NYCC 2010: Walking Dead to Be Released in Prose Novels

Anyone noticed that Robert Kirkman is working on a bit of an empire here?

Thomas Dunne Books, and imprint of St. Martins Press, is going to be releasing a trilogy of original novels based on The Walking Dead. Series creator Robert Kirkman himself, will conceptualize and outline the books, before they're further developed by horror novelist Jay Bonansinga, to be released sometime in 2011. They will also take place in the same universe as the comics, presumably opposed to the TV show.

On the one hand, I've gotta say, taking the pictures away seems like a sacrilege, but really, when you're packaging a media product like this, you make it available in as many forms as possible.  Some people don't want to read comics, but the more they get involved in the world, the more likely they are to eventually read the comics, and then, maybe someday, read other comics.

Boy, all these people must be hoping the pilot goes well on AMC on October 31.  I think it just might. And then Kirkman's Kentucky compound will be magnificent, and he will become their king.


  1. Interesting. I wonder if these will focus on Rick and the other main characters, or use original characters.

  2. like the original "v" novels that came out after the original miniseries’, they could focus on a different set of survivors in another part of the country, crossing paths with the main/familiar cast at some point… this could be very fun!

  3. And then he will invest his money in a cure for all diseases that eventually creates the zombie plague.  God help us all!!

  4. This is in addition to the comics, yeah? Sorry if it says that somewhere, I just can’t seem to figure it out

  5. Man I really hope the AMC show is fantastic; otherwise all of this hype/publicity/adaptations are gonna be a waste of time.

  6. *scoff* Everyone knows that novels are for children.

  7. I can understand why they are doing this.  They need to get as much hype built for that show as possible.

  8. I dropped Walking Dead at volume four.  Maybe the prose will work better for me.  I enjoyed reading the Gotham earthquake story in prose better, whatever it was called.  I forget.

  9. it is a good idea for some people.  Novels do have the ability to pack a half dozen arcs into a light and easy to carry paperback.  I personally will skip it, but will likely recomend it to friends. But I do think this may fail just because it is dropping after the series.