NYCC 2010: New All-Ages Icon Book from Bendis/Oeming


Do you think the big talents of the comics industry should do more creator-owned work? Do you think more comics these days should be suitable for all ages? Do you wish Brian Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming would put out a book that shushes both of these popular internet gripes at the same time? Then you're having a good weekend: today at NYCC, Bendis announced the February debut of his and Oeming's latest joint venture from Icon, Takio.

The book tells the tale of a team of sisters from a multi-racial, adoptive family who fight crime when they're not fighting with each other. If like me you find yourself saying, "That sounds a little bit like what I know about Bendis' family," you will not be surprised to learn that the book was co-created by his daughter Olivia.

Now, you may be thinking, "A book about young superheroes by the mastermind of Ultimate Spider-Man? Sign me up… but isn't this about to take a sledgehammer to the Powers shipping schedule?" Fear not! The writer likens it to the way Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips put out Criminal and Incognito, with each volume of one completed before the next one is done. Honestly… as long as this team is cranking out books, do you really care what they're about? Just don't mix 'em up when you're handing them to your kids.


Bendis! Oeming! Takio!   


  1. Bendis has talked about the rapport Oeming’s wife has with Olivia on Word Balloon.  I suspect this stems from that.

    also for any Bendis fans who aren’t at NYCC or in particular, were not at the Cup O’Joe panel, they also announced a Bendis/Maleev Moon Knight ongoing.  that will not be affecting Scarlet’s schedule, according to Bendis.

  2. yawn

  3. I’ll wait until I hear more of this before I buy it.

  4. It’s good to see a Marvel heavyweight do an all ages book. Maybe this could hook more kids in to some of his other titles.

  5. I think it’s really cool for these guys to do a creator owned all ages book, I’m always looking for books to get my nephew, and this will be perfect.

  6. "The book tells the tale of a team of sisters from a multi-racial, adoptive family who fight crime when they’re not fighting with each other. "

    This sounds like the tag for a show that runs between reruns of iCarley and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. That said, I’m totally in. It’ll be refreshing to see a big-name, all ages, original book. Bendis does highschool patter reeeally well, and I’m loving Oeming’s art with a kidsy bent. If they can put something together that feels as fun and wholesome as Thor: Mighty Avenger, I am all in.

  7. I’m get the first arc.  If the shipping gets weird I may drop off.  Criminal/Incognito comed out pretty regularly once an arc starts; Bendis/Oeming sadely can’t really say that.

  8. Sounds excellent, will pick up the graphic novel.

  9. I’m glad to see Bendis and Oeming look to create something new, but with Powers’ already being bi-monthly for 32ish pages of story…I don’t see this coming out for a LLLLLOOONNNGGG  time.  I’m thinking he maybe needs to find other collaborator’s for these other projects besides Maleev and Oeming.

  10. pass

  11. So can we expect Oeming’s tendency to draw male genetalia?

  12. I really love to get proved wrong in this case, but this looks like someone mixed up "for kids" and "all-ages" again.

  13. Aww, that’s cute.

  14. Forget the all-ages and the creator-owned aspects — this is a book with an entirely female, multi-ethnic cast.  That’s HUGE.

  15. This looks cool. It does. Still, I’d rather have more Powers.

  16. Seriously, team of sisters!  I am buying this for my nieces 🙂

  17. Quick message to the folks who are responding with comments like "yawn" and "pass."

    Dudes: you’re clearly not the target audience. It’s not supposed to be interesting to you. But I have a niece and nephew who aren’t quite at reading age yet, and I would freaking love for them to grow up in a world where comic books like this, from creators of this caliber, are commonplace. So if this is a step toward making that happen, then I am all about it.

  18. @pdallor I’m with you man.

  19. This is clearly an awesome idea.  

  20. @pdallor So it’s a kids book, not an "all-ages" book?

  21. apparently it’s being colored by Val Staples too, who provides about a third of Criminal/Incognito’s awesomeness, so that’s a good thing

  22. @pdallor, yeah, there is a difference between for kids and all-ages. YOu’re saying that the audiance is younger kids, meaning it isnt all ages. The audiance for this should be everyone.

  23. I’m willing to bet a whole lot of adults will be buying this.  they just might enjoy it too.  won’t that mean it’s all-ages?  I think so.  it’s not a major expense either, only a single graphic novel every year or so.

  24. They definitely need to find a wider audience than comic book readers. Parents who read comics that have kids are already buying kids comics for their kids, and we all know that we’re a pretty niche market.  They should be aiming for people not in shops.  This would be one of those perfect "spinner rack" comics…if such things still existed regularly.