NYCC 2010: News Roundup Extravaganza


So much was announced at NYCC today, doing it all justice seems almost insurmountable. But surmount it we shall. Here, then, are the standout tidbits in efficient, easily-digestible bullet point form:

  • IDW will launch a Godzilla comic this February, featuring "a number of unique storylines from some of the industry's top creators." Those creators are as yet unnamed, but IDW's never steered you wrong before.

  • James Robinson will apparently be working on a Hawkman series, although it seems he was not supposed to say anything yet. Oops!

  • The men who reinvigorated Daredevil for the 21st century will reunite to do the same for another street-level crusader when Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev take over Moon Knight next year. It seems so obvious once you hear it, doesn't it?

  • In February, Marvel brings us Onslaught Unleashed. Much-beloved writer Sean McKeever meets differently-beloved character Onslaught… with sexy results!

  • It was announced that Invincible Iron Man will be returning to Iron Man's original numbering as of issue #500, causing the left-brained comics community to clap an exact even number of times before crossing themselves and touching the doorframe twice.

  • In other Iron Man news, Nick "Morning Glories" Spencer will be starting a new War Machine series with Barry Kitson next year called Iron Man 2.0.

  • In other Nick Spencer news, the Jimmy Olsen co-feature he's doing with R.B. Silva in Action Comics will end its life as a one-shot now that co-features are being eliminated by DC. As for the other co-features currently gracing DC's back pages, it sounds like many will get minis or specials of their own.

  • In January, Nick Spencer will also be writing The Infinite Vacation, a five-issue Image miniseries with Christian Ward on art.

  • As of issue #60, Supergirl will be taken over by– holy cow, are you kidding me?– Nick Spencer, with Bernard Chang on art.

  • Tonight at dinner, I had the best pizza I have ever eaten. The recipe? Written by Nick Spencer. He is everywhere. I'm not sure he didn't write this article.



  Invincible Iron Man 500!  Iron Man 2.0  Supergirl


  1. Very cool news on moon knight, can’t wait to see how they use that character

  2. Bendis/Waleev Moon knight best news of NYCC. don’t think anything can top that.

  3. Bendis doing Moon Knight? So that means he’s gonna be talking like a 20-something hipster the entire time?

    Also, calling War Machine; ‘Iron Man 2.0’ is stupid. Nothing says ‘lets not acknowledge the actual character’ by putting a completely DIFFERENT character name on the cover.

  4. As a relative Marvel “noob” I am excited for the Moon Night news. Marvels coming out with lots of acceable stuff now it seems (or maybe I was just ready to jump on, truly a debate for the ages). Also, as soon ad Laroca is off of Iron Man I’m on it. Invincible Iron Man was the first book I stopped reading because if the art. Awe yeah, Cons!

  5. Yeah, calling a War Machine book Iron Man is incredibly lame.

    What do they think that’s going to do? Trick Iron Man movie fans into reading it? As if they have any shot at converting movie fans into readers.

    What’s next? A Cyclops book titled ‘Wolverine 2.0’?

  6. "Bendis doing Moon Knight? So that means he’s gonna be talking like a 20-something hipster the entire time?"

    Just as long as he doesn’t use random Yiddish phrases or use the word ‘herb’. Seriously, Bendis has been using that for ages. When was the last time that word was used by people? I’m nearly 30 and have never come across it besides Bendis books.

  7. Nick Spencer is also available for saving puppies and delivering babies, but only on weekends.  Monday through Friday he’s busy teaching orphans the joys of salsa dancing and causing immaculate concenptions by willpower alone.

  8. Ok, so stoked about the Moon Knight news. As someone who got back into comics because they relaunched the Moon Knight title a couple years ago, I am extremly excited Bendis will bring to the forefront a chrachter that deserves to be in the top of Marvel. Although, I was enjoying the Vegence of Moon Knight books more than the previous runs…


    Also, I loved Gates run on Supergirl! Do not let me down Nick Spencer! It is the only "Super" book that I have remained on since first picking it up a couple years ago!

  9. Let it be known: I love the idea of calling a Cyclops book "Wolverine 2.0." Please, someone, make that happen.

  10. Years ago Bendis said he wanted to do a Moon Knight series. I’m excited, it seems like it’d be a great ‘back to basics’ project for him and Maleev.

  11. The question is will the Bendis/Maleev book be on time?

  12. This complaint about the War Machine book, I do not get. War Machine’s entire existence is predicated on being a second version of Iron Man. When I got the art for this book, I did not realize I wasn’t looking at Iron Man until it was pointed out to me. Are we really going to act like he is a precious, unique snowflake whose good name has been besmirched by this title? The only reason the character’s original name wasn’t Iron Man 2.0 is that 2.0s weren’t a thing yet when he was created. I mean, sheesh.

    Remind me: what did Rhodey do before he was in the War Machine suit? What’s that? He was Iron Man? The 2nd Iron Man? A sort of, shall we say, Iron Man version Two? Point Oh?

    I see.

    In summation: shhh.

    As for the Moon Knight snark about hipsters and so on: I would love to say, "Man, I guess y’all haven’t read a Bendis book in years," but the very first Marvel books Bendis wrote were Daredevil and Alias, which go against all the tropes your snark snarks about… so… I guess I got nothin’. He didn’t used to write that way, and he doesn’t always write that way now. Shrug!

