Offical WHITEOUT Trailer

We’ve known it was coming for years now, and to be honest, a part of me was afraid it would never make it to theaters, but it looks like it’s a go…and so I present to you, the official trailer for the movie adaptation of Whiteout, the graphic novel by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber (an iFanboy favorite)


  1. One of my favorite books of all time. The trailer doesn’t do much for me, but I’m excited regardless.

  2. Gotta agree with kwisdumb – great book, but the trailer doesn’t really play up the mystery part of it. The book is a great whodunnit with an interesting setting – the first half of the trailer makes it look like a Discovery Channel show. Either way, I’m stoked for the movie.

  3. Loves me some Kate Beckinsale.

  4. Geez, the trailer makes it look like a horror film rather than detective story. Gotta draw in those teenagers, I guess.

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Trailer isn’t the movie. This is really more of a glorified teaser. 

    Fingers crossed.   

  6. The trailer definitely doesn’t sell the movie.

  7. Looking forward to this, but the trailer really isn’t all that great. Especially with this late 60s/70s voiceover guy. 

  8. And just so you guys know Warner Bros just took it down when I went to replay it. 

  9. Jerks!

  10. This sounds like it would make a great book.

  11. I’m thinking I should probably read the book first.

  12. sweeeet

    loved the book

  13. Good trailer or not (and I thought it was OK), I’m definitely down for the movie.

  14. I thought this trailer effectively communicated to someone who has never heard of Greg Rucka and can’t remember what Kate Beckinsale has been in why they should give a damn about any of this. "Antarctica is not f***ing around, viewer. This is serious business." Otherwise, you just summarize the plot and the general public mostly thinks, "What, like the ‘March of the Penguins’ place? So?"

  15. The trailer definitely makes the story sound more like a thriller than a murder mystery.  Even the narrator sounds like he’s done trailers for horror/slasher movies.

    Excited about the movie nonetheless.  Loved Whiteout!

  16. Oh, – nice teaser! I like it!

  17. Yeah, I actually like this one. It’s a nice pitch for the movie. Personally, I like the way the trailer kinda keeps jabbing you with Antarctica, building it up, and then — bam! Right hook… this is murder mystery. First murder in Antarctica. It’s exactly how I would pitch the book and/or film to someone.

  18. trailer looks like 30 days of night!

    looks ok…i think

  19. Looks better than I thought it would, interest peaked!

  20. links broken.  Help? 

  21. What link?

  22. Beckinsale is too "Hollywood/Model Like" for Stetko. Someone like the old/Natural looking Christina Ricci would have been better. Also it sucks that they changed Sharpe into a dude.

  23. After "Based On the Eisner Award Winning Graphic Novel" I wish they’d add "by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber". I know they’re not quite big in Hollywood, but I’d imagine that that’s how they could become as familiar (well, almost) to non-comic-readers as Frank Miller.

    UNRELATED TANGENT: I had a very Comic Book Guy moment when my TV Production professor was talking about Miller’s movie work and said that Dark Knight was based on his Dark Knight Returns I felt I had to speak up and countered that Batman Begins was mostly based on Year One whereas Dark Knight wasn’t based on any particular story, but Ledger’s Joker was inspired by The Killing Joke. I felt like I just announced to the entire class that I am a nerd and that none of the women (the three of them) in said class should ever speak to me, but then the guy sitting next to me said he just bought The Killing Joke and I regained my mental stature.

  24. Oh God! Why did my font get huge?!?

  25. Never read the book so I cant really comment on whether it sets up like the book or not….Since it’s a teaser trailer you really cant do that anyways.

    However, this trailer didnt sell me on watching this. Hopefully another one comes out with more about the story. Then just this with people falling down and people screaming into the sky.

    The tag line should be: ‘Whiteout, this time snow is back….with a vengence!!’

  26. I think that looks pretty cool, but i have already read the book and have some confidence in the content, regardless if the trailer doesn’t really sell it.

  27. The vid dosn’t work.

  28. worked for me

  29. I haven’t read the book, yet, but after seeing this it doesn’t  make me wanna. Also, I’m 16 and this isn’t something my friends are talking about and I don’t think they will see this, so this isn’t for a the teenagers.

  30. I predict that this movie will be a perfect fit for something a la Science Theater 3000. "Who’s idea was it to build a snowman again?", "why Hollywood needed to remake The Thing is beyond me" "ok – I want you to search every igloo" "everytime we get a warrant to search his igloo, he builds another and moves. We’ll never crack this case" "we’re just 5 people here, we have a 5 to 1 chance of finding the killer if we just draw straws" "it gets 120 below zero, so the killer is probably shivering. Look for someone either drinking hot chocolate milk, or someone running" etc.

  31. If I didn’t LOVE the book so much I’d be tempted to say after seeing that trailer that I have virtually no interest in this movie. Because of the book though, I’m still keeping my hopes up that this turns out good.

     Whoever said it looked like another 30 Days of Night trailer I agree with. Seems like they’re going for more of a thriller vibe than straight-up mystery, but of course that’s not going off much footage I realize. 

  32. Looks cool to me.  That was a surprisingly grotesquely mutilated dead body for a teaser, or is that just me?

  33. I thought this looked pretty good, actually. Yeah, it was more of a thriller than the more mystery oriented comic, but I think this trailer will get more ticket sales from people who have never heard of the comic. And let’s face it, outside of hardcore comic fans like us, who has ever heard of Whiteout?

  34. @chlop: Why havent we got people together to do something like that? I would love it.

    That line of ‘This is the first murder in Antarctica’….Oh boy that sounded corny and could be made fun of for years to come.

    ‘This is the first murder….on the sun!’

  35. she’s still too pretty to play carrie stetko. at least its looks semi-faithful, and not like Wanted

  36. I hope that’s web only, the narrator is terrible.  That trailer wouldn’t make me want to see the movie if I hadn’t already read the book.

  37. Is that Ron Perlman narrating????!!!!!

    It was an average trailer, but at least it wasn’t typical.

    I’ll probably see the movie. (I haven’t gotten around to reading the book though)

  38. I hated that trailer.  Wow.  I’ve given this book to 3 different people to explain what comics are and can be.  I hope the movie doesn’t suck, but after watching the trailer I’m not hopeful.

     This book is one of the most tension filled but wasn’t a horror movie.  That looked like it belongs as a trailer to a Ben Templesmith based movie.

  39. This sounds like the braniac from superman animated series narrating.

  40. let’s be honest. it looks terrible

  41. Was there more than one Whiteout book? Just curious. I read one but I wasn’t sure if they’ve done more.

     Trailer doesn’t looks so great, but I’ll hold out judgement.

  42. There were two.  Whiteout, and Whiteout Melt.

  43. I liked the trailer. It looks well done and pretty faithful so far. I liked how they pounded you with Antarctica facts. It really helped up the stress factor in this kind of setting. I agree that they need to focus a little more on a murder mystery feel than a thriller one though. Looking forward to this one!

  44. @josh: I cant wait for "Whiteout: Chill" and "Whiteout: Global Warming"

  45. Oh that is one damn fine trailer, damn fine indeed.

  46. If we can’t get theater 3000 or the guys from the show that do it just as audio files, we at least need Leslie Nielsen.