No Second Printing for Siege #1 from Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics reminded us to the fact, previously announced in November, that there will be no second printing for the recently releeased Siege #1, despite it selling out.  Instead, Marvel pointed readers and retailers who missed out on Siege #1 to check out Siege #1: Director's Cut, shipping in March for $3.99, which will contain the entire first issue as well as some additional bonus material.

So there's a few takeaways here:

– If you missed Siege #1 and wanted to get it, go see if your store has any more copies in stock or you'll miss out

– I'm a little hazy on the wording here, because Siege #1: Director's Cut seems awfully like a second printing, just with some bonus material, right? Am I missing something.  It may just be semantics, but if you missed Siege #1, and wanted to read it, then just wait and get Siege #1: Director's Cut, which is the same cover price as Siege #1 which lacked this bonus content.

– Now I'm sure there's an angle here in terms of the collector's market, with less copies/printings of Siege #1, it becomes a collectible.  But I'm not terribly concerned with that world, but I do acknowledge that perhaps that could be a part of this strategy.  If you care about this, then be happy to know that your slabbed copy of Siege #1 could be worth 15 dollars as opposed to 9 dollars. *shrug*


  1. And yet, they did a second printing of Fall Of The Hulks Alpha, despite the fact that nearly no one bought the first printing.

  2. I would disagree about the collection angle.  Marvel does not see one dollar of the collection profits, so why should they care about it?

    (Unless they are hoarding a bunch of issues to release later.  Is Marvel the new DeBeers??)

  3. I don’t collect issues even though I buy them.

    The only single issue comic that I have in my library is X-Men 205 and that is because it blew me away when I read it and I don’t have it in a collected edition.

    The only comic that I would pay more than cover price for is a hardcover copy of Fell.

    If I wanted to read Siege #1 before March, I guess I’d be bothered, but I already read it and dug on it.

  4. Marvel is trying to hype the new age of Superheroes <YAWN>… I’d bet that is the main reason behind their attempting to establish a rarity factor for Siege #1. Personally, it seems very contrived, IMO. There are so many different genres of comics (and graphic novels) out there that readers enjoy. Comic book "ages" don’t come and go because a publisher wills them so… but because of the cultural predilections and historical settings of each period.

  5. "Second Printing" is not a story anymore. So they try it with this to stick out. Whatever.

  6. I don’t like it. So people have to wait two months if they wanna get this event in general?

    Since it’s an event I doubt a lot of shops will have much of the first printings left. It doesn’t make a lick a sense to me. Like akamuu said; they will reprint a lesser hyped book but not (arguably) their big event for the year?

    Meanwhile DC is doing a great job pleasing their fans.

  7. @MisterJ: It’s an investment in the future. People can’t be so sure they get a second printing on other titles anymore and in making Siege #1 into a "collectors item" collectors migth assume the same from future "hot" Marvel books.

  8. Since this was announced well in advance, I’m guessing this is just a ploy to entice retailers into over ordering the book. I’m thinking Marvel thinks that if retailers know they won’t have a chance to order a second printing, then they will order more of the first printing than they usually would because they wouldn’t want to run out. That’s my guess anyway, this is probably just a trial run to see how the sales stack up in light of that.

  9. Interesting and a little odd. However, there’s a bit of history to this. One of Quesada’s smarter moves as EIC that has really helped Marvel along was deciding to stop the common industry problem of overprinting books. (This was part of Marvel’s woes in the 90s.) Essentially, he realized it made no sense to produce more books than would be sold and then absorb the loss, so about 5 years ago they started only producing as many books as had been sold through diamond the previous month with a small amount of buffer. This had a two fold positive effect: 1) It allows Marvel to save costs on printing books and allows them to decide if more copies are needed on a case by case basis and 2) Having a book go in for another printing makes it look like a big success, even if the intital print run is small. This has been marvel’s policy for a while now and there have been a number of books going to THird and fourth printings at Marvel since. Common sense and good marketing.

