NYCC 2010: Friday’s Marvel News

With conventions come panels, and with panels come news aplenty. That news today included a handful of Marvel tidbits, and not just that stuff about the price decrease. Here are some key bullet points about what's coming in the months ahead:

  • In January, Victor Gischler's next X-Men arc, "Serve and Protect," will find him teamed with fan favorite Chris Bachalo and find the X-Men teamed up with Spider-Man against an old foe of his. The story will be the first of many seeking to bring the outcast mutants back into the superhero fold more in this Heroic Age.


  • Also in January, Kathryn Immonen and Phil Noto (another team-up so brilliant I wish I'd thought of it) will be gracing the world with Wolverine and Jubilee, a four-issue mini described as the X-Men's Batman & Robin. Fans of the old mini Kitty Pryde and Wolverine just felt the shiver of deja vu up their spines.


  • As of Astonishing X-Men #36, Warren Ellis will depart to be replaced by Daniel Way. Jason Pearson will be penciling a trip to Monster Island for the merry mutants.


  • Speaking of Astonishing things, next summer will see the premiere of Astonishing Captain America just in time to coincide with a certain movie you may have heard people discussing. Andy Diggle will be your scribe, with none other than Adi Granov doing the art.


  • Last but not least, it sounds as though Jonathan Hickman's upcoming arc on Fantastic Four, "3," will culminate in a death so internet-breaking that issue #587 will be bagged to keep freeloading spoiler hounds out. Better buy three copies, just to be safe.





  1. Can Adi Granov keep on a schedule? Stay tuned, comic fans…

  2. -On the 2nd arc for Gischler series: I don’t want to read it, but damn Marvel for letting Chris Bachelo for doing the art. Damn…

    -Astonishing X-Men by Way/Pearson? Might give it a shot.

    -I would love to read an Astonishing take on Captain America. But with that creative team it anit gonna happen. 

  3. Oooo…Adi Granov doing a Captain America book to co-incide with the new movie? This ought to be as great as The Iron Man book he made to co-incide with the release of THAT movie. How did that series end again?


    Oh, right…it didn’t.

  4. @MikeFarley well I think that was more Jon Favreu’s fault than Adi Granov. Anyways The only good announcement I see is Astonishing Captain America

  5. Movie costume!

  6. Generally good news. I’m not really a fan of Way, but maybe he can salvage AXM somehow.

  7. Ooooo! FANTASTIC FOUR #587 comes bagged, does it? Sweet. I may buy two copies of that. … The sad thing is, I don’t know if I’m kidding or not. I… I don’t think that I am.

  8. Bagged? Yeah. nobody is going to buy that, it’s going to appear in the overtsreet guide as scarce and the issue will be key so it will up in value fro the next three decades.

    It’s gonna be the new ‘Tec 27.

  9. Sweet porn bagged comics ! 

    What goes on behind the black screen ? only the perverts know ! 

    Its a Bob Harras 90’s all over again !


  10. So is the astonishing cap book just a limited series, or are the astonishing books getting the ultimate treatment?

  11. @MadMartigan it’s a mini series. Adi Granov is just using the WWII redesign of Cap’s costume by Bryan Hitch

  12. So am I picking up an issue of Fantastic Four or Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose?

  13. Wolverine and Jubilee in a 4 issue mini is Marvel’s version of Batman and Robin? Yeah i don’t see it. 

  14. Should Astonishing X contunue after Ellis wasn’t able to live up to Wheadon’s run (arn’t there arlready enough X books?)…  Diggle on an astonishing Cap after the Shadowland letdown (arn’t there already enough Cap books?)….

  15. That cap cover is pretty awesome, but other than that there’s nothing too exciting for me.

  16. I always put a bag on it.  Wait, what?

  17. Spidey’s teaming up with Uncanny X-men right? That’s what it looks like but i wanna make sure because… well because i DESPISE all other X-men books. And i HATE movie Cap’s costume… It looks too "Ultimate Cap" for me… and i also HATE ultimate cap.

     cout << "rant = done";

  18. @oopsxlandmine- nope, that’s happening in the X-Men book.  The Dodson art is misleading.

  19. @ABirdseyeView I figured that much, i was just wondering if it was in uncanny x-men or one of the other x-books that don’t appeal to me at all. It LOOKS like uncanny, but I can’t be sure.