NYCC 2010: Sunday’s Marvel Announcements


Another con day, another panel, another hail of bullet points! Let's cut to the chase:

  • In January (which is beginning to sound like it's going to be awfully expensive) Jason Aaron and Ron Garney will be bringing us an Ultimate Captain America miniseries, featuring Steve Rogers' meeting with a different Cap who was created during the Vietnam era. If that doesn't sound enticing enough, take a gander at those art samples below.

  • The cosmic superteam of Abnett and Lanning have a new one-shot on the way which they're calling Devastation Wave, which will act as the coda to their reign over this corner of the Marvel Universe. The book will set the course for Marvel's cosmic status quo for the foreseeable future. About that: it seems that part of the reason we aren't hearing about Nova or Guardians of the Galaxy starting up again after Thanos Imperative ends is that the miniseries is taking just that big a wrecking ball to the current status quo. Today's panelists wouldn't even commit to whether the upcoming Rocket Raccoon & Groot takes place before Thanos Imperative or after it.

  • As of issue #150, Ultimate Spider-Man will be returning to its original numbering, as all books eventually do. Sara Pichelli will be joining the art team on the book as what they describe as a "swing artist" with David LaFuente.

  • Brian Bendis and Michael Gaydos still plan to do a new Alias miniseries, but schedules dictate that you won't see it until a year from now no matter how much you beg.


Ultimate Captain America Ron Garney!  Ultimate Cap by Garney              


  1. Well, Jason Aaron and Ultimate Cap sounds like a great fit, and something I’m sure will be well written.  It’s just not something you could pay me to read.

  2. I was very happy to hear that DnA have plans for the cosmic side of the Marvel U after The Thanos Imperative.

    Also, Yay to Marvel for the Crossgen teaser images!

  3. Ultimate Cap: Sounds pretty good, although I’m not huge on the Ultimate Universe, so I might tradewait this one. That art is freakin’ awesome though.

     Devastation Wave: I’ll definately pick this up, people keep telling me to read Marvel’s cosmic stuff, but I’ve never jumped on. Looks like this could be the perfect place.

    Ultimate Spiderman: I MIGHT drop USM when it switches back. I like it, just…not hugely, and I started reading it at #1 of the new numbering, so I guess this could be a good place to jump off for a bit. I can always go back and read the old numbering trades, I guess.

  4. i think im gunna pick up ultimate cap, dont know anything about cap but i like jason Aaron’s astonishing Spiderman and wolverine so this peaks my interest.

  5. I am more than willing AND happy to trust Jason Aaron with my money!

     I look forward to seeing what will happen to the cosmic side of things after Thanos Imperative, I never really read Nova or GOTG, but kinda wish I had now… well not Nova as that character is far too cheesy for my liking,

     "BLUE BLAZES" … god that catchphrase is lame!

    I will be dropping Ultimate Spidey as well at 150 (Damn you Skottie Young… i’d have dropped it eariler if you didn’t have a story in the landmark issue!), the stories are far to similar to the regular Amazing Spider-Man Stuff.

  6. It seems like they’re finally actually fixing the Ultimate Universe, between Cap and Thor. And I LOVE those new Ultimate Spider-Man pages (A LOT more than the Lafuente stuff to be honest)

  7. Aaron’s Ultimate Cap could be pretty momentous, just because Jason Aaron’s Other Side, also set in Vietnam, is some of the best comics I’ve read, period.

    Also, Sara Pichelli is amazing. I mean, jus’ look at those expressions! 

  8. Fantastic art from garney. 

  9. Aside from Peter looking a tiny bit young, Sara Pichelli is awesome for Ultimate Spiderman! 150?!? Never thought it would do that well. Lovin it.

  10. ALIAS, I didn’t see that coming, but I’m excited.

  11. Very very cool news on Cap – I’ve just started Scalped and can’t wait to see where Aaron takes Ultimate Cap

  12. If it is anything like Ultimate Thor is so far; then I will buy Ultimate Cap in a heartbeat. Premise sounds really interesting and I’d like to see the Ult. take on the 2nd (and crazy) Cap.

    Also, not a fan of those pages for Ultimate Spidey. That looks like a completely different kid in those panels then the last 140 odd issues the series has had. 

  13. Also, I guess I’ll be that guy……How come there were no DC roundup news? Their had to be something.

  14. I dunno. They sent me all sorts of Vertigo stuff, but nothing for DC. Playing hard to get?

  15. I noticed that too.  No DC news at the con.  Possible restructuring issues?  I hope that Aaron and Garney get better numbers in Ultimate Cap than Wolverine: Weapon X.  I hope that it is only a little like Ennis’ Punisher Max Born.

  16. They had panels though…..maybe all of the good stuff came out a couple days before?

    Let’s see about DC news….

    -Geoff Johns teases about the next big event for Green Lantern. Called: ‘War of the Green Lanterns’. It will involve a crossover with GL, GLC, and Emerald Warriors. Johns hinted that Jordan and Gardner will be going head to head in that event.

    -JMS says Brave and the Bold is still continuing and will have an Adam Strange/Lois Lane issue soon. Also, Supergirl/Phantom Stranger one as well. He also says that Wonder Woman and Superman will crossover in each book in the future.

    And…..that’s about it really. Or at least anything else that is considered ‘major’ news by DC that hasn’t been covered on here already. Huh, yeah they don’t have a lot to say at this con on comics; but a lot for their upcoming films/cartoons/tv shows. 

  17. I’m torn on Ultimate Cap.  I’m not too interested in the Ultimate Cap, but I love the story concept and the creative team.  Why couldn’t this have been a mini with the un-ultimate Steve Rogers?

    And more ALIAS is never a bad thing…

  18. DC also had a few slips such as

    -a future title for one of the new Corps (which one unknown).

    -Hawkman getting his own series

    -Johns all but said aquaman will get his own series

  19. For all you digital freaks; DC announced a ton of series (both current and old) going into their app. Including:


    -Trick r’ Treat

    -Power Girl



    -The Kingdom

    -The Lighting Saga

    -Batman: The Long Halloween

    -Green Lantern Corps

    -The entire run of Hellblazer

  20. Darhorse had some good digital news too…..

  21. Dear TNC, that news about Hellblazer just made my day



  22. @nextchamp didn’t hear the DC digital comics stuff, that’s great news; curious to see what else they are releasing digitally.

    At this point, I will always give anything that Aaron writes a shot. He hasn’t dissapointed me yet. Love Scalped, his Ghost Rider run was good, and is now collected as an HC, Weapon X was also good, and Astonishing Wolvie/Spider is fun.

     DnA’s announcement is at least comforting in that likely the reason we aren’t getting new GoG, and Nova books is that the characters/team may not exist in the way we know them now. Excited to see what Devestation brings, and what the new status quo is. Maybe Groot and Rocket’s book is all that’s left of GoG after Devestation?

  23. i HATE ultimate cap… *shrugs*