    Now, there are a few mitigating factors to this situation. I believe Marvel consciously decided to overprint this series initial run in an attempt to meet expected demand. When the book was solicited, it was accompanied with an "unprecedented" (for a limited series) return policy (Similar, apparently, to 52’s). Essentially, if a retailer locks into to buying the same amount of all four issues, they have the ability to return any unsold stock. So, bearing this in mind, Marvel announced there’d be no second printing,  because they shouldn’t need one. If a store runs out, Diamond can use the returned stock to fulfill reorders. However, Marvel can release a totally "new" version of said book with a smaller initial run as a pseudo-second printing. However, Marvel’s reinforcing the no second printing seems to indicate that there have been a lot of returns to diamond over the past week. (Case in point: two major comics sites that buy back books usually buy any and all new books at 1/2 cover price, Siege #1 can not be sold back to either one at present and one of them expects not to have to buy any more copies for 2+ years.) This seems like a situation where Marvel decided to break with their usual policy and attempt to circumvent doing countless reprints. We really won’t know if it worked or not until we get some retailer feedback and sales numbers in 2-3 months.

    @Bendrix The Director’s Cut Comic Issue is nothing new and has been around at least since Fantastic Four #500 (though I think there may have been one or two before hand).  

  10. Does Siege #1 really need more bonus content?  I just put up a podcast about this earlier today and commented on how there was already 15 pages in the end of that already in the 1st printing (the Cup O’ Joe section, the Dark Avengers transcript, the Siege checklist, and the Fall of the Hulks preview).  And that’s not even counting the usual ads you see sprinkled across the book already.  If it’s not going to add much to the story, then it’s not worth it to me.

  11. The Siege #1 Director’s Cut is a $5 comic.

    So they’d rather sell that to people who would have otherwise spent only $4 on a regular second printing.

    That’s why this is being done.

    That’s why Marvel is so courteous to direct people toward the Director’s Cut instead.

  12. By the time the director’s cut comes out, we’ll be one month away from the event ending…seeing as it’s only a 4 issue mini.  That seems a little late to be launching a Director’s Cut.  I think it would make more sense when the second issue hits.

    By the way, my shop had a shit ton of copies left of this.  I’m sure there’s many stores out there that didn’t sell out. 

  13. It’s more than the price (although, I’m sure they are happy to get the extra buck), but a regular second printing would be coming out with in a few weeks, not two months later.

    What I hope but doubt the strategy is: Lure people to digital.  If you missed the print edition, now you can come read it online for cheaper!  Sounds like a good strategy, but I don’t think it’s what they’re going for. 

  14. @flapjaxx Oh, very true. But in the past Marvel has double dipped with both a reprint and a Director’s Cut.

    @Neb The shop I went to today still had Siege #1 on sale as a "new" comic. Last week my regular shop’s owner gave me Siege #1 for free.

  15. Director’s Cut, I can’t wait!

  16. I think the reasoning in this might lie with the trade market and marvel’s increase in trade prices. Why buy only the first issue when they can sell you the trade. You might not buy the rest of the issues after the first, with a trade they hook you for all four at a not so discounted price.

  17. My local shop has at least 30 copies of issue 1 still, sell out my a$$.

    @Ron, I think that’s good advice to wait for th director’s cut, plus, it’s extras, we do love extras.

  18. @SummerSleep. A sell out only means they sold out their stock through diamond. By industry standards, it has sold out. Shops don’t need to sell 1 copy and it’d still be a "sold out" book.

  19. Awesome  I finally have a comic worth more than 3.99!

  20. Just something that bugs me:

    When a comic company announces a sellout, that just means from the original supply they gave the distributor. Marvel typically sells out on everything because they don’t really overprint on what the retailers order. So a sellout from them means nothing. In fact, it’s a disappoint if it doesn’t sell out.

  21. I think my LCS bought most of them. I went in yesterday and then had a shitload of copies just sitting there!

  22. What the hell is going on at Marvel? Weirdness left and right.

  23. LOL, Siege #1 is not hard to find, my LCS ordered hundreds of copies of it, and they still had plenty this week.

  24. Marvel is trying to create artificial hype and have people run out to their LCS to snap up these now "rare" first/final printing of Seige#1.

    I’ll see your phony Hype and $4 Directors Cut Marvel, and I’ll raise you a trade of Seige when all is said and done

  25. @Bendix-That might give them profits on the next ‘event.’  But that is still a might and not a certainty.  Running second printings ensures profits for this very product. 

    Look at it as if you were buying trash bags.  Would it make more sense for Hefty to tell you to buy more next time or would it make more sense for Hefty to keep producing bags available for immediate purchase?

  26. They’re skipping the second printing and going right for the fourth printing with an all Deadpool cover!