synching up with the Silver Age issues but then I thought "Oh, right, Infinite Crisis" and remembered that DC’s had three separate points (Crisis, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis) that could have altered the bugger’s origin so it’s all right.