NYCC: Newest batch of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Characters Revealed

Alright Marvel vs. Capcom 3 fans, you knew this was gonna happen at NYCC… more character reveals! In line with past reveals, Capcom has let loose with two new characters from each side of the company fence. Let us take a look, shall we?


First up to the plate is the shining knight Arthur from Ghouls N' Ghosts! Check out the video below to see the little guy in action, complete with his iconic boxer shorts and running animation.



Next, we've got Nathan "Rad" Spencer from the Bionic Commando series. In his debut video, we see Spencer trade quips with Iron Man and get all Scorpion on his ass with his famous metal arm. Why Capcom chose to go with the "hot dog arm" version of Spencer from the 2008 Bionic Commando remake instead of the much more beloved classic iteration, no one knows. Maybe classic Spencer will be an alternative costume?




Technically the official announcement for the Marvel team isn't until tomorrow, but those wacky kids on the Internet managed to leak these two images from revealing the next two fighters:


Marvel Capcom 3 Magneto MvC3















Marvel Capcom 3 MODOK MvC3















The Master of Magnetism (and MvC2 favorite) Magneto and MODOK! I'll take "Awesome Characters I Never Thought Stood a Chance" for three-hundred, Alex. Since these two have leaked early, gameplay videos haven't been uploaded yet. I'll update this post as soon as they are available.

UPDATE: M.O.D.O.K. and Magneto were officially announced today, and their gameplay trailers are up! Take a look:

One last thing: it's long been rumored that characters won't have just alternative color schemes, but alternative costumes. Looks like this little tidbit has been confirmed in this Spencer screenshot, check out Spidey rocking the black costume!

MvC3 Marvel Capcom Bionic

















Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is expected to drop around March of 2011. Whoo! Bring on the MODOK!


  1. M.O.D.O.K.!!

  2. This looks great. Cant wait for the game to come out.

  3. Something tells me Agent_M had a hand in M.o.d.o.k.’s addition to the game.

  4. omg… i’m so sick of symbiote spidey!… MOVE ON ALREADY! Scarlet Spider or even Cosmic Spider…. Geez.

  5. I don’t remember them announcing Dormammu either, but so far this lineup looks like an interesting mix of fighters. Also, this game is going to look marvelous.

  6. MODOK looks hilarious.  And Arthur is MY BOY.  So hyped.

  7. wtf…. MODOK is lame…