New Top Shelf Site: Now with Comics!

Get over to Top Shelf 2.0!

It only started last week, but there are already a bunch of different comics going up. Subscribe by RSS if you want, and check out some of the work, including The Bravest Niño, by our good friend Chris Eliopoulos, or a really fun indy series, Infinite Kung Fu, by Kagan McLeod, among others.

That’s about all, but I wanted to make sure people knew about it. As we’ve said, Top Shelf is a fine company dedicated to making fine comics, so make sure to check out their wares!

By the way, I’m totally excited for the new Alex Robinson book from Top Shelf, coming in July!


  1. Word on the new Alex Robinson book.  I think it’s going to be awesome!

  2. Funny you should mention Alex. I just read Box Office Poison (thanks Josh) and then I rewatched the "NYCC" episode from 2007. Great little interview between Josh and Alex, too amusing to spoil for those haven’t seen it.

    For those that have, am I alone in my desire for SDCC follow up? See if you can’ make it happen Josh! 

  3. I can’t believe it, but there are TWO Chris Eliopoli in comics now!  Unless our friend the letterer is pulling a huge hoax on the world and pretending he’s a Chicago graphic arts guy. . .

  4. I’m so confused.

  5. I am now also confused.

  6. I am COMPLETELY confused

  7. Apparently there are now two Chris Eliopouli.

    What are the chances?

  8. That is peculiar, maybe from another country that sounds plausible, but two dudes in the US with that same name, both working in comics, that’s a trip.

    I wanna follow Infinite Kung Fu, cool stuff.

  9. i can’t wait for Infinite kung fu. i followed the first run. have all but the first issue. hope its not just a reprint. so cool. thanks ifanboy for the heads up. so cool.