  13. I get what you’re saying about War Machine being a version of Iron Man. I get that you can make sense of what they’re doing. That’s not where I find fault. What I find to be stupid is that they went with that title obviously because they feel it will sell more than a book titled, "War Machine." And that’s fine. Do whatever. It’s just that it’s so obvious. I don’t think people are freaking out by any means. They just see through what Marvel is trying to do and find it patronizing. But only on the smallest level. It’s really not a big deal. Just silly.

  14. I’m looking forward to Spencers new books (Supergirl, Iron Man 2.0, etc). I have really liked all his work so far. Met him at NYCC, and he is a very nice guy. Deserves all these new oppertunities.


    As for the Moon Knight book. At the panel Bendis said they have been working on this for a while, so they will be far ahead in issues by the time the first comes out. Which will also let Scarlett come out on it’s normal bi-monthly schedule as well.

  15. More important than Spencer starting with Supergirl is Gates leaving it. That sucks.

  16. Wow, Nick Spencer is gettin’ a lot of love at the moment.  I’m glad to see he’s going to be able to finish his Jimmy Olsen stuff. 

    On Moon Knight:  Not a big fan of the character, and I gotta be honest when I say that I’m kinda getting tired of all of Bendis’ promises that these other series he’s doing won’t affect what he’s already working on when we all know that Maleev is going to fall behind on both series.  I don’t see an artist who needs 2 months to do a book suddenly being able to do a 2 month book and monthly.  My hope is they prove me wrong and make me look like an idiot for typing this. 

  17. Holy Nick Spencer! Hope all of the big time work does not screw with Morning Glories.

    Then again, have you seen this guy? I think he is only 18 years old, 19 tops. He probably has a lot of energy.

  18. I wonder if Iron Man 2.0 has a like / dislike button on his armor. (dislike obviously releases the nukes)

  19. I agree with @jimski re: Iron Man 2.0 is a great title for a war machine book. it says a lot about the character and it also gives him something to strive towards, becoming really different than iron man.

    and hey, if calling a book iron man 2.0 gets more readers to read it, thus making more money, as long as the book is good, it shouldn’t matter what it’s called.

  20. I hope the new Godzilla series is cool and campy like the Godzilla series Marvel did back in the 1970s, not just a bunch of crap like Dark Horse did with the guy!  I don’t think I’ve EVER read ANYTHING from IDW, so I really have no idea what to expect.  Does IDW ever get top creators on their books like guys from DC or Marvel?  I hope they get the rights to use famous Godzilla co-stars like King Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan, Anguirus, Megalon, Gigan, Destroyah, Space Godzilla, Biollante, Mogera, MechaGodzilla, the big lobster (that would be so COOL!) or even Kong (not too likely)!!

    I’m definitely down for the Jimmy Olsen one-shot.  I hope Gordon gets the same treatment when they take the backup feature outta Tec!!

     Why does Marvel even bother re-numbering their books if they just go back to using the same #s they wuz using in volume one?  It’s going to be so confusing to call Iron Man volume 3 when it has the same #s as volume one!!  I hope DC never does some dumb shit like that with Tec or Action!!  They already screwed up like that with Adventure, but I could care less about that or Brave & The Bold.

    I’m glad Supergirl is getting a new team.  I was really happy with Gates’ run in the beginning, but once that War Of The Supermen/Legion arc came about, I just couldn’t get back into reading Supergirl, even with Supergirl Bizarro joining in now.  I hope Gates doesn’t get the raw end of the stick.  He did do a pretty good job there for a while.  I hope they give him something worthy to work on.  I’m not sure if his run on Supergirl did good on sales though, so who knows?

    Don’t know shit about War Machine, but I might just check out Iron Man 2.0 for the hell of it.

    Some pretty interesting news here, keep it coming…

  21. @Jimski: You know why it’s stupid? Cause his name is WAR MACHINE, not IRON MAN.

    Yes he had history of being Iron Man before donning the War Machine suit, and it was another Iron Man prototype. But he’s been WAR MACHINE for decades now and he’s had a series of minis and ongoings being called WAR MACHINE.

    So in assumption: Shhhh 

  22. Why not call Red Robin Batman 2.0 to boost sales?  Weird.

  23. Someone needs to hurry up and lock Spencer down to an exclusive

  24. wha wha wha? a moon knight book that has the potential of being good for more than a couple issues and it’s not 1981???



  25. @TheNextChampion I believe the word you’re looking for is "summation." Don’t argue with Jimski. He will out-write and out-argue you every time.

  26. @Anson, you should see their twitter arguments.  

    Jimski intelligently explaining his position, a desperate stranglehold on his professionalism, nextchamp screaming that the sky is pink with shoe boxes on his feet.

  27. You know Greg Pak’s War Machine was incredible. Why not give him the characer back?

  28. @AMuldowney: The one time I had to wear Covington shoe boxes and it haunts me forever.

  29. Excited about Bendis, but moreso Maleev doing Moon Knight; think the character has a lot of potential, but he hasn’t stuck with me yet, hopefully this will change that.

    Haven’t really been a fan of Robinson’s writing, didn’t think Cry for Justice was that great at all, but I’m a huge Hawkman fan, one of my fave characters, hope he keeps him badass.

  30. Sigh…. Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle leaving Supergirl makes me sad.

  31. Bendis and Maleev on Moon Knight… YESSSSSS!!!!

  32. Look, I’m just happy Jim Rhodes is getting another book; he’s a great character. I don’t give a shit what they call it.