NYCC: X-Men: Destiny Video Game Written by Mike Carey Announced

It's time for NYCC and already the press train is a-rollin' for some hot new comic video game action. First up on the doccet is a teaser, via IGN, for Activision's next foray into the mutant landscape with X-Men: Destiny.


Aside from this teaser trailer, not much has been revealed about X-Men: Destiny, not even what type of gameplay we can expect. Evidently you'll play as "new mutant recruits" (notice the lack of capital letters there, there goes my hopes for a Boom Boom game) and the game will offer several branching story paths to allow you to shape your own destiny. See, the title of the game is not only functional, but clever!

On development duties, it looks like Canadian studio Silicon Knights are stepping up to the plate for X-Men: Destiny. This studio is most famous for two games: the frightening and critically acclaimed Eternal Darkness for Gamecube, and the cumbersome and widely panned Too Human for Xbox 360.

X-Men: Destiny will be written by Mike Carey, which is pretty awesome considering this game sounds very story driven. If Carey's recent experimentation with the "choose your own adventure" style of storytelling in Unwritten is any indication, the dude can handle branching story lines pretty well.

No platforms have been announced yet, but it's probably a safe bet to expect X-Men: Destiny to drop on Xbox 360 and PS3 sometime in late 2011.


  1. I can’t view this trailer at work, but all i can think of is the Jedi Knight video game series and their last title that basically had you build your own padawan, race, dress, saber colour and all. wonder if this will be in the same vien; pick your character, power base, background, so on.

  2. Hopefully it’s an action RPG somewhat similar to the X-Men Legends games.  Those were quite good.  Silicon Knights also made the Blood Omen, the original Legacy of Kain game.  Too Human was flawed and took way too long to make but I still think they have a chops to make a solid game.

  3. MMO anyone?
    Is this going to combat DCU online? Because I’m scared if it does. I’m already planning no life so I don’t think I can get anymore nerdier. If it’s got good blend of MMO properties like a Character Creation system akin to Soul Calibur/City of Heroes or something then I’m game. Probably play as Kenshiro or Tetsuo (Ten points if you get both references).

    Anywho let the Speculation begin!!!

  4. Mike Carey!