Nick Spencer Stepping Away From SUPERGIRL, James Peaty to Take Over

Tucked away in a DC Source blog notice about Nick Spencer's fantastic T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents was some rather disappointing news. Though he's co-scripted January's 60th issue, Spencer won't be at the helm of the Supergirl ongoing after that point. Though I was sad to see the team of Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle conclude their own definitive run on the book, I'd been pretty excited about Spencer's take as he discussed it on a recent episode of Word Balloon. His Jimmy Olsen co-feature coupled with the early work on T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents has made us quick fans of the breakout writer, and if there was anyone perfectly suited to taking over this book and lending Kara a new, youthful vitality, it was Spencer.

Bernard Chang remains the new artist for the upcoming arc, and James Peaty (Green Arrow, JSA: Classified), Spencer's co-writer on issue #60, will take over full writing duties.

Pleased with DC's enthusiasm over Spencer's burgeoning super-stardom as well as the choices being made with T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, but with all the positive momentum Gates and Igle provided her, I hope Supergirl and her place in the DCU remains a strong priority. 


  1. It took me along time to warm to Gates and Igles take on Kara, but I am very sad to see them go.
    A very tough act to follow, i think Spencer is what this book needed – but at least JT Krull isnt writing it.

  2. Peaty makes good single malt whiskey. Or maybe, just peat.

  3. Eh? That’s a pretty short run even by modern standards …

  4. Oh man, I’d already pre-ordered the first two issues of his run solely because I wanted to read more Nick Spencer stuff.  Oh well, I’ll be curious to see what new book he’s doing instead of this.

  5. That was pretty quick

  6. talk about dwindling life spans…..

    i’m looking forward to the “i’ve really enjoyed my half issue run on this book” statements in the future. =)

  7. I knew dropping the book after Gates left was a smart move

  8. Surprisingly for me, this is one of the books I’ve stuck with over the years.  I’ve been so happy with what she’s been able to do over the DCU.  I’ll stick with it, but I was really looking forward to Spencer.

  9. Wow… kind of glad I wasn’t going to be continuing with Supergirl after Gates/Igle now. This made me quirk my eyebrow, one would assume that there was much planning and work already done on the book post-60, at last somewhat. Very odd. Does put a bit of a chink in wunderkind’s armor, though.

  10. Is Spencer the new JMS?

  11. oh DC you so crazy

  12. Logging into DCBS to drop it now. Sad, was looking forward to Spencer on the book, but he was the only reason I was checking it out 🙁

  13. Does this mean Nick Spencer is such a god now that it’s okay for him to drop a series after one issue?

  14. Gates and Igle leaving already made me nervous. Now the new writer bails after co-writing one issue. I feel nervous about the furture of what has been the best of the Super-books for the last few years.

  15. @TNC

    How is this any different than what Guggenheim did? It really doesn’t matter. Don’t buy it if you don’t like this.

    It’s nothing like JMS on Superman because we were promised a year of Superman and he was trash talking everyone else’s run and so forth. Spencer did nothing wrong here, he likely had to change priorities. This news came out before the Final Order Cutoff I believe as well. So retailers can change their orders. 

  16. I’ll stick with it and see what happens. I tend to like all of the Superbooks.

  17. I assume something else came up and he didn’t have time to write the series anymore. 

    Another possibility is that Marvel has snagged him up with an exclusive contract and Spencer needs to drop his DC work.  I beleive he’s still writing Iron Man 2.0 for them.  I suppose that might be good for him but bad for me because I’d rather see him on DC stuff.  But he was involved in that CBR interview relay so maybe not.

    On Supergirl itself, I was already on the fence about it and now I think I’ll be leaving with Gates and Igle for sure.  Might still give #60 a try.  Even with Gates and Igle it was always solid but never a top book for me.

  18. The editorial control of the Superman line is in a pretty sorry state of affairs right about now.

    Of course, with the Superman books that’s par for the course.

    This is about the one are where I’m in agreement with Quesada.